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Mayans, Masons, Mandalas, & the return of The Masters of the Stars

You might be here to check out this Blog because you caught my email about the topic of the same heading above. If not, I am going to paste in the first portion of this post the highlights of that email. For those who already read it, just scroll down a bit for some additional ramblings.

(pasted from an email to CYS students...)

Sunday, May 20th @ Noon ~ The sun will be aligned with the Pleiades above the zenith of the Mayan pyramid of Chichen Itzá. This will be the last time it happens within the close of a 23000+ year Mayan calandar cycle; along with the bonus of a partial sun eclispe to boot! ( there's somethin you don't see every day; and afterwards things really start to get weird! if it hasn't already)

Come see what the knowledge/connections of the Mayan's and Freemasons have to do with the Mandala Meditations that are carved into Crop Circles in connection with the "Masters of the Stars".

Sunday, 10:00a til 12:21p

{ok, so by the time you read this it may have already happened}

Neverthless the email continued saying...

On May 20th at noon Venus will also begin a final transit in front of the sun. This only happens twice every 200 years, But this time it starts out with a partial sun eclipse yo! And this transit will end on Dec 21st, 2012. Then, as if that were not enough, on Dec 32nd, I mean 22nd (..i told you it gets weird;), we enter the Age of Aquarius. Hooray! (Yeah those 1969 hippies were 43 years too anxious to party!).

So, basically, May 20th kicks off the intergalactic festivities and will keep the earth party rockin (like some will wish it was still 1999) until the transit is completed Dec 21st, 2012. In other words, there are probably going to be a lot of upheavals y'all. But hey, we need a good rain storm to clean the crap off the planet. So be sure to keep an umbrella and a hand granade handy!

Oh one other small detail. The May 20th alignment is said to mark the return of Quetzalcoatl (hey, if you think my spelling of his name is bad you should see how the Mayan's spelled it!) and/or the return of the "Masters of the Stars." (Yup, we're talkin Aliens yo!).

I personally think we should give the aliens a warm welcome. Otherwise they may taze us, phaze us, probe us, and boot us back in time thru cosmic worm holes to find ourselves as characters in one of Kubric's bizarre secret flicks. (..stanley kubric that is)

{Ok, so thats all the info pasted from the prior email. Below is a bit from the first draft of the email i wrote that day, but didn't make it into the email...}

More about Extra Special Terrestrials :)

This (that) Sunday is a very special day; and noon is (was) a very special time. In fact, it may be the beginning of biggest thing to ever happen on the planet!

(Most of the following is transcribed from the aforementioned video...)

'Since 2000 Crop Circles with Mayan symbols and references to 2012 and to the end of the Mayan calandar have been appearing increasingly clearer and with more detail. On the 2nd of August 2004 was spotted one of the most beautiful myan style figures ever to appear in a crop circle. It represents the Mayan calendar.'

'The Pleiades, the sun and the earth line up. This happens every 20th of May- but in this case the sun (as represented in the crop circle) also represents a partial sun eclipse; and on the 20th of May 2012 there will be a partial sun eclipse. Therefore they (the ET creators of this particular Crop Circle ) are indicating a very precise date. On this date the sun will be aligned with the Pleiades above the zenith of the pyramid of Chichen Itza.'

'Why do the creators of the circles want to point out this date? The pyramid of Chechen Itza was built in honor of the God Quetzalcoatl, or Kukulchan, of which the Mayas and the south Amercian peoples were waiting for the return. Is this the new reference to the return of the Masters of the Stars?'

Nevertheless, this day also marks the beginning of a transit of Venus in front of the sun. This is a phenomenaon that only happens twice every hundred years or so and was considered very important by the Mayas since it coincided with two cycles of 52 years of their Tzulcan half calandar. But in this case it is even more important, because the Mayans actually created 3 interwoven calandars. One of 52 years (just mentioned), another just over 5000 years, and the largest of these covers a 23,000 year period. This transit of Venus will be the last time that it happens in this 23,000 year period; culminating on Dec 21, 2012. Dec 22 will begin a new 23000 year period, and a new era.

An often repeated crop circle formation depicts a practice in Sacred Geometry called Squaring the Circle that has been kept alive in Freemasonry and other mystic traditions that are concerned with exploring the wisdom of ancient cultures, including the Mayan. A crop circle researcher and mystic by the name of Michael Glickman tells us...

"We have a repetition of an ancient sacred geometry exercise known as squaring the circle. This is very important because the square represents the world, reality, mechanical, solid, linear time, symbolized by the square. And the Circle is Heaven, and God, the Divine. So the exercise is to make the square's perimeter exactly the same length as the circumference of the circle. And the Crop Circles have been saying: "Square the Circle! Square the Circle! Square the Circle!" "

Thus squaring the circle means balancing the material and spiritual aspects of life.

I am reminded of that often quoted and rarely followed statement of Mahatma Gandhi: "Be the change that you wish to see in the world". Man is an aspect of the world, naturally, but scriptures imply he has a heavenly origin. It is the Origin or external Source that enables man to both break the rules that causes destructive change or to channel the Ruler to bring forth fruitful change. The unique power that man brings to the world is that of a mind that both manipulate nature (the rules) as well as reflect back on itself; which can be a means of discernment. In the discerning process under the inspiration of Divine Law man is able to channel a great number of the Attributes (Virtues) of the Divine into the creation. For example, though man can set in motion great destruction towards nature he can also exercise Benevolence to such a degree that no other creature on the planet could match without acting outside of its nature. Herein lies the challenge of todays mankind; that he begin to use the unique powers he is endowed with in order to imbue nature with the raiment of a greater radiance of heavenly attributes; rather than continue to manipulate and break teh laws of nature wherewith all of creation pays the penalties.

In other words, we need to exercise a Greater Yoga. The yoga up til now has been mostly the practice of and for individuals. the benefits have been that of uniting the mind with the body in order to manifest a primarily monocentric spiritual effect. This mind-body connection is undoubtedly a needed Yoga, but in the grander scheme of things it is only a pre-requisite on the path of what the mystics have called The Great(er) Work.

As man strives to yoke (yog, yoga) his mind to his body in order to ignite the lights of his spirit, it is now essential that he also work to yoke the Supermind, thru the development and Rightly guided use of his Supramental Perception (in the terms of Sri Aurobindo), into the material creation. In other words, just as yogi's have been working to unite their minds with their bodies, mankind -being the mind attribute of the world- must now work to unite this mind to the world body.

Since the time of Adam and Eve the mind of mankind has been at odds with the planet. At the time when the intelligence of man had grown to the point that it could manipulate and break the laws of nature so also was the yoke broken, paradise was lost and we have paid the price for aeons (..that was meant to happen of course, and lead to a greater good, but thats another topic).

But in the new era unfolding before us we beginning to discover how to re-ignite the spark of yoga between man and earth, or in the terms of mystics and crop circles, we are learning how to Square the Circle. In fact, "squaring the circle" had always been considered an impossible mystery to solve in geometry with 100% acuracy because of the inability to calculate the irrational number Pi, which is used to calculate the circles circumference. However, after literally hundreds of crop circles began to show up in various crop fields of England it was finally realized, by Michael Glickman, that not only is it possible to perfectly square a circle, but in fact the crop circles were showing many simple solutions to solving the puzzle.

Ultimately, the change that we wish to see in the world is a change that the world needs to see in man. We must learn to live in balance with nature. Man has gone on for a very long time without any respect for Her. He has become so disconnected from Her that the yoke is gone. What this means for us yogis is that we have a Great Work cut out for us. It is very clear therefore that we must advance towards A Greater Yoga, not just one that entices the progress of the individual self; rather one that fights to ensure the renewed health and Divinisation of the entire planet; fulfilling the Promise of all Religions in bringing forth Heaven on Earth.

"Fight" is not a word yogi's or any spiritual person likes to use, but let me remind you that it is the theme of that Book considered the "Bible on yoga"; The Bhagavad Gita. Therein Krishna says, "When goodness grows weak and righteousness can no longer be found in the land, I body myself forth to restore it." However, any wise person can discern that the greater fight is within ones self. If that battle is won then one can truly become a soldier. But not the usual soldier, but one as Gandhi considered himself; "I consider myself a soldier, a soldier of peace." Wherein we find that it takes more strength and courage to fight with love than it does to fight with fists; and where we learn to see our enemies as our well-wishers, for they have the greatest gifts of spiritual growth in store for us. Nevertheless, if the woman, child or anyone is being abused by the tyrant and/or his accomplices we must, as the Gita explains, come to the rescue. For it is even better for the tyrant that he comes to an end than to go on living with blood on his hands. It is better to die early with virtue than to have great longevity with vice; and which may perpetuate for generations. Yet the reality of the matter is that those who die with virtue, for the protection of the oppressed, truly go on living, and with glory; while those who live on but without virtue are as if eternally dead.

Of the many battles before us, one of the clearest is that of the Champions for Mother Earth against giant corporations and greed filled discordants that repeatedly rape her; while politicians provide sanctions for it to continue.

I wonder how long will we stand confused, like Arjuna, wondering if it would be better not to fight; meanwhile the raping and the pillaging of mother earth continues out of hand. Or is Krishna's council finally getting to us: 'Grab your Gandiva bow Arjuna, arise and fight!'

Perhaps the Masters of the Stars are coming to give us the same council, or maybe even back us up. If you have studied this stuff as much as I have you will clearly know that the changes that need to be made have already long been up against behemoth opposition. Of the truths i dont have time and energy to write about, along with completely compelling proofs, i can at least share one in hopes that you might become clear, like Arjuna, about the real gravity of the matter:

Anti-gravity technology has already long been within our capacity.

Now it takes no genius to figure out which gigantic types of corporations would not stand to benefit by this knowledge, but it does take an armies worth of wimpy puppets to keep this Forbidden Knowledge out of radar for the masses. (If you would like to look deeper into such matters I direct you to the book: Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge by Stephen Greer, an MD and consultant to perhaps several Presidents of the US regarding hundreds of undisclosed military records and testimonials surrounding UFO and ET phenomena.)

The deeper you get into this stuff the more you find that even if the greater masses of humanity elect to protect and heal mother earth they will still have a helluva fight on their hands.

(...more to come)

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