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Upcoming Workshops / Trainings / Adventures

If no date-place-time is listed under a workshop you would to attend feel free to suggest the same.

If we cannot hold it at CYS maybe you know a way (date-place-time) that we can bring the workshop to you.

For more info call 513-24-7-YOGA (9642)

Thai Yoga Massage

Level 1, 2 & 3 Practitioner Trainings 

happening in July and August

More Details Here

Vishwa Yoga Journeys

Winter Retreat 2019

Feb 14 - 26

India & Bali 

Click Here For Details

 Elemental Companioning 

Listen To The Elements 

Hear The Whole Person 

Inspired by Person Centered Therapy that was created by guru-psychologist Carl Rogers; and later fostered a therapeutic listening process called Spiritual Companioning, created by Linda Popov;  Elemental  Companioning takes these 2 processes a giant leap further by adding the Ayurvedic wisdom of the "Five Great Elements."  This workshop transforms an average or even "bad listener" into a great listener and a great friend / companion. It not only teaches you to listen to others on a therapeutic level, it also enables you to hear the deeper messages of the elements [literally, earth, water, fire, air, space] that are at play within one's language (including body language) as they express a challenge they are going through. Once an elemental imbalance   is known, one can then take a listen to the wisdom of Mother Nature as she brings us the greatest examples of how to bring balance back to the elements in our own nature. 


Presented by Will

Date TBD

Saturday and Sunday

1:00 to 6:00 


$175 in Advance / $200 Day of Event


Knowledge Speaks ~ Wisdom Listens

~Jimi Hendrix

African Mythology In Education

Join Planetary Learning founder and facilitator,Prince Johnson, for this integrated approach towards examining African mythology as a framework for education development in the classroom


Great for teachers and parents!

Investment: $12 (or use your yoga class package)

The Deeper Side of Deities

The Higher Ideals of Idols. 

This workshop will explore various yogic themes and virtues concepts behind the Hindu Idols and stories that help us relate to our own challenges in life: therein one can also begin to see what the truly vain idols are, such as: money, greed, pride, envy, etc. Thus, the Hindu and other Idols / archetypes are more appropriately understood as noble representations of the Divine  Ideal; and the stories behind these Idols / Ideals can show us how to replace our negative, idol-ambitions with attributes-virtues that are in positive association to the Divine.  We will also learn some classic Hindu mantras associated to the Idols / Ideas.


Presented By Will


Investment: $12 (or use your yoga class package)

Yoga Nidra

Get A little help from the universe. 


During the dog days of summer take lots of naps so you can get a lot of your goals accomplished. Yes, you heard right! Yoga Nidra, aka "yogic sleep;" is an ancient yogic technique that helps you manifest those hard to reach intentions. Also a great way to make the most of any bouts with insomnia. Come learn and experience the many benefits of Yogic Sleep while getting something like a nap in the process :)

Sorry this workshop has been postponed until further notice. We intend to integrate it into our yoga teacher training and invite the public to that segment.

Investment: $12 (or use your yoga class package)

Working With The Magic Of A Staff

W/ Donald Nicely

Throughout the ages we know of wise, prophetic are

archetypal figures walking and working miracles with a Staff.

This workshop helps us to understand why as it gives one an experience of its power; particularly as we delve deep into the wisdom of life's challenges.

Participants in this workshop must be willing to take a deeper look at themselves and/or hold that space for others.  

Date: TBD

Time: 5:00 - 8:00 



Vishwa Yoga Journeys

Winter Retreat 2020

Feb 14 - 26

India & Bali 

Click Here For Details


The Delsarte System of Expression

Date TBD

(Come either day, but 2 hours minimum attendance is required)

(As far as anyone knows...   Joe Williams (aka Willy Barrett) is the only living master of the Delsarte System of Expression in the world!  

Therefore whenever he is able to come to teach our yoga trainees we like to open it up to the public; 

and we especially like to encourage anyone involved in the arts: dance, drama, music, anime... most any art form.  


What is Delsarte?

"Delsarte" is very difficult to describe, it really has to be experienced. Nevertheless, here is a try:  

Delsarte reveals the actual nature of creativity and the divinity within communication and expression.  It makes one conscious of the kaleidoscope of magnificent gifts residing within the "Vital", "Mental", and the "Emotive" (Mind Body Spirit). 

Yogis often talk about the trinity of Mind, Body and Spirit as an esoteric concept.

Here you will learn to clearly define, claim and harmonize all 3. 

Intangible esoteria will become a very real and direct experience.


Delsarte was a phenomenon that once influenced a whole era of history - particularly in drama and dance. 

However, Joe has remarkably adapted this knowledge to yoga in a way that will leave you feeling that any sincere seeker of yogic depth will find it absolutely essential to the continued development of an insightful, graceful, powerful, harmonious, inspirational, artful and uplifting practice. Simply put...

Delsarte helps artists find the yoga in their art.

Yogis find the art in their yoga.


$20.00 per hour / Minimum of two hours

$200 For The Complete Workshop

Saturday and Sunday 1:00 - 7:00 / save $40

Save another 10% by preregistering

To preregister contact Will:

(Not required, but appreciated! And you'll save 10%)

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