How is your lover energy showing up in your life? Are you expressing and receiving love from self and others? Are you feeling emotionally stuck? Are you feeling much at all?dry? overly detached?


Or is it the opposite; are you overly-attached to particular people or things? Is your love overly showering or drowning anyone in your life?


Simply put, is your lover energy completely off-line, over the line, or in harmony? If not in harmony, might there be any historical pain or patterns getting in the way?

Lover Energy is associated to the east and represents opportunities for new beginnings; just as the sun continually rises in the east to bring us a new day. How you greet each new day may give you some hint as to what your lover/water energy is up to (or not up to). 


It should be noted that the archetypal energy of The Feminine -though emphasized more on the Earth Element page- is also associated to the Water element (and Kapha Dosha: the combination of water and earth in Ayurveda). Water also controls Fire; the element that is associated to the masculine. In other words, as water can cool and thus control fire, feminine energies can also cool / control masculine energies. 

Regardless of gender, even in same sex relationships masculine and feminine energies will be at play. But it is the feminine water quality of "connection" that brings depth to a relationship. The Lover, like the philosopher, will not thrive, nor even be content with the shallow ...though The Masculine, whose Lover energies are completely offline, may seem perfectly content.  In this case one must discern if their feminine / lover qualities can awaken the lover (and perhaps even the philosopher) within the masculine, or if it is worth the effort; of if they can fool themselves into believing that they can be content with the shallow.

As you read thru the virtues below,

ask yourself if you have too much,

not enough, or are just right.

Score yourself as too much with a +1

not enough with a - 1

and just right with a 0



Yin Qualities














Yang Qualities















Lover   /  Philosopher


How is your philosopher energy showing up in your life? Are you taking time to go deep or are you wading through life on the shallow end? ...

The philosopher is not to be confused with a "Know-it-all". Knowledge often ends as an accumulation of facts, but philosophy seeks something much deeper. In the depths we find one of the key virtues of water; we find connection. The good philosopher is able to see the connections underlying all things; and if not s/he works towards finding the connecting points; and taken deeper still, these become unifying points. Which leads to some important questions for the development of our Philosopher qualities:


For what reasons do we seek knowledge and/or answers? Is it to be "right"? To succeed or win? Or is it to find unity and depth; a greater meaning underlying the connection and interdependence of all creation? In other words, is it to find a higher, deeper love? In answering this question you will see why it is The Lover that shares this same page with The Philosopher.

Some key virtues to consider for bringing balance to your Philosopher Energy are: Unity, belonging, acceptance, discernment.

* Breathe not the sins of others

so long as thou art thyself a sinner.

~Bahai Teachings

Yin and Yang / Feminine and Masculine are in every element, but often will have more characteristics that line up with a certain side. The qualities of Water element are considered more feminine or yin. But without a certain measure of Yang or Masculine attributes the Water will be imbalanced. Or if the Water element has an over abundance of Masculine attributes it will also cause an imbalance that impedes its proper functioning. 

Water Deficient

From the virtues list above, if you added your number of negatives and they easily surpass your positives then you are probably water deficient. However, if you did not take the time to add these up you can simply ask yourself the following questions:

 Are you feeling disconnected from others, dry in your relationships?

Do you feel a lack of flow in your life, like you are going nowhere? 

Do you feel your potential is stuck?

Are you caught up in something that is carrying you away from the direction you would rather be going? (...resentment?)

This is an indication of either deficient water and/or flow. This is sometimes referred to as stuck water or stuck potential. Also, in more serious cases,  water is receding / flowing the wrong way.

In any case you may want to consider calling in the water element qualities listed above, as well as summoning the energies of the Lover and/or the Philosopher.

You also may want to consider bringing in air qualities; as air supports water. 


Water Excessive

From the virtues list above, if you added your number of positives and they easily surpass your negatives then you are probably water excessive. However, if you did not take the time to add these up you can simply ask yourself the following questions:

Are you feeling very emotional, easily teary eyed and overwhelmed?

This can be an indication of having excessive water element; which can be good for a while to get thru pain or grief; but if it seems such emotionality goes on for too long, you may want to consider summoning the energies of the Earth Element and their corresponding archetypes: the Caregiver and/or the Feminine; Earth controls Water. 

Water Reset!

Water Element Meridians