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(RYT 200 & 300)


 If you're interested in a fun new career,

making money in the fitness industry,

doing super cool yoga tricks,

and your very own personal bliss,

then Vishwa Yoga Teacher Training is

certainly Not what you are looking for.
If you are seeking something more,
something deeper than yoga posture perfection,
something beyond breathing techniques, meditation;
even more than personal self transformation;
If you wish to transform yourself
in order to serve others,
to work towards inner harmony
to effect planetary harmony 
to know the greater purpose of your life
as it relates to planetary life
and to truly make a difference in this world
(regardless of whether or not you become a formal yoga teacher)
then you have found the training
you have been looking for​.

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This teacher training has been more profound than I could have ever imagined. Will is the special kind of educator that doesn't just teach, he enables and empowers. I have gained the skills to feel confident as a yoga teacher but at the same time the heart of this training was much deeper. Will's training opened up space for exploration, surrender, connection, and limitless growth. Perhaps the most important part is that I know this training has no real end, it has only opened a door, leading to another door, another, and then another, forever. I will be living this training for the rest of my life."~Ethan

This training is beyond the run of the mill. I began to realize this after just my second Module. I had decided to do YTT three years ago as I wanted to channel my energies in a positive direction after the passing of my husband. I looked into different programs but decided to go with the Vishwa training as it fit my schedule and the teacher seemed very genuine and down to earth . I also loved the energy of the Lotus Yoga Temple; a true temple of divine bliss where all your worries and tensions get dissolved and prayers answered. The training you will love! It’s very comprehensive, dealing with all aspects of Yoga:  physical, mental and spiritual. The various Modules help you decide what style of Yoga is your heart felt choice. You will get plenty of study and practical training. ~You must be wondering about the teacher ! Words won’t do justice. A simple, down to earth, true Yogi; not just in words but in actions too. He believes in what he teaches and is humble to the core. You will get a lot from this training! He, the Yoga place and the fellow students helped me to overcome the difficult period in my life and even till today I will go and sit when I am in distress. I did my Basic and Advanced training at the Lotus Yoga Temple, and, even though I am from India, I went on the Vishwa Yoga Journey with Will to repeat the Advanced training in the Indian setting. I would highly recommend this YTT to anyone who desires to learn a variety of approaches to yoga and be a true Yogi.  ~Kiran Bhatia, M.D

"If you're really serious about taking your yoga to the next level(s), sign up for teacher training with Will Brashear. Maybe it seems a little pricey [not really compared to other trainings], but run, don't walk, to your nearest organ clinic and sell a kidney if necessary to afford this experience. It's like one of those MasterCard moments. You know, the ones that are Priceless!I practiced, studied, and taught yoga for many of my 50 years but I needed guidance to go beyond my limited plateau. According to ancient wisdom, when the disciple is ready, the Guru appears. In Sanskrit the word "guru" literally means "one who dispels the darkness." My yoga future became much brighter when I met my guru Will. Trust me. Take the training. Prepare to be blessed."~Jim Rector


"Words cannot express how Will's Vishwa Yoga Training has truly transformed my path and my life! Will has a remarkable gift that he is willing to share with those of us that want to walk in the light. I thank him for opening my eyes, heart and mind to experience the world around me."~Joanna


"I loved the CYS yoga teacher training program! After attending an Ashtanga teacher training at a different school, I felt I needed a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy -  I found it in Will's program at CYS. Will knows how to gently coax the teacher out of you. He helps you become aware of your inner voice in a supportive environment filled with love and compassion. If you want to go deeper into your training, and you want to help others by learning to be an intuitive, gentle teacher, Will's CYS yoga (teacher) training program is for you!" ~Kelly

"Teacher Training is amazing. The studio is beautiful and peaceful, and instructors are humble and work with you where you are. Highly recommend." ~Jeannie


"Have you taken yoga classes for years?  Do you enjoy the practice, yet sense there's something more to be grasped, released or discovered within? Yoga Teacher Training with Will Brashear of Cincinnati Yoga School is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to widen and deepen your individual yoga practice, while strengthening you to share it with others.  Conveniently scheduled to integrate into your work week, and priced so that a year from now you won't miss the tuition you spent, this training is a rare gem - not to be missed!  From ayurveda to zen, you will find out more than before, and this experience can instill in every student a renewed capacity for a lifetime of yoga learning on many levels.  Is it time for you to go back to school?  Reflect and choose your adventures wisely this year.  Prepare to be blessed!" ~Leslie Laird


"The Yoga Teacher Training at CYS was an enriching life experience! It provided an opportunity to explore a variety of different yoga styles as well as time to experiment with my own practice. Through learning the history and principle teachings of yoga I feel that I now have the knowledge and confidence to create a safe, meaningful yoga class. I am so happy I chose CYS to complete my teacher training. One thing you can be sure of... you will leave this training a different person than when you came in!" ~Lexi

"When I set out to deepen my practice through a yoga teacher training, I found myself drawn to the philosophy of Cincinnati Yoga School.  I was familiar with "asana" (postures) and very much sought to understand yoga in the fullness of its meaning. Studying with Will has provided such an opportunity and I am truly grateful for the extraordinary journey he has introduced to myself and others." ~Marissa


"...when the student is ready the teacher will come. I was ready and now my spiritual and physical life has so much more meaning!" ~Marion Fraley

"The CYS yoga teacher training with Will has been a delightful journey. I took the course to learn more about what yoga is. I learned that beneath all the asanas(postures) lies an ocean of wisdom. I am beginning to understand why at the end of a yoga class I feel so relaxed and together that I want to keep coming back. Will is a remarkable teacher. He seems to live what he teaches. He has a keen intuitive side coupled with kindness and a large heart. He tailors his teachings to match the needs of his students, similar to how he teaches his yoga classes. There's a playful, light-heartedness in his approach which countered beautifully to our regular moments of deep contemplation. There was plenty of cross-referencing with other traditions to reach deeper and deeper truths; and the guest teachers were excellent. I felt I have been stretched and grown and the sweetness lingers from the "steadiness & comfort" of our experience. The training was a meditation. And in following the words of Will that he offers at the end of each class ["Remember, the most important part of yoga is to take it with you."] I will take it with me. Namaste!" ~Michiko

Cincinnati Yoga School’s 200-hour teacher training is the definition of yoga, a complete, whole experience designed to promote unity of your entire being, body, mind, and spirit. You have the opportunity to get plenty of hands-on experience in asanas (poses), pose adjustments, and practice teaches, but you also get in-depth training in the true yogic lifestyle. Composed of teachings in each of the 8 limbs of yoga, meditation styles, dietary habits of a yoga, various breathwork techniques, and so much more are included and explained in an easy-to-understand manner. The training also integrates the elemental aspects from various cultures, including Chinese and Native American, intertwining each of the elements with modern practices to understand how they are all related and can help the mind, body, and spirit work together as a whole, as is the goal of the yoga. Perhaps just as important as what you learn is the people at CYS. You become part of a community of like-minded, supportive people working toward the same goal. The owner, Will is one of the most compassionate, humble, giving people I have ever known, and I’m a much better person for simply having met him. He encourages you throughout the process to find your own strength and motivation through the restoration that comes through practicing the limbs of yoga. Whether you come just to learn how to teach postures or come for the in-depth philosophy of yoga, you’re guaranteed to have a transformative experience if you trust the process. I don’t believe you can go anywhere else and get the well-rounded yoga experience offered at CYS. If I had the chance to complete my training all over again, the only thing I would change is having done it sooner!  ~Tiffany

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