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As you read thru the virtues below, ask yourself if you have too much, not enough, or are just right. Score yourself as too much with a +1, or not enough with a - 1, and just right with a 0


Are you accessing your Feminine energies? In what ways are you being nurturing and supportive? Is your Feminine energy grounded? Are you providing sustenance for yourself and those you care about? How are you at... (Read More Here)



Yin Qualities














Yang Qualities



















Yin and Yang / Feminine and Masculine are in every element, but often will have more characteristics that line up with a certain side. (i.e water is more feminine and fire is more masculine). But the qualities of Earth element are unique because they seem to  have a  more equal measure of yin and yang. Nevertheless there is a bit of a slant towards the yin / feminine (aka Mother Earth). Nevertheless, if these measures are disturbed it will cause an imbalance that impedes Earths qualities.


A healthy caregiver is a great gift to the world, but often even the healthy caregiver can have her / his heartstrings pulled to the point where the level of care they give to others is not healthy for the giver or even the one receiving "care". The old addage... (Read More Here

*The root word of Boundary is Bond.

Good boundaries are not meant to separate, but to support good bonds.

Earth Deficient

From the virtues list above, if you added your number of negatives and they surpass your positives then you are probably earth deficient. However, if you did not take the time to add these up you can simply ask yourself the following questions:

Have your boundaries been crossed?

Do they get crossed often?

Are you not feeling safe or stable?

Do you lack satisfaction or sweetness in life?

Do you easily become addicted?

This is an indication of an earth element deficiency.

In addition to cultivating the earth qualities and archetypes listed above, you may also want to call in the fire element energies; as fire supports earth.

Earth Excessive

From the virtues list above, if you added your number of positives and they surpass your negatives then you are probably earth excessive. However, if you did not take the time to add these up you can simply ask yourself the following questions:

Is it hard for you to get moving?

Do you stay where it's always comfortable? 

Are you a bit stubborn?

Do you cross boundaries to get what you want? 

This is an indication of excessive earth element.

Therefore, consider cultivating the characteristics of space;

as space controls excessive earth. 


Earth Meditations

(To Increase Earth)

Belly Breathing

This meditation is a life changer if you are a reverse breather. What is a reverse breather, you ask?

Let's do the meditation to find out:

Relax and place your hands on your belly. (You may want to lie down.)

Now, see if you can feel on the inhalation if your belly wants to go out on the inhalation, or if your belly naturally goes in on the inhalation.

If your belly goes outward on the inhalation

Just stay with it. This is the meditation. It is as simple as that. You will feel more grounded and relaxed the longer you stay with it. But, if you don't want to fall asleep, sit upright. But don't slouch. Lean back against a wall if it keeps you from slouching. Also, if you can make the breath go as low down in the belly as possible (like below the navel) the greater the effect will be; provided you do it in a relaxed way. 

If your belly goes inward on the inhalation

This is called reverse breathing. About 1 in 5 people do it, and they also feel greater levels of anxiety than non-reverse breathers. But no worries, you can fix this! In fact, I know of a couple of guys who were able to go off of their anxiety medication after just 2 weeks of practice.  Here's what to do:


Lie down and place one hand on your chest and one on your belly.

Now, as you inhale make sure the hand on your chest does not move.

Next, make sure only the hand on your belly is moving -but moving outward- not inward!

This will seem like work at first, and yet you will still find it relaxing.

The most important time to do this is in bed. In fact, you can use it to fall asleep; and if you do fall asleep doing it, then there is a good chance you will continue doing it thru the night. 

The second most important time to do this is first thing in the morning; and keep reminding yourself as often as possible throughout the day. Try to do at least 2 minutes every time.

Progessive Earth Meditation

  • Choose 3 to 5 earth virtues that call to you from the list at the top of this page.

  • Do the Resistance Stretching exercise in the video above to stimulate your earth meridians.

  • Get very comfortable so that you can be very STILL.

(The stretch in the video above will help you to be still; and it is perfectly fine to lie down if you prefer.) 

  • Feel the breath in your nostrils (15 sec)

  • Feel how it's cool on the inhalation and warm on the exhalation. (15-30 sec)

  • Feel the breath in your throat (15 sec), then chest (15 sec), then belly; but in all places feel for all of the subtle nuances of sensation that you can pick up on (i.e. In the chest you may feel some ribs moving with the breath. In the belly you may feel the touch of your clothing as it rises and falls).

  • Stay with feeling the breath in the belly for at least 30 seconds or as much as 5 minutes.

  • Now bring your awareness to the small patch of skin beneath your nose (where a mustache would be) and tune in closely to feel the subtle touch of the exhaled breath as it passes over this little patch of skin. (If you do not feel it at first, it is quite okay; use it as a way of practicing the art of stressless-effortless-trying.) Do this for 1 to 5 minutes. 

  • Next, with each exhalation slowly say to yourself the 3 to 5 virtues you have chosen.

But say them one at a time: One exhalation - One Virtue.

For example: Exhale inwardly saying "Stillness" (inhale quietly) Exhale saying "Grounded" (inhale quietly) Exhale saying "Steady".

As you do this for a few minutes you will begin to feel very still and probably very heavy, but in a pleasant way.

Repeat the virtues with each exhalation ~ feeling the effect they have on you ~ and for as long as you like.

It will feel subtle at first, but very evident as you continue, so long as you are very still while you repeat your virtue-mantras.

Conclude with this nice earthy meditation that comes from the Bible (Psalms 46:10).

~ Say the following, one line at a time, and with 2 or 3  relaxed respirations between each line ~

Be still, and know that I am God.

Be still, and know that I am.

Be still and know that I.

Be still, and know that.

Be still, and know.

Be still,


Earth Reset!

Earth Element Meridians


Using your thumbs, press along the lines you see in the charts below. Spend more time at the points you see along the lines and in the sore spots massaging in slow circles. Sore means you need more. However, it should only hurt so good.

No bad pains allowed!



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