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"I had just two sessions, but each time I realized I was holding something,

a tightness in my chest,

and each time I released something. 

The process was kinda weird.

I wasn't really given any advice,

but magically finding my own. 

It is magical to find that there is a place

inside of you that you can really trust!

A Great Trust!

...and it spreads.

 My chest felt open. I felt light.

I Still Feel Light! Life is Better! 

I have started a new beginning!"

~ E. D. 

" . . . a very relaxing and encouraging process. 

I really enjoyed working with you,

and appreciate all the time

you took to develop

my personal "plan of action". 

I'm looking forward to

finding the ongoing benefits." 

~H. H.

We often hear the answer

may be right in front of us.

Its amazing how literal that can be!

It is right here ~ in nature! ~ In us! 


Healing Investment!

Most sessions are about 90min.

1 Session $90

3 Sessions are $250 (save $40)

This first session will be followed up with an assessment and suggestions (sent by email) which takes us about 30 to 45 minutes to prepare. Most clients opt for at least 3 sessions, but you can decide after your first session if you want to do more. 

Tipping: this is extremely specialized work and so most people are quite surprised at how low we keep the price but we do this so that those who need it are not priced out of the opportunity. However we also gratefully accept tips, with the average tip being between $20 and $30, and sometimes $50. But this is not a suggested amount. It is simply what those with the means have given out of their own gratitude. On the other hand, many people do not have the means for even the base price. Thus, those who do give good tips also enable us to be financially adaptable to those who cannot. Thus,  if the above pricing doesn't work for you please feel free to let us know what you are able to manage. We prefer to help rather than maintain obstacles that block the way.

About Will

Will is a certified yoga therapist thru Swara Yoga School based in Portugal. Will also designed his own masters program in Integral Yoga Psychology 

which, thereafter, Antioch University McGregor (AUM) used to create a whole new tract of studies for other students to follow in pursuit of the degree he pioneered. 

Will's extensive studies have given him more than 10,000 hrs of training in the healing arts of yoga.

See more of Will's bio Here




Earth ~ Water ~ Fire ~ Air ~ Space

The Five Great Elements

They may or may not cure you,

but wisdom is certain!


Elemental Yoga Therapy is a modality for healing, goal achievement, spiritual growth and wisdom. Unfortunately, to explain it briefly is a bit like trying to summarize how the universe works. Nevertheless, in brief, everything is made up of the Five Great Elements. Each one, and in various combinations, has much to teach us about living in harmony and achieving our greatest potentials; just as the elements do among themselves.

Every illness on the planet and in ourselves is due to some kind of interference that has altered the natural order of the elements; whether imposed by unnatural, societal constructs or our own unconscious choices.

Fortunately, all of the wisdom about returning the elements to harmony is in the elements themselves; but it has also been extracted and preserved in ancient "medicine wheel" type teachings that are found around the world, and remarkably congruent to one another. Whether you follow an elemental medicine wheel from the Americas, China, Europe, India, Australia, Africa or Atlantis, the fact that they share principles that are essentially identical deserves our attention.  

They teach us that...

  • All of creation consist of essentially 5 elements from which we derive all other elements.

  • Any condition must fall into one or more of the 5 elemental categories, with sub categories emerging from the unlimited combinations of ways in which the elements can interact.

  • If we are able to remove interference from the natural elemental order; strengthening the weaker elements within us while quieting the overpowering attributes, then we can return to balance, and often a greater balance, health and harmony than we have ever known. 

  • Every illness has something to teach us. There is wisdom in the elements and we tap into it every time we heal ourselves.  

What is written here is just touching the surface. In one way or another the elements can help us regarding everything in life; from pretty much any illness, to setting and conquering goals, to figuring out a way to iron out issues with a loved one or co-worker, etc.  The applications are endless. Nevertheless, here is a small list of common challenges that have been treated: 


Common Elemental Imbalances






Back Pain





Painful Menstruation


Hay Fever

Heart Disease

High/Low Blood Pressure


Irritable Bowel Syndrome



Mid-Life Crisis





Panic attacks

Peptic Ulcer




Urinary Tract Infection








The goal of life

is to make your heartbeat

match the beat of the universe,

to match your nature with Nature.


~ Joseph Campbell

To Request An Appointment

send an email to:



Weight Loss

Job Satisfaction

Vision, Passion,

Purpose, Etc.

To Request An Appointment

send an email to:


Though the lawyers would never include something like this, I believe that self-knowledge and self-responsibility will ultimately make these types of disclaimers unnecessary. Nevertheless... 

Please Be Clear that the AMA nor the FDA have approved nor reviewed

any of the techniques given in the Lotus Yoga CliniK. 


Therefore, if you feel that you are inclined to sue someone or an entity for suggesting yoga could help with an illness or for merely bringing forth information and related suggestions, then it is suggested that you do not visit the Clinik nor follow any suggestions given therein.


On the other hand, if you are one to consider that the mainstream medical establishments (the AMA for example) give relatively no training in nutrition in relation to diseases such as cancer or diabetes, yet while it ihas long been empirically evident, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that nutrition is highly effective for such diseases, then perhaps you may be inclined to no longer perpetuate the myth that the mainstream is a final authority on health and healing, or even has any Authority at all that honestly stands above the vasts amounts of knowledge gathered thru the ages and around the globe, or tries to stand above nature itself. Indeed the greatest thing about the mainstream that rises above the fruits of the acquired wisdom of the ages, and Mother Nature, is the corporate and pharmaceutically owned universities, conglomerate insurance companies, media made propaganda, and a judicial system that is literally incapable of seeing thru a clear lens.


Thus, if you are feeling like a pawn in the establishment, but wish to make your health decisions free of propaganda, and based upon an actual wealth of choices and wisdom (rather than choices that are all confined within the same wheel that spins primarily from the influence of said capitalistic propaganda and the fear of incurring penalties for choosing otherwise) then the Lotus Yoga Clinik offers its services and suggestions as an aid to that much wiser realm of actual choices to those daring souls of authentic responsibility and true discernment.



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