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Nature's Caregivers

Virtues First & Roopantara are very sincere when it comes to fostering a love for nature in children. The approach to teaching as well as the curriculum involves many Five Great Element / Universal Medicine Wheel aspects. So when we say 'a love for nature' there is also an understanding of what such Love means: Care, Respect, Balance, Harmony, Etc; 

basically everything that is also congruent with our Virtues Based Education

By training children to become loving stewards to mother nature we ensure a more

healthy and harmonious future for both.  


One of the ways this is done is through


Community Run Organic Produce

Small lots of interconnected acreage is leased to those involved with Roopantara.

It is at a very affordable cost so that more residents in the area can have the opportunity to

grow their own food; as opposed to having no control over food supply

and whether it is sprayed with chemicals or not. 


However, perhaps the best aspect of this plan is community involvement.

To begin with, there is a team of farmers that take care of the crops when community members are unavailable or unable to do so themselves.

This team also involves the school children of Roopantara! This enables children to not only learn about agriculture, but also connects them to the land and their food supply. 

There are many other lessons to learn and experience for Roopantara children as well,

but too much to go into here. However we must add that at the center of  CROP is a  

Community Organic Education Center that is focused on sustainable living.

More to come on this project. Please Stay tuned.  

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