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Please Note:  The reader accepts 100% responsibility for any and all use made of any information herein: The FDA, AMA and ACA are not likely to have even thoughtfully reviewed much of what is mentioned.  


If you or a loved on has cancer we hope this information and resources will revive  your hope and motivate you to make exciting life changes.


With 1 in 4 people in America developing cancer at some point in their life, and the average treatment costing thousands upon thousands of dollars, Cancer is a Huge Money Making Industry!


As much as we need a revolution to combat the evils of Wall Street, we also need a revolution to expose the evils within the "Cancer Industry" ~that is run primarily by big Pharmaceutical companies that have a strangle hold on not only the treatment doctors are allowed to administer and insurance companies allowed cover, but also the education potential doctors are given in our medical schools. 


As you study-up at the links below you will quickly get the low-down on this century old scandal.


For those of you already motivated and uncovering information like this, please send any other great resources you don't see below to

Also, i know that so many of you have great healing stories to tell (98% of which having to do with a green diet, zero processed foods and as little salt and sugar as possible); please send that to me as well and we will create a sub-page for them. 


Thank you in advance for helping to get this Cancer Revolution underway!!!




PS. Everything mentioned here is offered only as information not medical advice... I wouldn't want most of that "advice" anyway, but  supposedly I have to point this out to you so that the pharm pigs dont try to sue me. 


First up...

Here is a youtube sample of a great DVD i found at The Loving Hut vegan restaurant in Pleasant Ridge that goes deeply into the research behind it. It is called...


Healing Cancer From Within

You can order the full DVD at

It's terrific and what got me on this journey; before I even new my girlfriend had developed ovarian cancer. Had i not seen this film before she gave me the news we both would have been in a very hopeless condition. She was well into Stage 4 of the disease before it was even detected (fyi: stage 4 is really bad), but thru an anti-biotic treatment [virtually unknown in the U.S. because American doctors can be fined or even can face jail time if they do not utilize chemo or radiation as part of treatment / luckily she is in the Philippines] and a sugarless, nearly raw, and very green diet ~ she is now off the anti-biotics, feeling much better and only continuing with the diet: keeping away from all processed foods, eating lots of greens, and completely avoiding all unnatural sugars.

Below is a comment an M.D put on the youtube page under the video. It echoes some of what the video teaches and also gives another good link: 


Amazingly, the so called "Healthy Diets" by the mainstream medical establishment is really unhealthy, which has led us to the path of more diseases. Eating the right thing can make things right. While I do not know the diet, to which Anderson refers, you can find information and answers from "Carbohydrates Can Kill." It is your health, your life, and your choice. Good luck. Robert Su, M.D


In many cases, getting rid of cancer is not the biggest issue. It is keeping it away. This requires lifestyle changes, not chemo or radiation; which only buy someone more (sick) time. From the resources you find on this page, as well as many others you will find along this path, we feel optimistic that thru diet, yoga, pranayama [which swami Ram Dev calls "natural radiation treatment"] (and, if possible, Ozone and Chelation treatments) that not only can health be restored but a new level of well-being -and faith- can be attained.


The film suggests The RAVE Diet which seems to be healing Cancer in and of itself; although most of its testimonials also speak of other treatments taken along with the diet. (i.e Ozone and Chelation). the book can be found at or at the Loving Hut restaurant (but call ahead to be sure).


Another Great video, echoing the same insights above, is called Forks Over Knives. Many people prefer this video to the above one. I use them both to keep myself and others inspired to eat truly healthy; not that scandalous food pyramid non-sense.


Every illness beckons us to a lifestyle change, and sometimes that change requires us to turn a full 180 degrees from the way we were living. But this turn is always from darkness to light; not only may we find healing but we also open doors to new and exciting discoveries.

Om Asato Ma Sat Gamaya

Lead us from untruth to truth

Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya

Lead us from darkness to light

Mrtyor Ma~Aa Amratam Gamaya

Lead us from fear of death to the nectar of eternal life

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti 

Amen Peace Peace Peace

There is tons more i could say about how yoga and pranayama should be a part of any of these processes. Once i get a chance i will write more. but another huge part of the healing and life-changing process is education. ...And the following links are great places to begin...

Orgone Energy, mentioned in the above 3 links, is the same as Prana, Chi, Ki or in English terms, Life force, and Orgone treatments, such as resting under an Orgone Accumulator Blanket is reported to shrink tumors.

The following info just came in from a friend...

 "The Beautiful Truth" about a 15 year old boy from Alaska who was given Dr. Gerson's book as a home-schooled assignment.  The movie chronicles his journey in discovery of the correlation of food and cancer.  Very eye opening!

Here is the link:



Thanks to Jennifer for this link:   

This page is on how meditation and alternative medicine helps people quit smoking. 



Body Acidity is another key component to defeating cancer:


Reduce acid with these foods:,,20440834_11,00.html


also avoid onions, its not on the list above, but onions are very acidic


sprinkle baking soda over foods, just a little will reduce acidity in foods


Drink Alkaline water


Even better to drink water treated with black mica:


Remove acidity from the body



1. "Your Food Is Poisoning You," Outside, May 12, 2014
2. "Is Monsanto’s Roundup linked to a deadly kidney disease?," Grist, May 1, 2014
3. "World’s Number 1 Herbicide Discovered in U.S. Mothers’ Breast Milk," Sustainable Pulse, April 6, 2014



The use of Tumeric:


Fermented Foods are also helpful, but not those fermented by salt.

Kombucha tea is also helpful, but keep the sugar content low

MMS (Medical Miracle Supplement)

Truly miraculous! Not just for cancer but has helped and even cured many illnesses.


This website gives you the all the info about MMS

It looks to me like they are going to actually sell it through this site, but not yet is my understanding.

I ordered from this place last:


MMS in itself may do the trick, but keeping assisting it as well as keeping cancer away definitely requires avoiding certain foods. A very green diet that avoids meats, dairy, perservatives, and cuts sugar to a mimimum is also known to cure many cases of cancer in and of itself as well.

This link is to help with sleep for cancer patients as well as giving important infomation about the relationshiop between sleep and cancer.


Specializes in Skin Care from cancer depletion"> / 513.253.7171

Thanks to Tom Weldon for the following valuable links:

Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients

Talking to Your Doctor about Treatment

How to Get Quality Rest During Cancer Treatments

Cancer Support Communities

Legal Resources for Cancer Patients


Need a ride to the doctor?  Click Here

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