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are greatly cautioned among those of us who dont have authority given by mainstream institutions. It is understandable, but it has also become apparent that so many people that we presume are experts in a given field of healing are presumed to be experts because they have been given such titles as Doctor and Therapist. It is one of those common sense things that rarely come to the surface of our consciousness. But I need not tell you that just slighly below the surface you already know that these titles do not prove anything. Perhaps 30 years ago such questioning was not just below the surface, but much deeper down. But today we have so many shocking things coming up about the origins and motivations of modern medicine that our questions are finally starting to reach the surface as well.

Sure, we can still say such titles indicate a level of study has been undertaken, but today this also begs the questions about what motivations and powers are guiding our medical students. For example, there is huge evidence regarding the impact of diet on cancer patients. But if you look at the curriculum that was, and still is, undertaken by Oncologist you will not find anything on diet and nutrition; nor stress reduction, nor the removal of harmful metals from ones system, and a great number of other things that are clearly proven to not only be helpful, but sometimes clear up cancer altogether. Instead, the curriculum and subsequent treatment is still largely only concerned with admistering chemo, radiation or surgery. All governed by a stronghold of pharmaceutical companies, all of which have shown to have only the same success rate as giving a Placebo. As for lifestyle changes.. well, i can say from personal observation that the only lifestyle change the doctor gave my mother before dying of lung cancer was that it would probably would be a good idea if she stopped smoking. But he didnt have a clue as to how to help her do that. He only knew two things: how to administer chemotherapy, and how to administer radiation therapy. Truly the word therapy has been bastardized by the mainstream, and most mainstream doctors are clueless on how to affect actual lifestyle changes; changes that can truly heal.

Of course any one today trying to effect or assist in any type of healing, that does not have a title of doctor or therapist, should avoid any language that implies or even sounds like it. But it will not be long, if not already, that this caution will not just be because of the obvious reasons of safety and legal ramifications, but also to avoid bringing the increasing bad reputation of many mainstream established systems upon on their own heads (particualrly in the U.S). Furtheremore, among "yoga therapists," even to call one's self a yoga therapist is actually not possible in legal terms because there are no goverment agencies existing or even qualified to grant a license as they have no point of reference or qualification to make any judgement upon such skills. (..albeit there probably should be some sort of standards created). Therefore the government agencies only look towards the established medical agencies, mainly allopathic, to give sanction; these same agencies that have yet to consider indispensible therapies, such as nutrition therapy, to cancer patients and a long list of other illnesses that nutrition alone could heal. When they say there is not a cure for such things what that really means they do not have a costly drug or medical procedure to "fix it". Thus there is always hope, but not usuallly in the established medical "circles."

But you need not adopt such institutionally approved titles such as Doctor or Therapist, or the insinuations of such titles anyway. The day is coming when s/he who is established as, for example, an adept Elemental Healer will rank as high or higher than most of the profit mongering, status quo systems currently fumbling thru the sicknesses of the age; turning out more doctors and therapists to do big pharms bidding.

In fact, among many the term or even the insinuation of "Doctor" is becoming something both patients and healers outside the mainstream try to shirk away. In fact, healers outside the mainstream attract the ever growing number of patients who have awakened to the fact that the mainstream methods are continuously proving to be a more insidious form of true quackery; as it is also becoming clear how much of it is backed and perpetuated by corporate, pharmaceutical and conglomerate snake oil dealers. And so today we are finding more and more people that dont want anything to do with (mainstream) "doctors". They look for those who stand way outside of that box.

But quackery is nothing knew, only the size of it. Its the same old ancient scene repeating itself. But instead of coming from the con-man selling it from the back of his stagecoach it has now found its way into major hospitals.

Certainly the mainstream institutions have many healing techniques that work brilliantly as well. And if i ever get hit by a car, please dont take me to the naturopath. We need the good from both systems, but the bad has to be exposed. And if it wont show its hand then we need to demand to see it. Yes, it can proclaim some good. But it is certain that the Casino must have some machines that let you win once in a while too; but isn't this just to keep you coming back again and again? And how rare it is that any of these systems ever educate on the evils of gambling. Quite often they simply put you together and get you back home about as well as the bartender who calls a taxi for the one too drunk to make it home on his own. We call this avoidance of disasterhealing, when really it is just a minor precaution to avoid disaster. In the end you have more sick and addicted people than ever continuing to go to bars and casinos and other symbolic representations of them. And these bars, casinos and hospitals flourish because such living has become the mainstream. Everyone (the mainstream sheep) is drinking, everyone is gambling, everyone is eating cancerous meats and dairy, smoking, fast food, loading up on preservatives, etc., and everyone is at the mercy of such lifestyles dictated to the slave drivers of addictions. Therefore, it only makes sense that the medical industries are built upon these same lifestyles.

So my question to anyone out there who is really interested in healing is... Do you really want to be a healer associated to such systems that perpetuate as much or more dis/ease than it actually cures? Do you want to help a patient master pill popping? Or do you want to help someone make life changes that not only cure dis/ease but also enriches their life?!

Again, let me restate that if i am in a bad accident dont take me to the naturopath. The emphasis on the evils of the mainstream is only to make a strong point. There is much good in allopathic ways as well. Ultimately, we need to wed the good of the allopath with the naturopath. But until this begins to happen on the scale necessary we need to expose the lies and fallacies perpetrated upon both methods.

much more to be written....

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