We hope you found that helpful! Be sure to write down any "action steps" you may have come up with in the process!

You may also want to scroll down for other helping and healing tools that work with the one above.

Meanwhile, you can also learn about ways to help others via the virtues And Virtues First, Inc; 

a karma yoga organization that blossomed from the support of Cincinnati Yoga School and its supporting members, like you!  

The Karma Yoga Arms of CYS

501c3 Not-For-Profit

Our Past

Virtues First formed in 2005 from the efforts of Donald Nicely and William Brashear to create a virtues based after school childcare program. Shortly thereafter it was realized that our funding and efforts could go much further in India, rather than in the US. In fact, VF was able to create and fully fund an entire Elementary School; which included a free lunch program for up to around 80 children. It was also in a "squatters area" of the city, but soon after opening the area  became  recognized as legitimate township wherein the school was used as its voting precinct. Before the school, many of the children were put to work or begging and rummaging in the streets; many would not have a single good meal in a day or maybe a week. ~By 2016  other schools had come to the area wherein VF saw this as an opportunity to change its focus from running a school to working on ways to support already existing schools; which is a huge subject and leads us to...  

Our Future


In Bangalore, India VF has now begun to assist a unique community center called Roopantara, which means both The Light Within and Transformation. It offers resources for neighboring schools, as well as home-schoolers,  that do not have sufficient materials and resources. Without going into too much detail here, VF is now working with Roopantara to expand their resources so that they can help homeschoolers as well as underfunded elementary schools nearby. Furthermore, Roopantara strives to reconnect students to nature and offers regular outings that get kids out of the ever-booming and overcrowded city.   (Read about Roopantara's unique educational philosophy below)

Roopantara Philosophy

The current educational approach at Roopantara is largely a virtues and questions based in that it seeks to explore and dialog (rather than debate) about many key facets of an educational topic that are usually missed in mainstream public school systems, including the spiritual dimension. However you may be wondering how this could be achieved without bringing in religious bias or dogma. But when we look to the essence of all the world religions we find something amazingly congruent and not argued about amongst any of them: The Virtues!


Virtues Education brings the essence of spirituality back into education without having to show any allegiance to any religion while simultaneously honoring them all.  This is a powerful and huge topic in itself. But, to be brief, it is also found that the virtues approach extremely powerful method of acquiring the deeper dimensions of an educational topic that mainstream methods find difficult to reach. Again, this is a huge topic, but to be brief, this is accomplished via virtues training and 5 Element wisdom (aka Medicine Wheel wisdom found throughout the world). 


On this page, if you are working with the various virtue exploration tools provided, you are probably witnessing some of the power of the virtues in how they help you to go deeper into whatever challenges you interface with the virtues. To see this in a classroom, in a question based modality, is truly an amazing thing to behold! But it goes even deeper than being an educational tool as well. The virtues help us to process our emotions by enabling us to use our challenges as mediums for unlimited holistic growth.  


Some of the teachers at Roopantara have been trained in these techniques;  but all of the teachers and most everyone connected to the school are hoping to be trained in it as well, so as to take it to other schools and learning environments as well. And this is one of the primary goals of Virtues First, Inc. ~ to do just that!

However, this is also where support from yogis like you is essential!

If you are seeing the power in these approaches and would like to spread it to others, and to the world, there is no better place to start than with children!  

If we wish to see real change in the world we shall have to start with children. ~ Gandhi

In the context of a challenge you are having,

click upon an archetypal image that seems to be calling to you.

The Speaking Books Project

Another big project of Roopantara and Virtues First is the Speaking Books Project: Over one hundred thousand schools in India have just one teacher!!  http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home-page-sections/Over-1-lakh-schools-in-India-have-just-1-teacher/articleshow/53608274.cms  Although the majority of students across the country do have access to some education, only a small minority of these have access to 'quality instruction.' These underprivileged children and their families deserve equal opportunity and a chance to broaden their horizons. As government and non-govern-mental schemes continue to address this issue, countless parents despair of the fact that it is mostly in urban centres and to the more privileged that these opportunities present themselves. So, generally,  those who are in need of access to quality education the most, are the least likely to receive it.

The Speaking Books project, promoted by Roopantara Centre for Learning, in collaboration with Virtues First, will compliment in a small way the efforts of many other agencies in bringing not just educational material, but quality instruction within reach of the masses. It would also serve as an invaluable resource for many teachers and educational institutions who themselves have limited access to programs aimed at upgrading teaching skills. (To learn more about this project Click Here.)

All of the above is just a small example of a much larger vision that seeks to organically connect programs and resources that will foster a vibrant and supportive community. We see it as a model that could be taken all over India and the world. It is too much to go into on this page, but we hope you would like to learn more about the projects of Virtues First and Roopantara; and perhaps even get involved in what we like to call "The Greater Vision"



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