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Vishwa Yoga Training


This payment info is for our local upcoming and current training.


Vishwa Yoga Teacher Training

RYT 200

$149 per month

For 12 Months

 Go to "All Purchases" from the drop down menu, then click Membership, then select:

"Yoga Teacher Training Member"

The Details:

After 12 payments you can continue to take any missed training modules as they come around again in the following year; or simply repeat them for no additional charge. You may also suspend your payment, along with your training, until you are ready to pick it back up again. Furthermore, after 1 year (or 12 payments) you can continue taking the workshops and complete any unfinished OTC or Mysore Style classes (of the 25 required each) for an additional year.

We feel this is super lenient and more than justifies just one caveat:

There are no refunds!


Nevertheless, you can stop training at any time and all payments going forward will be stopped (or suspended) as well; unless and until you decide to unsuspend payments and, therefore, resume training.


Your first payment

(along with your approved application)

is considered as your "set-up fee" and your official start date.


Your payments of $149 will be automatically deducted from your account on a monthly basis and will automatically stop after 12 months. 


Acu Thai (TM)

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Practitioner Training


Scroll down to see payment plans

Payments can be made by cash or check

(made out to CYS)

or preferably via Venmo: @William-Brashear

Contact us if you need to pay by Credit Card, but please note that there is an additional $35 charge to cover the card processing fee. 

Payment Plans:

The Acu Thai training payment plan is just

$250 per month for 6 months.

This comes to $1500 and means you are paying no interest.

However, if this is still too steep for your monthly budget, you can also pay $133 for 12 months (which is only $1596 and adds less than $100 to your total +plus+ you are getting an entire year to pay it!).

With either payment plan you will need to contact us and request we set it up:

There are only a few reasonable stipulations: You have to be set up for automatic payments (of either $250/6 or $133/12) on our website. And there is no way to cancel these payments unless:

1) you contact us

2) you stop taking the training

Also, any monthly payments that have already gone through cannot be refunded.

AND, the first payment must go through before the training commences.


Click Here for tuition and payment information (including payment plans) regarding our 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training in !ndia

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