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The Cincinnati Yoga School is exactly what a yoga studio should be! The atmosphere is inviting and calming, perfect for the beginner or advanced student. I really enjoyed the Tri Yoga class to end my day with deep stretching and breathing. I also took the Power Yoga class the same night and went home feeling great! Looking forward to another visit soon! - Cara


I was thoroughly impressed with my practice here. The atmosphere was better than I expected - the "stars" on the ceiling were calming, the decorations are what you would expect from yoga (no plain white walls and mirrors). I did the Yintle Yoga class and it was all about stretching which made me relax and really get into and understand the poses. The instructor was very calm and helpful in explaining the different poses. I can't wait to go back!  - Lauren

I have attended several classes at this studio and it is one of my favorite yoga studios in the city. The instructors all have a wonderful pace and are very informative. I always feel so much better after leaving a class here. Thank you! - Susan

I have only gone twice so far, but will got at least 3 more times, as my husband got me a groupon for there. I would love to go more, but depends on money.... Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. The instructor, Monique, was easy to follow, and once I left I definitely felt relaxed, but like I'd had a great workout! It was great! - Andrea

Cincinnati yoga school is the place where I continue my growth on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. It has been my rock in times of trouble. I highly recommend CYS to anyone seeking the full yoga experience. -Nancy

What I've experienced at Cincinnati Yoga School is exceptional teaching. The space is awesome. The teachers are    knowledgeable, providing modifications and individual help for students of all ages.-Carol


I tried the Belly Dance/Yoga class and found it to be very enjoyable. I will definately go back and I have told others about it. The facility is very relaxing and the instructors are great! - Holly


Bought groupon ... Absolutely LOVE the classes and wish I could continue them! - Abbey


If you are looking for a smelly gym class yoga, you won't find it here. This is the real deal where you can grow spiritually WHILE you take care of your body. Awesome:) - Noemi


Small and quaint, tranquil. - Lisa


Friendly people, knowledgable and helpful teachers, excellent class selection, great atmosphere -- I can't emphasize enough what positive things taking yoga classes at CYS has done for me physically mentally and emotionally.

- Anon


I've been to several yoga studios and schools, this is by far the best and, personally, my favorite.



Love the yoga school; it provides a place to calm the mind, ease the spirit and just breathe. Really good people and wonderful place to be. Love it! - Laura

The Slow Flow class that I attended was wonderful. Cezarina is an excellent instructor. She adds her own special touch to the class. I will definately go back. The Yoga school and building are both very calming and beautiful…- Holly


I love the Yoga school........great staff and great vision.........thruly mind, body and soul enriching!

- JoAnn


LOVE IT. Great atmosphere, awesome teachers who are there for the right reasons. (And they do invaluable things for some locals for donations only) You're sure to find a class that fits your personality and needs. It's been helping me to find balance in my life and pray for balance in others' . - Noemi


I love CYS - the atmosphere is perfect for my practice and the instructors are knowledgable. It's also a plus I can walk from my house.- Joanie


My experience at the Cincinnati Yoga School was beyond my expectations. I found the environment exceptional in quality and authenticity - teacher was superb. This will be my future yoga home! - Chris


Great studio with great instructors! - Sujata


This is an excellent yoga school. The staff members are caring and well-trained. Also, the facility is beautiful, particularly the ceiling, which looks like lots of stars in the sky. In addition, Cincinnati Yoga School hosts special events throughout the year. Give it a try - it's worth it! - Ann


I have loved every class I attended here. I have learned a lot, and I can see a difference in my practice. Enjoy the knowledgeable, personable, and helpful teachers, and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I have recommended CYS to my friends and will - Anon


Love it there- Celine


CYS is a special oasis for me. I live in Rochester, NY and frequently visit Cincinnati (my home-away-from-home). I always look forward to stopping into CYS and have joined the Yin, Power, and Mixed Levels classes. The classes and the teachers are wonderful--offering clear instruction and hands-on adjustment if you're comfortable with that (which I always welcome). Any prop you might need is readily available. One really special aspect of CYS is the space it occupies--come practice under the stars and you'll understand what I'm talking about!

- Carrie


I love that each teacher has their own point of view and style. It's always fun to have a new challenge, or learn in a new way. - Sue


Have only been there with Will as instructor. He does a wonderful job offering alternative movements depending on your experience or lack of. Made me feel totally comfortable first visit and thereafter. No need to have prior experience. Very relaxing, stretching, peaceful. Will adds personality calm and knowledge. - Jamie


This is my favorite studio I've found since moving from Florida (and my beloved studio there). The atmosphere and attitude toward yoga is comfortable and inviting, but challenging. I looooove the starry sky on the ceiling. The opportunity to go on yoga retreats is just what I've been looking for.-  Anon


Amazing class on Monday! Will is the best!!!!! - Rebecca


Saturday 3/2/13 class was excellent, Will's classes are always wonderful, they really flow. He gives just enough instruction without being distracting. The usual 10:00 instructor can be very chatty, talks way too much which can really impact your yoga - Anon


Great space and teachers, I hope to try some additional classes here! - Carole


Love Ellen's class on Friday a.m. She is so knowledgable, has a great sense of humor and always leads us in a tremendous class. - Becky


An exceptional and serious place to study yoga. Challenging and mindful classes given with humility and care. This is not entertainment or a fitness class. I highly recommend Cincinnati Yoga school to any earnest student of yoga. - Fabienne


I enjoy the variety of classes, however it'd be nice if there were more evening/weekend classes, (and more of a variety). - Anon


From the first time I visited CYS, I knew I would return for more yoga classes. I love the thoroughness, knowledge, and pace of the teaching. I've told others about my "awesome" experience at CYS. - Carol


Great studio and great instruction. I've learned new things and will enjoy referring new clients. I'm going to the Capoeira class tonight as well. Great fun. - Denise


I always brag about our wonderful school.........- JoAnne


Felt like it was a good work-out; very educational as well. - Martha


Amazing selection of multi level yoga classes with top flight teachers along with workshops, chat groups, book/music clubs - everything for the TOTAL yoga experience! - Chris


The Friday class with Ellen is a highlight to my week. She is an excellent teacher, the class is calm-while being instructive, it is still fun and informal and refreshing. The yoga center is my haven in Cincinnati. It has to stay!!!! - Susan and Adrian


It's the real deal. Great yoga that gets results taught by genuine serious yoga teachers. Their special events are really special as well. - Fabienne


Cincinnati Yoga School teachers are committed to providing an excellent experience of yoga to all students, at a reasonable price.- Carol


Great place to stretch, relax and be challenged.- Larry


I Love this Place! Thank you for providing the space, and a big thanks to all the wonderful teachers who are willing to share their gifts.- Sarah


I continue to be amazed and excited by the excellent quality of the teaching and programs at CYS. The variety of activities is ever-changing...every day is special and every event is unique. This has been a life changing experience for me...and for this I am grateful! - Chris


Excellent atmosphere for practice; I like to get to temple a bit early to shake off the day. Will is a great teacher with detailed explanations and feedback. I have taken yoga elsewhere in Cincinnati but find the atmosphere & leadership at The Lotus Temple the BEST.- Anon


Excellent teachers and the temple is a very calm and relaxing place to focus.- Sujata


I travel 45 minutes to come to Cincinnati Yoga School, in particular Will's Yin Yoga class. This is something different than I have ever experienced at yoga class. Throughout the evening, Will always offers little tidbits of information that are so interesting. I learn something every time I come. This is the best!! - Shauna


I love our Monique. - Kim


Nice class but instructor talks way too much throughout. (9:00 Saturday am) - Anon


Great classes! Great facility.! Great support! - Gloria


Janet's serene pacing and choice of asanas makes my experience enjoyable. The ambiance at CYS is conducive to meditation.- Carol


What I need each week is Yin. Mind and body are altered after an hour and a half in that beautiful environment. Thank You.- Anon

I just took my first ever yoga class here, and it was awesome! The instructor explained everything very well and helped me out whenever I had a question or problem. The class was very small and everyone was very friendly. It was an amazing first experience that made me fall in love with yoga! I will definitely come back! - Jackie


Look no further...CYS provides a yoga experience on every level - physical, intellectual, spiritual - workshops, speakers, support for school children in need. Every day offers a different expression of this fascinating way to live! You must try this out!!! - Chris


The gentle/basics instructor was very calming, attentive and knowledgeable. I've always enjoyed her classes.- Christy


The instructor was great and the class was challenging! - Just what I needed. I will definitely be back next Saturday morning! - Victoria


I enjoy the atmosphere at CYS where the teachers take the time to explain and demonstrate the movements, pacing slowly and meditatively. I drive a considerable distance to take a session there once a week. - Carol


Thanks, Will. Mary Kemper is a blessing in my life and I enjoy the excellent space in which to practice yoga. - Donna


I treated myself to two gifts in a row. The first for Sunday meditation with Will and all. Love my "Emoto" water. And once again for Will's Monday night 7:40 yoga. Love those cleansing sweats! Thank-you Will - Marla


The Elemental Yoga class was fiery, fun, and engaging. - Deborah

Yoga as it should be. - Gloria


Janet is a wonderful teacher. Her Tuesday night class is my favorite! CYS is a great place to practice yoga at every skill level. - Tyler


This is a Yoga School that offers multi-level instruction in a variety of very interesting venues! This is certainly an awesome experience not to be missed!!!! - Chris


My first 2 beginner yoga classes have been wonderful! It's a serene environment and I felt welcomed. The instructors were very patient and caring .It was a good beginning for what I'm hoping to be a long journey.

- Latiera


The location of this yoga studio invokes a very deep sense of spirituality and peace. The atmosphere is very encouraging of relaxation and self introspection. I also greatly appreciated the availability to yoga props, mats, etc. It was a very friendly community. - Jessica


I loved my visit to your school. It was energizing and relaxing. Beautiful place. I'll be back. - Laura


Excellent instructors in a warm and relaxed ambience. Something for all regardless of fitness level and experience. - Marta


Janet leads this practitioner through a series of movements designed to create a meditative yet energetic state of well-being. - Carol


I really enjoyed this class with Brook. I'm all sore and loving it! Would definitely come back. - Hien


I have taken two classes and have really enjoyed them. I am looking forward to going back for more.. thank you. - Alejandra


CYS Will' s yoga classes are refreshing and relaxing. - Edward


CYS is the best! - Carol


Cincinnati Yoga School is so much more than a yoga studio. It is a home for those in pursuit of a more meaningful and mindful practice, building strength of both body and spirit. The instructors are committed guides who recognize and emphasize the importance of each individual's specific journey, thus giving advice to encourage and challenge each student's own pursuit. - Kate


I love the classes and instructors. I wish there were a few more morning classes. The environment is calm and relaxing. I would like a spray cleaner/disinfectant to wipe off the yoga mat before or after I use it. Overall wonderful and I have referred several people. - Anon


This was my first yoga class. I was wondering if yoga might help me be more limber, etc. I am too sore after golfing LOL. I will for sure be back for a 2nd class and intend to use my Groupon in full. I want to take a few more classes to assess whether I buy more classes but as of now after 1 class I see the benefit and I want to explore a few more classes. The teacher was excellent !!! She was helpful, polite and patient with all beginners. - Rick


Mary's wed night class was excellent! The room is a comfortable, open beautiful and inviting place to practice for beginners or long time yogis :) The class was deeply relaxing and just what I would like to include in my weekly routine! Thanks! - Meghan


I have always enjoyed the classes I've taken at CYS! - John & Eliza

Wil taught an absolutely fabulous class based upon earth elements. Not only was it a wonderful yoga session, but also learned a lot about my body. Felt terrific rest of day physically, mentally, emotionally. - Becky


I have attended lots of yoga schools and classes this is by far the best yoga experience ever!! - Yvonne


I love the Yin class on Wednesday mornings, I wish that you another morning class of that. I have been trying to find other places that offer that type of Yoga in the morning. Evenings are hard to make it to. Please consider another AM class of YIN and I love Annie as an instructer.

- Pat


I wanted a Yoga School that could change my life - physically, spiritually and emotionally. HERE IT IS...LOOK NO FURTHER! - Chris


I have always beNefitted from, and enjoyed, the yoga, and lately, Kimoodo, classes I have taken at CYS.

- John & Eliza


Good classes - I am thinking of buying more when my Groupon expires. - Rick


Love it! - Anon


Love the morning Yin class wish there was another one. - Pat


Great price, space and Karen is a wonderful instructor. - Nikki


Do not, I mean do not miss this School. If you want to learn the athletics of Yoga, if you want to learn the mindfulness that is taught, if you want to rise to a level of spiritual understanding, it's all here. My mind opened up to new possibilities and my life is 100% better! - Chris


CYS is so amazing and the classes are wonderful. It's amazing what yoga can do for the body and mind!

- Anon


Great teacher, great location, great class... Keeps me going on… - Anon


I attended a new class "Happy Hour Yoga" taught by Karen. I can say I left the class feeling energized and well "Happy"...Yoga works! Thanks Karen wonderful class, looking forward to next Friday. - James


I keep coming back to CYS for the ambiance and the teaching. - Carol


I love the Yin class Anna is great. I wish you had a second morning for this class I would like to take Yin twice a week, anything you can do about that? - Pat Wheatley

If you want to grow with the learning of ALL aspects of Yoga, you must come to CYS. The teachers, the programs, the vision is incredible! I'm exploring every day and still haven't touched on all they offer. DON'T MISS THIS ONE! - Chris

Went with a Groupon. It was an awesome class! - Jessie

I loved it, and my husband and I are returning in a few days :)  - Brittanie

I never leave a CYS class without feeling renewed. - Anon

Ellen in a treasure of a teacher for me. I leave the class and find joy. - Gratia

First visit and not my last...Awesome class and worth the drive from the West Side of town!!! - Sharon

I went to my first class today and really enjoyed it. The yoga room is gorgeous and the woman who lead the class provided just the level of exertion I had hoped for. It was a beginners class and I was able to keep up but was also challenged to a comfortable degree. I left feeling much more limber and even more importantly, relaxed! - Heidi

Beautiful space. Great classes and people! I really enjoy the school and look forward to using it even more to heal and keep healthy mind and body. - Mark

The Restorative Yoga class is just what I need Mid-week and at the end of a long day. Savithri led us gracefully through a relaxing rhythm of supported postures. I'm marking my calendar for 7:30 pm. Wednesday's. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti - -James

I LOVE Will's Yin class. He is the best at what he does and we miss him when he's not teaching! I have referred 5 people to CYS in the past year just because of how good he is. I also have gone to Savithri's Restorative class a few times and I love this class. Her one on one approach and use of frankensence to relax the students is especially nice. LOVE WILL AND LOVE SAVITHRI.

- Colleene

Ellen is a fantastic teacher, centered, knowledgeable and encouraging. - Anon

I loved the yoga happy hour with Karen! I have been out of the practice of exercising, and yoga and I was pleased with how easy this class was to follow along. I loved the oils Karen used and the extra attention she gave to each of us. This was the perfect way to end my week. Thank you! I look forward to more classes in the future. - Anon

I really enjoyed the two classes I have taken. Since I live an hour away, I can't drop in as often as I would like, but will certainly try to visit whenever I can. - Debbie


CYS is a place where one can get an authentic experience of hatha yoga. Teachers are knowledgeable; staff are welcoming and supportive. - Carol

Ellen is a wonderful yoga teacher and helped me modify my poses in order to accommodate the fact I had had recent abdominal surgery. I trust her judgement about what to do. - Lori

Excellent, as usual. I was very stressed out with moving-- made the pain of it all. . . go away! - Celine

Annie is a great yoga instructor. This was my second Yin class and I have enjoyed the experience. I have been greeted each time by the class manager at check-in. The facility is calming, clean and has lots of yoga props for adjustments.

- Anon

Annie is a great instructor. I've been to many different yoga classes but she surprised me with things I'd never practiced before. She asked participants in the beginning of the class what they'd like to work on and then designed our practice around our requests. I felt relaxed and engaged throughout the class and my body felt better on the way out than it did on the way on the way in. - Karen

Beautiful studio, great staff. - Anon


Great class. Really helped my right muscles from running. - Anon

I had a great restorative martial arts experience with Kristin. Great combination of stretching and strengthening. - John & Eliza

I have really enjoyed the Yin Yoga classes. They have helped in my recovery from health issues I'm dealing with. The Yoga School environment is comfortable and inviting in comparison to some other studios I have attended in Cincinnati. A very "non judgmental" approach to yoga. Thanks! - Kate

I've been going to The Lotus Hut for about 3 years and have recommended it to family and friends interested in spiritual guidance or in need of physical healing. The instructors are dedicated, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and empathetic. They focus on holistic practice as needed for each person. Individuals are well-guided and gently pushed to improve. - Katie

Will is awesome! - Ashley

I went to a beginners class and it was great. I learned a lot, it was relaxing, a good workout, and not to basic or boring. I will definitely be back. - Anne

The instructors are the best. - Yangzi

I live Kevin's Yin yoga class. - Anon 

Very tranquil experience. - Anon

It was an overall excellent experience! - Haley

My experience has been amazing. I have been practicing for about 8 years and have been in many studios and I am even in a yoga teacher training at another location. I have never been in a studio with as much community. Even the students introduce themselves and not just the teachers. The atmosphere is peaceful and spiritual. I love the way I feel even an hour before I arrive knowing that I am going. The classes restore my physical body. I am truely happy with my practice at Cincinnati Yoga School. - Erin


Monday night class is a very relaxing easy going yoga class. For a beginner like me who is a runner that just needs some stretching in a quiet peaceful atmosphere this class is perfect. No fast movement from pose to pose. Great way to end a Monday. - Mark


Love, love, love CYS!!! - JoAnn

                     Reviews from Google:

Jeannie Faulkner

Teacher Training is amazing. The studio is beautiful and peaceful, and instructors are humble and work with you where you are. Highly recommend.

Kelly Nicole

It was very uplifting and inspiring. The venue itself is more than welcoming. There was an abundance of good energy. "Be good, do good." :)

Heidi Fassler

Great people leading really enjoyable classes. I also love the look and feel of the practice room.

Rick Beavers

First place I tired Yoga and I liked it. Great teachers and great environment and they furnish the mats and stuff. Hardest part for me is getting off in time to make the classes. Id'd love to go more.

Fabienne Christenson

An exceptionally serious and good place to participate in yoga practice. Thoughtful, profound and humble, this one is less about fitness and more about the true practice of mind-body awareness. Though it is a comfortable place to practice yoga, there isn't anything faddish or superficial about it.


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