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V i t a l i t y


​If you form it in your


It will fill your mind

support your body

and lift your Spirit

Spirit Within

Spirit All Around

Vastu originated in the Indian subcontinent during the time of Vedic culture, more than 5000 years ago. Along with Yoga and Ayurveda, which share the same underlying philosophy, Vastu makes up the Vedic mind-body-soul equation.

~Yoga Journal, April 5, 2017


Feng Shui is a North Asian form of elemental practices almost identical to Vastu.

It literally means Wind & Water.

However, both Feng Shui and Vastu work within and beyond their respective, and almost identical, Five Element Wheels. In fact, 4 & 5 element "Medicine Wheels" can be found in cultures throughout the world.

Vishwa means World, Universe or Universal.

Just as Vastu shares a branch with Indian Ayurveda and

Feng Shui is an extension of Traditional Chinese Medicine,

the Dagara and other tribes of Africa, as well as the Hopi and other Native tribes all across the Americas, as well as the Celts of Ireland and all across the UK, as well as the Aborigini of Australia... 4 and 5 Element Medicine Wheels have been found since time-immemorial and all around the world; and they are still being used effectively to this day!


Having been found virtually everywhere on the planet and lasting for so long, some folks are beginning to wonder...

Maybe there's something to these elemental medicine wheels.

Well, yeah! Duh! 

This talk is by a famous yogi known as Sadhguru.

He gives many excellent examples of the power of an organized mind.

Vastu & Feng Shui are practices that demonstrate the power of an elementally organized life!

Each helps the other!


That you are seeking this information now may already indicate that your mind has found a bit more organization, or maybe your life surroundings have, either consciously or providentially, 

become conducive to an increase in the

organization and harmony of your

Body, Mind and Spirit.

In other words, Vastu Vitality Practices

are a powerful extension of one's

yoga practices!

Vastu will add to your Vitality

in nine different but connected ways...


Why Will?

Will is the director of Cincinnati Yoga School and has been practicing Ayurveda and Elemental Yoga Therapy since 2012. He has also been a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, and Thai Yoga Massage practitioner & trainer since 2004. Furthermore, he has spent much time in Bali, Indonesia; and if ever there were a whole culture dedicated and evincing the marvels of Vastu, it would be Bali!


Will has had an interest in architecture since his teens. His immersion over the past few years into the "Balinese Style" was a way of satisfying a yearning that had yet to be fulfilled ~ until combining his 5 element medicinal work (via Ayurveda & TCM) with his love of Balinese Vastu; via their wonderful architecture and gardens that weave the elements beautifully and seamlessly between man and environment.

These experiences make Will uniquely qualified to extend the typical menu of Feng Shui consultations into a realm of actual practices that one can use to not only work the Vastu magic of removing the blocks that surround your life and getting you into a harmonic elemental flow, but Will is also able to tailor a Vastu blueprint that facilitates healing and healthy living. Far more than just placing some plants and water fountains in certain areas of your home, you can put your life on an elemental schedule and learn practices to control or support certain behaviors.

Mahatma Gandhi expressed the ultimate goal of yoga best in these words:

Be the change you wish to see in the world!

With these words, a most noble goal was set. There's really nothing greater to search for in terms of goal setting. Nevertheless, it is much easier said than done! Most folks need a lot of help. Luckily, Vastu works great with simply our sincere intentions. As you begin to do its simple organizing practices, you will begin to witness many obstacles being removed and many blessings flowing (and blowing) in; all to assist you in being the change and living the noble life you truly wish to live.

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