Vishwa Yoga



This warm and friendly couple are our local leaders. They help us navigate India and Bali. They are excellent yogis as well. Furthermore, as a staff member, Badi has gone thru the Vishwa Ayurveda training many times. {Amita is not always able to join us as she is often busy running an elementary school in India; and currently she is heading up a school in Zambia!}
Jade is from the Philippines (just north of Bali). She is our asana aficionado, as well as a master of Thai Yoga Massage. As a VYJ staff member, she has been thru the Vishwa Yoga 200hr training & Vishwa Ayurveda 300hr training many times.
Will is the primary teacher. His full bio can be found at the link below.
Dr. Kiran Bhatia
Dr. Bhatia is a board certified OB / Gyn, ACOG diplomat, serving at St Elizabeth Healthcare, one of the oldest, largest and most respected medical providers in the Greater Cincinnnati region. In addition she has completed over 500hrs of training in Vishwa Yoga and Vishwa Ayurveda. Furthermore she has undertaken
Energy Training with Donna Eden and
Navigating your souls journey with Dr.Christine Page.
No training in India is complete without one!
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