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Vishwa Healing Journeys

Tropical Medical Tourism in South India & Bali, Indonesia

Images in video are only to get an idea of what is available within India. They are not affiliated with Vishwa Yoga Journeys in any way.

Below is a price comparison between India and the U. S. 

We will have a comparison of Bali and the U.S. soon, but you can inquire right now by sending an email to LotusYogaTemple@cincyoga.cOm 

Avg Cost of Surgery


(India $2000 / US $15,000)

Cataract Surgery

$500 / $1600

Bladeless $5000 /$1000 Bladeless


(India $300 / US $3,000)

Dental Implants

India $300 / US $2000

Similar Dental Work

Single Tooth Implant with Crown (per tooth)

$600  / $4,000

Implant Dentures with 4 dental implants per arch

$1,800 / $18,000

Implant Dentures with 8 dental implants full mouth

$3,500 / $35,000

Hip Replacement

India $4000 / US $32000

Knee Replacement

India $1500 / US $30k to $50k

As you can see above, the cost of many common procedures in the US is usually around 10 X More than in India. And when you look at prices for alternative therapies, that often work better than western modalities, the cost in the US is not only far more in the US, but one's health insurance (if they have any) is not likely to cover it.

Alternative / Holistic Therapies


Ozone Therapy

High Dose (IV) Vitamin C

Ayurvedic Treaments

Various Dosha Specific Oil Massages

Acupuncture / Acupressure

Panch Karma Detox

Herbal Remedies




15 Bonus Reasons to consider Medical Tourism through

Vishwa Healing Journeys

1) Airport Pick up

One of the scariest things about visiting another country is getting a taxi from the airport and then a good place to stay. And there is always a chance the taxi takes you the long way and may even ask you to visit his friends shops before he gets you to a hotel that might not look anything like the one online that you thought you reserved. Therefore, from the moment you exit the airport we make sure that one of our VHJ friends is there to meet you and take you to where you will be lodged. You won't have to go thru the hassle or take any chance on getting a taxi. Furthermore, you can meet the person who will pick you up thru a Zoom or WhatsApp conversation beforehand, so that you can spot each other once you exit the airport. 

2) Lodging is provided by the same people who provide airport pick-up; they may even be your house family hosts; who again you can meet via Zoom or WhatsApp long before you travel to meet them in person. They will also arrange...

3) Very healthy meals; agreeable with the western pallet as well as your medicinal needs.

4) Transportation to and from all doctor appointments.

5) Arranging sightseeing with English speaking friends/guides that you can easily understand.

6) Most eveyone involved in providing you a pleasant stay speak English very well; you will never have to play charades to explain yourself. And, if you are having trouble speaking to someone outside of our company you can simply ask one from our team to speak on your behalf. They will even haggle for you when buying something at the bazaar to make sure you don't get ripped off.

7) Alternative healing options: India is the home of Ayurveda, an ancient and powerful healing science; as well as many other holistic alternative systems. You might choose to try some alternative methods first or you can do them in coordination with mainstream healthcare.

8) Low cost for both mainstream and alternative healthcare. 

This should maybe be number #1 on this list, but we are also trying to avoid giving the impression that the incredible savings that come from having some medical treatment in India is the only reason. In fact, even if you can afford healthcare in the US, this journey could very likely be one of the most significant experiences you'll ever have!

9) Healing Resorts; though far too expensive for the average person in the US, in India you could have your medical treatment or surgery at a world class hospital and also still afford to stay and complete your healing at an Ayurvedic healing center where you can get healthy food, massage and other spa treatments all for far less than what it would cost you to stay in a boring, sterile American hospital. Although, from what I hear, even after some extreme surgeries in American hospitals, they still try to get you out the same day, or the very next day, even after a major surgery. Or, if they do keep you for a few days, the cost is be astronomical. However, even though one could afford many more days in an Indian hospital than an American hospital, a much better option would be to stay at a beautiful Ayurvedic healing center or resort, and for far less than the cost of staying in a boring hospital.

10) Treatment is probably cheaper than what you will pay all year in total monthly installments to your healthcare insurance company.

11) Charity: A significant portion of what is paid for our services goes to Virtues First, Inc.

12) Crowdfunding option (see our current crowdfunded Vishwa Healing Journey explorer)

13) Amazing cultural experiences in Incredible !ndia.

14) Endless Learning Opportunities: We know where amazing workshops are happening all time. But even if you were to find the same kinds of things where you live now, most people can only afford one workshop now and then, but in India you could take a yoga workshop one day, massage the next, ayurvedic cooking classes, dance, etc. all for probably far less than one workshop like this in the states.


15) Bonus Treatments: we've already mentioned the health spa options, but maybe it is time for a teeth cleaning or you have a cavity to fill, or have a manicure, pedicure, facial, eyebrows. As for me, I never shave when I am India because I love how well the barber does it, plus he can trim up my hair while he's at it all for about $2; and for about .50 cents more I can get an amazing scalp massage that you just can't find any barber to do in the states.  


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