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Nature does not reveal all her secrets at once. 
We imagine we are initiated in her mysteries:
We are, as yet, but hanging around her outer courts.

​~Seneca the Younger

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is it French?

is it Indian?

it is definitely Unique!

Vintage tricycle carts on French style street at a union territory on south India..jpg

"Pondy" was once occupied by the French. This left an influence that mixed with Indian culture to create a unique charm that you cannot find anywhere else in India. However, the greatest influence in Pondicherry is the world famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram, which is threaded throughout the town; and also has links to a very special place about 20 minutes outside fo the town:  Auroville...

Auroville is not just an international village. 

At its center is the soul of a people with a spiritual vision.

And just as any wise individual does not lay her soul bare

to just any passers by, 

Auroville does not reveal her heart to the casual tourist.

In fact, even our vishwa yogis will need to be educated on what Auroville is about before being allowed to enter the Matrimandir


International Village


Auroville is all about a vision for the future and Vision is the foremost quality of The Space Element.

The Matrimandir

Meditation Temple / Center of Auroville


Sorry! Bali is no longer a part of this Journey. However, if you want to continue on to our Advanced (RYT 300) Training. A flight can easily (and cheaply) be arranged from the Madras airport to this Island paradise; where your training and experience will become even more enchanting than most can even imagine! 



Obviously, India is an important place of pilgrimage for any sincere yogi, but...

Why Add Bali?

You may have heard that Bali is called the Island of the Gods, but did you know these are Hindu gods? In fact, Bali is a Hindu island /  province within the primarily Muslim country of Indonesia. This is a rather bizarre anomaly in itself, as most Muslim countries are, well, Muslim. But there is something really special about Bali! Anyone who has been there will tell you this. It is not just hyperbole. To me, India seems to hold the ancient ruins of yoga. But over the past 100 years India has been trading-in a rich history of Satsangh for Samsung. In other words, though spiritual aspirations are certainly evoked among its ancient ruins, India -in general- no longer surrounds the pilgrim in exemplary yogic surroundings. Bali, on the other hand, is like a yoga oasis! Always in pursuit of natural harmony over abject materiality, I believe it is why the other Indonesian provinces do not try to convert Bali to be more like the rest of Indonesia. In fact, not only do they prefer to not mess with a very, very good thing, but the government has been discussing for many years an intention to make more of Indonesia like Bali. In other words, Bali has become a green example and inspiration for one of the most populous countries in the world; not to mention that in 2022 the G-20 happened here, as well. Furthermore, since our very first vishwa yoga journey to Bali, we saw Bali as a shining green example for the world. Thus, no location can be more fitting to end our elemental training than Bali, as it is our highest hope that you will take the inspirations of both this training and Bali to the world!

Bali Green School / Dream School

Green School is famous for the training of future "green leaders." In 2017 one of our staff, Badi, was invited to come to Green School to share his wisdom and also form a close connection with some of its founders. Badi is also simply a great guy and so when he informed them that we would be coming to Bali they encouraged us to come take an informative tour; showing our YTT students all of the amazing things that happen at this magical "dream school" and becoming a very special part of our Air Element study, which relates to the mind. 

Bali and India are both are remarkable in their own distinct ways. However, Bali is far more comfortable and accommodating to travelelers; esp after just completing a trip across southern India. Thus, by the time you get to Bali you are likely to feel like you just can't get enough of it. (Actually, that would be the case whether you had just traveresed India or not). Therefore, we have created a couple of...

Awesome options for you to stay longer!


Ayurvedic Treatment Opportunities Throughout The Journey

Throughout our time in both india and Bali we will encounter many spas offering Ayurvedic and other wonderful treatments. And if you opt to stay for our Bali Yoga & Spa Retreat youĺl receive Thai Yoga Massage nearly every day! 


It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves

- in finding themselves. 
   ~ Andre Gide


Let's Do This!..













This is really happening...

Jan 14 - Feb 6,



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and all of the most


Vishwa Yoga Journey


Awesome Options For You To Stay Longer!

12 day Yoga & Spa Retreat ! You might be wondering why you would want a yoga retreat after already doing a month of yoga traveling and training. But besides having more time to see Bali during the retreat, it's also way different than being in training where we are on a tight schedule of intense learning immersion. Thus, the retreat can be like a long exhale after breathing in so much training; allowing it all to soak in before going back to the potentially discombobulating distractions of the "real world". Also, during this time you can get lots of massage because, concurrent with this retreat, we will also be having a ...

14 day Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner Training ! You might be wondering, why would I want to take a training in Thai Yoga Massage when this is already a part of the Vishwa Yoga & Ayurveda Training you will have just finished. However, the TYM aspect of the yoga training, though deep on many levels, is very limited when it comes to developing a bigger vocabulary of massage maneuvers and perfecting them; there just isn't enough time. However, if you stay for these additional 14 days of TYM training, your technique will have time to smooth out; you will learn more maneuvers and have time to refine them; as well as discover many greater ways to apply the vishwa ayurveda yoga training. Furthermore, you will receive a Level 3 Practitioner Certificate. (By doing just the Vishwa Ayurveda training you receive only the Level 1 Certificate.)


Whichever you choose (Yoga & Spa Retreat -or- TYM Training) the cost is the same. Simply an additional $500 (which is less than half of what it cost for those coming for only the Bali Retreat or TYM Training). However, you will also need additional time in lodging, but this can be as low as $60 if you opt for the nearby Hostel, or $250 if you opt for the very nice options we have arranged. And, this is not per night, this is for the entire 12 to 14 days!  Furthermore, you could split the $250 cost with a roommate.

Learn more about the Yoga & Spa Retreat

Learn more about Thai Yoga Massage Training

Whether you stay an extra 12 days or not, you will still get to see some of the best parts of Bali. Particularly, Ubud, its cultural center and where we will be staying. In fact, we stay very close to the Saraswati Temple pictured above.  And though tempted to add many more pics here, often it is better to just be totally surprised by how awesome a place is. Thus, I suggest you don't go searching for many more pics of Bali, especially Ubud. Instead, come without previews; and just be open to having your mind blown.  However, having said that, as yogic educators I still just can't help but to show you one more place near Ubud that we will be exploring...

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