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How is your philosopher energy showing up in your life? Are you taking time to go deep or are you wading through life on the shallow end? Do you look for the deeper connections of things or do you prefer to isolate ideas, categories and such.

The philosopher is not to be confused with a "Know-it-all". Knowledge often ends as an accumulation of facts, but philosophy seeks something much deeper. In the depths we find one of the key virtues of water; we find connection. The good philosopher is able to see the connections underlying all things; and if not s/he works towards finding the connecting points; and taken deeper still, these become unifying points. Which leads to some important questions for the development of our Philosopher qualities:


For what reasons do we seek knowledge and/or answers? Is it to be "right"? To succeed or win? Or is it to find unity and depth; a greater meaning underlying the connection and interdependence of all creation? In other words, is it to find a higher, deeper love? In answering this question you will see why it is The Lover that shares this same page with The Philosopher.

Some key virtues to consider for bringing balance to your Philosopher Energy are: Unity, belonging, acceptance, discernment.

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