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Bhuta Thai

Elemental Thai Yoga Massage

Practitioner Training


To receive a practitioner's certificate you must also complete at least Ten 75 minute practice massages. 

One of these Ten must be with the instructor in which you will be given step by step feedback.

Full Body Sequence

May 27 (6pm - 8:30pm) 28 - 29 (1 - 7pm)

July 1 (6pm - 8:30pm) 2 - 3 (1 - 7pm)

Tuition - $650

Apply by contacting Will at

Only accepting 14 Students

Extend Your Training ~ Become an "Adept"

The Level 3 / "Adept" practitioner implies the following two trainings are taken in addition to the Full Body sequence but none of the sequences need to be taken in any particular order. Levels refer to how many of the trainings you have attended. However if the only training you attend is for "Neck & Shoulders" or "The 33 Keys" we cannot grant a TYM Practitioner Certificate because those weekends do not train you in the full body sequence.

{Level 4 / "Master" practitioner implies you have also taken our Vishwa Ayurveda Yoga / Practitioner Training}

Date TBD

Arms, Neck & Shoulders

(Aka: The Seated Sequence)

Tuition $ TBD

{CYS YTT Alumni $ TBD}

Date TBD

The 33 Keys

Learning and Unlocking 33 major acupressure points

Tuition $ TBD

{CYS YTT Alumni $ TBD}

Learn more about the power of  Bhuta Thai / Elemental TYM

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