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Upcoming Events & Workshops!

Accessing the Archetypes

thru Elements and Asanas

June 14th & 28th

"Don't just make shapes"

That's what one of my favorite yoga teachers used to say. And if you have been to any of my classes you'll know that the yoga postures I guide you thru also tap into energy channels, most typically referred to as meridians. These meridians activate the energies of the Panch Maha Bhuta (Five Great Elements): Earth, Water, Fire, Air, & Space. But what we usually do not have enough time to get into in these classes is that every archetype (persona, character, hero, deity) are related to specific key virtues. Thus, each archetype is associated with an element and related to an archetype and archetypes are guiding examples of what one needs to work thru life challenges or to achieve specific goals.

Which archetype do you need to help you thru your challenge? 

Find out in this workshop series, as well as how to call up and imbibe its energy.  

Friday, June 14 & 28 @ 6:30

Must RSVP: LotusYogaTemple@cincyoga.cOm

These 2 classes will follow the 5:00 (Free) Friday Community Yoga Class.

However, unlike the preceding workshops, these workshops have a suggested donation of $20*   but still include a vegetarian dinner -provided by Jade (who, like most Filipinos,  just happens to be an amazing Filipina cook).  Donations go toward major repairs needed in the LYT.

Both the 5pm class and the 6:30 workshop are taught by Will (Yoga Teacher Trainer / Elemental Yoga Therapist) and apply towards Yoga Teacher Training** hours for those who are enrolled in the CYS "Start Anytime" Yoga Teacher Training. **



* **Please scroll down to read our notes about donations.



An Evening of Indian Classical Dance

Bharatanatyam is a South Indian Classical dance form that dates back nearly 3000 years. The art form integrates bhavam (expression), ragam (melody), talam (rhythm), and natyam (dance), to portray various aspects of Indian culture, mythology and philosophy. Bharatanatyam is regarded as “Yoga in motion”, as through the use of mudras (hand gestures), abhinaya (expressions) and adavus (rhythmic foot work), the dance form engages the whole being- body, mind and spirit. Uma and Meghna Siripurapu are students of Bharatanatyam and look forward to sharing the connections between Yoga and Bharatanatyam with the Cincinnati Yoga School community, and welcome ALL for a demonstration and discussion.


Mark your calendars for...


Sunday, June 16th @ 6:00

Please RSVP: LotusYogaTemple@cincyoga.cOm

Free / Donation



* Please don't let requests for donations Keep you from coming to either of these events. Donations are made anonymously and you can even give non-perishable food items (instead of a monetary donation) which we will take to the Lil Pantry food bank and/or City Gospel Mission. 

** Those who are in Yoga Teacher Training are not expected to make a donation to attend any donation based event or workshop series. 

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