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A good use of Silence is as important as good instruction.

Over the years i have regularly heard the comment from various students that teachers are, well, basically, talking too much (esp during svasana). Lately the comment has been more persistent and, finally, to the point that a student has actually come forward to ask me if there was anything i could do about it.  


The comment has come from various classes - so don't feel too bad if you were thinking it might just be you - but i think everyone should keep this in mind; and, if i may add a couple more cents...


I suggest that we all strive to eliminate All Unnecessary Utterance - not only for our students -  but as a strong yoga practice for our self as well. 

Also bear in mind that any type of language activates the mind, so speech should become less and less (not more and more) as we move toward svasana or any meditation. 

Also avoid music with lyrics (even chanting) towards the end of your class; and definitely not during svasana; even if it is in a foreign language (yes, that includes Sanskrit). 


For the most part, language should be used as a tool to get students to listen to themselves even in our instructions for how to achieve alignment in a posture. Adjustments often PUT a student in the right alignment (and that has its unique benefits) but good languaging is a method of getting the student to go within and find that alignment thru inner listening / inner attuning / mind body connection / Yoga. But good languaging is not without a plentiful use of silence. As important as how we speak about how a practice is done is the space of silence that we should be giving to them after the instruction. In other words, once the student has become aware of what they are looking for -and/or- how to look for it, then we should get out of the way, clear the space -physically and verbally - so they can explore that space and thus learn where and how to find what they are looking for on their own. Otherwise we have shown them where to go and yet we simultaneously stand in the way.


Languaging Favorites


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We are not trying to get anywhere but just to be totally present with where we are. -Brian Kest

Shut up and listen (to your body)  - Dad


Let each exhalation teach that area how to let go a little bit more. -Will


Lets stop going back to the starting blocks. Meditation is at the bottom of most peoples to-do list; and for those folks they never get to the end of that list. Starting a yoga training implies you want to put it at the top, so this Should Be at the Very Top of your list; especially for now, for those who are really sincere to take this path! When you put meditation (Yoga) at the top of the list you will also find that all the other stuff gets done (or at least becomes manageable), and done way better than before; you can in fact take on more (but not recommended) as you will see the Divine will assist you to keep to the path once that sincerity coupled with effort is established. ~ Will 



Your true education is to master the art of living. It is to live with love and peace in every step of your life. ~ Swami Hari Harananda

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