Honor Every Element 


Panch Maha Elemental Yoga Classes

The list below gives descriptions of what elemental practices can do for you. These are not the actual names of our classes, but {you can see the class schedule here and} every type of class can be associated to one or more elements, as such:

Fire / Power

Panch Maha offers you the ultimate types of Fire Element classes; combining the postures of both the Primary &/or 2nd Series of "Power Yoga" with the "Dragon Series" developed by the famous yoga anatomist, Paul Grilley, and the Panch Maha studio heat set at 95*

~ The fire element is all about passion, charisma, perseverance and Joy! It is also the main element associated with Purification and Transformation.

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Earth / Core

The earth element is about grounding yourself in peace and integrity; Core strength that keeps you true to your core! Earth practices also help us to be accepting, supportive and feel a sense of belonging.

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Air / Magic

Magic is in the Air, air element that is. We harness that magic thru the breath as we learn to control it with our mind. "Mind is the master of the emotions, breath is the master of the mind." -Hatha Yoga Pradipika 
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Water / Flow

Whether it is thru sports, dance or other forms of art in (e)motion, everyone loves to get into a meditative state of flow. In fact, the water element is the element of love; so maybe that is why we love swimming in it. 

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Space / Time 

In this busy, fast paced world it is easy to lose sight of the big picture and difficult to open up to the fullness of life. Space practices help us to motivationally open up, see the greater picture, and act confidently upon a continually renewed love for our life's purpose. "Where there is love, effort is rest and there is always time." ~Baha'i Writings 

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Maha Membership
Panch Maha studio members also have access to classes at the Lotus Yoga Temple in Pleasant Ridge -- for no additional fee!

"Hot Yoga" is considered a Fire Element practice. The fire element cultivates joy, passion, perseverance, charisma... and is also the element of Purification and Transformation. Thus, most people who like Hot Yoga, actually Love Hot Yoga! But as lovers of hot yoga we must also be aware of when too much of a good thing is, well, too much. For too much fire, whether it is in your workout, your work, or even your lifestyle, can also lead to "burn out." This is why, unlike most "hot yoga" studios, Panch Maha offers classes that address every element, not just fire. -Nevertheless, it is a hot studio, so hot (warm and mild) forms of yoga are still what our "Maha" studio is most conducive to. 

It is for this reason that we also offer you classes at the Lotus Yoga Temple (in Pleasant Ridge). And as you can see from the cool blue pic, the Lotus Yoga Temple fosters a totally different atmosphere than that of any ¨hot studio¨. It is a cool, soothing, watery, airy, spacey space - not at all made for hot yoga - but excellent for keeping the fire of hot yogis in check (...the best way to balance the fire element is with the water element).

1 + 2 = 5


For the cost of 1 "Maha Membership" you get access to 2 awesome studios! This adds up to 5 (Panch) styles of elemental yoga to keep you in complete elemental harmony. (((And for University Students & Teachers the Maha Membership is $20 less!))) (and an additional 20% off a membership if you enroll within the month of August)

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