Live Streamed Classes

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Some of the following live streamed classes are ongoing,

but those that list specific dates are one time offerings:

Wednesdays: Vinyasa Flow

w/ Reagan 8:00PM

Saturdays: Basics

w/ Susan 8:00AM
Meeting ID: 679 909 091   /   Password: 7jftUz

Saturdays: Mat Pilates

w/ Omari  9:00AM
Meeting ID: 841 7685 1854
Password: 389263


Saturdays: Conscious Flow

w/ Lynn @ 10:30AM
Meeting ID: 811 0746 9956  /   passcode 222309
Text:  513-508-5602

Sundays: Yin Yoga

w/ Susan 8:00AM
Meeting ID: 774 807 004   /   Password: 173538


TriYoga @ Home w/ Mary
Spinal Roll Variations

Cradle, Yoga Nidra
Click Here

TriYoga @ Home
15-Movements in Basic Salutation Flow

Click Here

The TriYoga Daily 3
Free the hips and spine

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Are you Crooked?
Let's fix it!

w/ Will
Click Here

Are you (still) crooked?
Another weird yoga trick for crooked people

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Native American Feng Shui
 The healing power of circles
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Surya Namaskara Aruna
-breaking down the ultimate asana sequence

w/ Will
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Are people should-ing on you?
...If so, here's the no# 2 way to improve your immunity
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