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Sincere enquirers should review all these details over a laptop rather than a smartphone

Yoga & Spa


an adventure in rejuvenation!

Feb 19 - Mar 5, 2025


Daily Yoga Classes

Specialty Workshops

Daily Thai Yoga Massage

 Personalized Ayurvedic Yoga Programs


Visits to many amazing places all around the island:

Sacred Monkey Forest, Huge Waterfalls, Volcanoes,*

Sound Healing Pyramids, Cultural Events, World Famous Green School, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, and Much More! 

*Some events, such as trekking around a volcano, are not in the interest of the whole group, so although we can set such events up for a smaller sub-group, they will not be on the group itinerary, and there could be a fee.

See The Full Group Itinerary

Casa Luna Entrance
Casa Luna Pool
Bali Moon
Gora House Ubud
Permana Cottages
Shambala Estate
Kausala-at-Bisma Ubud


"Balinese Style," if you know what it is, then you already know the type of place you would like to stay; and where you stay can play a very big part in your overall experience of Bali. Therefore, although we already have some great rooms already reserved for our guests, we are also perfectly fine with allowing our guess to choose their own lodging; especially if price is -or is not- an issue. For example, after the cost of a long flight to Bali, some people may need a very cheap place to stay; while others may want to take the opportunity to spend a little more and stay in an extra-magical place that would never be an option for them back home. (Therefore, some of the pics on this page are of our lodging, and some pics are examples of what you can find outside of what we provide). Nevertheless, we are certainly not leaving you on your own to find alternate lodging. If you want to choose one of the lodges we have already reserved, Great! It is already covered with your tuition! Or, if you want to look into some other options in the area, we are still here to help! We can give suggestions of amazing nearby places or even of super cheap (but awesome) international hostels. You will have to book an alternate facility yourself, but we will deduct the cost of our lodging facilities from the cost of this retreat. 


It may sound exaggerated, but so many of the restaurants in Ubud seem like holy places, too good to just eat there; nor do we. We love to hang out for as long as we can to soak in the atmosphere, just chillin' and enjoying the Balinese hospitality, which is second to none! Previously, meals were covered on our tours, but in Bali it just doesn't make sense. There are so many places you can go and the budget range is just as vast; though for most westerners the prices you find most anywhere will still seem pretty good. Expect to pay as low as $3 for a good meal on the low end, but if you pay $10 for a meal its probably going to be divine! 

Flight Info

You will have to get your own flight, but a recent check on (which also offers financing for flight purchases) and similar search engines is currently turning up flights that cost about $1550 -round trip- from Cincinnati. But, from larger airports, such as O'hare, it is less than $1200. 


VISA On Arrival

There is a long list of countries, from around the world, wherein citizens usually do not need a pre-ordered VISA to enter Bali, but can opt for the V.O.A. instead. Check the list here.


If you don't have a passport you will want to start working on that pretty soon as it can take 4 to 6 weeks; and even longer if there are any glitches in the process.  


Large outdoor balcony at Bali Moon

Gora House Ubud.jpg

One of Gora guesthouse's pristine pools!


Includes Lodging!

Early Bird Specials

Jan 1st ~ May 30th 


*YTT Alumni ~ $1050 

June 1st ~ Sept 30th 


*YTT Alumni ~ $1050

Oct 1st ~ Jan 31st 


*YTT Alumni ~ $1050


*Alumni are those who have completed a 200 or 300hr yoga teacher training with us.


Price Includes $300 non-refundable deposit to hold one's spot until the balance is paid in full.   

Above Prices Exclude: 

Flight, Food and a few event entrance fees that may total around $50 - $75.


Yes! If you opt for our lodging facilities, then your lodging costs are included with the above prices. However, you are not limited to our lodging options; and if you decide to find your own lodging you can deduct $250 from the above prices. Also, if you bring a roommate you can split the cost of the room. In other words, we will take $125 off the overall price of the retreat for both of you.   

Want to find your own lodging? 

Most people love the lodging options we provide, but there are some good reasons for finding your own; and the lady in the video below goes over a few of them. However, if you do this, please make sure you are not more than a 15 minute walk from our training campus or have lots of experience driving a scooter; on the left side of the road!


Deposit and Refund Policy

Deposit is non-refundable (unless you opt for it within 60 days of the event), but can be used toward a future YTT, Thai Yoga Massage training or Yoga Retreat if you are unable to come to the initial training intended. Also, any amounts already paid towards the tuition of the training are technically non-refundable if the request for a refund is made within 60 days of the training commencement. However, if this were to happen, the amount can still be used towards a future training or retreat.  Nevertheless, one can still request a refund after the 60 day deadline and we will do our best to grant it, or some portion of it. However, we will be under no  obligation to do so; and, if we choose to do so, it could take up to 9 months for the full dispersal of the refund and it may come in increments. This is not because of a lack of sympathy for anyone who requests a refund, but as a necessity to protect the funds of the operation until it has been completed safely.


Pool at Casa Luna

The site where we hold some of our retreat classes

Contact us ASAP

if you have any questions, whatsoever, don't hesitate to contact us! There can be a lot involved in traveling to the other side of the world.

Once you contact us we will keep you updated on any other information you will need.

Hope to hear from you soon! 

This video is 90% about Ubud, Bali (where our training and retreat take place) and at about 1:25 she begins to explain why I also make our lodging options optional. She also has lots of other great recommendations for Ubud. However, unless you come from a country where you are accustomed to driving on the left side of the road, I beg you not to follow her advice about getting a scooter; unless you also have lots of in-traffic scooter or motorcycle driving experience.

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