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Vishwa Ayurveda

Yogic / Holistic Healthcare implementing Ayurvedic and other Five  Element / Medicine Wheel systems found throughout the world.

Ethical Assistance

What we think someone or a group of people need may be completely different than what they know they need.  

Ethical Assistance is about helping out intelligently;

giving with discernment.

Virtues Based Education

If we wish to have real change in the world we shall have to start with children.



Speaking Books Project;

Knowledge &


After Care

Child Care and

After School Programs

emphasizing cooperation not competition.

Nature's Caregivers

Children and their peers caring for creatures that have no voice.

Namaste Caregivers

Yogically Trained Caregivers that honor and support the transmission of timeless gifts from our elders

Teen Amanuensis

Recording and recounting the life stories of the elders and imbibing them for the future.

The Missing Sphere of Influence

 & How You Can Help

Healing For Unity

 Racism and Castism have created deep wounds. It is not enough to simply say we are ready for unity. There is much healing that needs to take place if unity is to go beyond a superficiality that only eases the consciences of those unaffected...

Virtues First

501(C)(3) Not-For-Profit

If not for Virtue,

toward what end do we endeavor?


Living & Learning

Experienced farmers work with youth to cultivate the many arts of organic farming and

sustainable living; as well as instill reverence for the land.

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