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Live Streamed Class Schedule



Saturdays & Sundays

Yin Yoga

@ 8:00 am

w/ Susan Fryman

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 603 760 0219

Passcode: CYSYoga


Via: Google Meet


Hope Monk Yoga

@ 7:00 am

w/ Salwat Hamrah

The Kashmiri "Hope Monk"

Please RSVP 12 hours before attending.

~ ~

Then, at 6:55am, click the following link:


Salwat's class theme changes on a daily basis. The themes vary from strength, flexibility, endurance, pranayama (breathwork), restorative, yin, & elemental with influences from different schools of yoga.

Salwat's Monday class is free for CYS members. However, our hope monk is also wanting to dedicate himself full to teaching yoga, which isn't easy financially, So please add some appreciation for his top notch classes via our All Other Purchases page; and click on the "Tip jar"


(See Salwat's Bio)

For Private Classes you can email him at

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