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A healthy caregiver is a great gift to the world, but often even the ehlathy caregiver can have her or his heartstrings pulled to the point where the level of care they give to others is not healthy for the giver or even the one receiving "care". The old addage when giving discipline "this will hurt me more than it will hurt you" can be true on many levels. When earth energies are too strong a caregivers qualities may become more smothering than helpful and shielding someone from all consequences is a disservice to their growth in the long run; but it also depletes the caregiver. Like soil that has been tilled and toiled too much, excessive caregiving loses its ability to be nourishing.  


The caregiver is the antithesis of the narcissist. But rarely does the narcissist know s/he is the antithesis of a caregiver. These are extremes, but a good question to ask one's self is "To what degree [if any] do I care if anyone is looking when i help someone?" In other words, does your caregiver need acknowledgement? If so, you are probably a bit deficient of earth, of acceptance, of a feeling of belonging, and other qualities associated to earth.  The caring you show to others may be more about the way you wish to show yourself; perhaps because the caring given to you was deficient of earth as well. But, whatever the reason, most everyone has a bit of a narcissist within them; if only for self preservation. The question is whether it shows up excessively, deficiently or in the right measure.

If your caregiver shows up like a martyr you might want to check your level of narcissism. And if your caregiver never shows up at all, you really should check your level of narcissism. But if you show up in a truly caring way while also making sure you are not harming yourself while you care for others; nor care if anyone is watching, then you are probably a pretty balanced caregiver.  

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