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Acu Thai

 Ayurvedic Yoga  Massage 

Thai Yoga Massage is a series of yoga postures while palming and thumbing along the body's energy ("Sen") lines and pressure points. Together these actions result in a comprehensive, full-body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically.  (Read More About TYM at the bottom of this page)

Although our "Acu Thai" AYM integrates several healing modalities (and is performed much slower than seen in the video above) its foundation comes from the training of Kam Thai Chow, founder of the Lotus Palm School of TYM.

To learn more about the other healing modalities integrated into Acu Thai AYM Click Here!


I had back pain for many months. I saw a chiropractor, and it didn't help. I had several X-Rays and an MRI. I visited with two spine surgeons as well as a general practitioner and nothing helped. I was prescribed medication after medication and still...the pain was there. After one session of Thai Yoga Massage with Will, the pain was relieved so much, I was immediately able to bend forward again! Thanks again!  ~ Brandon

I have received about a dozen Thai Yoga Massages from Will over this last year. It seems that each time I meet with him I find something else that is so therapeutic with this practice. Not only has it addressed all of my physical needs (sore back, shoulders, head etc), it really goes much deeper. I often find out what I am needing in my life (letting go, accepting, relaxing for example) that also helps with the healing process.  Without reservation, I highly recommend this practice as well as the Elemental and Meridian work that is all part of the Yoga Clinik.  ~ Julie

In Thailand it is said...


Many people go to get a Thai Yoga Massage

before they see their doctor.


Because they may not need their doctor after the massage.


The Difference between Acu Thai and classic TYM is manifold. But there is not enough room to go into it on this page. And though we could add a page, the best thing to do is experience it for yourself.
'One Acu Yoga Massage is worth a thousand words!'

Nevertheless, we can explain one important difference in relation to the video you see on this page. The video is demonstrating a typical, though very fast, approach to TYM. Acu Thai is much slower, but not because of doing the same kinds of maneuvers much slower, but because we also integrate authentic Shiatsu massage into the practice. Shiatsu has fewer stretching "maneuvers" than TYM because it takes time to really get into the meridians. Furthermore, these meridians relate to specific organs and elements, such as: earth, water, fire, metal and wood (However, Ayurveda, which we also integrate in the massage refer to those last 2 elements as Air and Space). Understanding the organs and the elements that the meridians correspond to gives us some amazing diagnostic tools that, in turn, show us where to slow down and "dig in" to the acu pressure points along the meridians which are indicating more work is needed. (Whereas typical TYM only vaguely addresses the meridians). 


Although i hope i didnt lose you when i said we "dig in" to the meridians and acu pressure points you need some digging into, rest assured that any type of discomfort you may feel during this massage should only "hurt so good!" And, also unlike typical TYM where communication is little to none, we strive to have very clear communication. But not just about any awesomely pleasurable discomforts you may ask us to let up on -or dig deeper into-  but a variety of emotions are also likely to come up during the massage, wherein we can start to have some awesome elemental insights into whats going on in your life; and what you might do, elementally, to make some changes so that you don't need us to work those stuck emotions out of your shoulders, neck, hips, back, etc, over and over again. You could say it is massage psycho-physio-therapy, but even that falls short of any encompassing description.  ~But hopefully you see why I will just stop trying to explain the depth of this massage here. 


Acu Thai

w/ Jade

I have personally trained Jade in Thai Yoga Massage. Actually she has gone through the TYM trainings several times; sometimes as a student, and sometimes as an assistant trainer. I have had the massage many times from Jade while giving her extensive tips and feedback as well. She has the massage down better than any graduate to date that has gone through the Thai Yoga Massage trainings and is one of only very few graduates to have reached our Level 4 "Adept" Practitioner certification. ~Will    

Every Full Body Massage With Jade Is At least 90min!

(: but usually closer to 2 hours! :)

1  Massage ~ $95
3 ~ $2

(Saves $13)

In addition to Thai Yoga Massage, Jade has studied Vishwa Ayurveda in both India and the United States; and has done the Vishwa Yoga Teacher training as well. Therefore she can do private yoga classes for individuals and groups as well. She is also a licensed caregiver and prepares delightful dishes with an Asian-Island flare both in a vegan restaurant and at home. As a cancer survivor, Jade credits Vishwa Ayurveda, Elemental TYM, eliminating meat from her diet, and gorging on greens!

To Schedule An Appointment With Jade Call 513-888-0712 or email (email preferred)

Please note:  Though strong, Jade is very petite. Therefore, clients who weigh over 180 lbs should schedule their massage with Will.

Acu Thai

w/ Will

Will became a practitioner of TYM is 2003 and since 2007 has trained many other practitioners (including Jade) around the region and in other countries in TYM. Also, in 2012 he was certified in Elemental Yoga Therapy. Because of his experience he can give you many insights about what may be behind the energetic blockages that are always discovered during the course of a TYM. Furthermore, you are likely to receive an Ayurvedic / Five Element Assessment after the massage.  

1 ~ $108

3 ~ $298

(Save $30)

4 Massages = $397

($99 x 4 / same rate as 3)

5 ~ $468

($93.60 per / Save $72)

6 Massages = $561

($93 x 6 / same rate as 5)

An Acu Thai Massage is always at least 90 Minutes, and often more than 2 hours!

I don't stop the massage because one's 90minutes are up, I stop when the work is done. ~Will


In the yoga tradition 108 is an auspicious number, it also happens to be the average amount of time for a TYM with Will

(but prepared to stay for up to 2 hours; especially if it is your first massage with Will).

Part of the reason for the extra time is because it Includes an Elemental Consultation.

Your body has many messages for you ~ all of which come from...

The Panch Maha Bhuta

~ The Five Great Elements ~

Earth - Water - Fire -  Air - Space

Will can work with you to decipher what these elements, via your body, are trying to communicate to you.

We usually miss these messages because they come in a symbolic language that takes some training to learn.

Nevertheless, you will recognize the message when you hear it in translation via the massage;

a translation that often leads to profound healing and holistically progressive insights.

To make an appointment contact Will- or call (513) 886 - 0010  (email preferred)


Why our prices are so low...

Though we have trained most practitioners of TYM in the region, you might notice that our prices are far less than most practitioners as well. We do this because many people need more than a few massages to work out an issue or to stay in balance; and because most insurance doesn't cover TYM. Therefore, we recognize that this could really add up for the avg Joe that really needs the massage, but also has an avg or bellow avg income; especially during these trying pandemic times. However, we also know that many of our clients have a well above avg income and sometimes would even like to pay more. In fact, we often have clients that are very surprised by our prices because they have had plenty of massage elsewhere at much higher rates. And yet they recognise our massage is Top Rate and want to give more. And, well, that's where the Tip Jar comes in...


Tip Jar

We do not require or expect a tip from anyone! If you are struggling to just to pay for the massage, please don't add worrying about a tip to your struggles. However, if you are doing rather well these days, please consider our tip jar. It helps us to keep the prices down for those that who are not doing as well financially while fostering good karma for those who can afford to give a little more.

Click Here To Pay Online

Please scroll towards the bottom of the purchases page to see the Tip Jar.

Most people tip between $10 and $50. The average tip is $25.


More About Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu, TCM and The Panch Maha Bhuta

After the death of the Buddha, the earliest Buddhist monks who traveled to Southeast Asia were accompanied by Ayurvedic doctors. These doctors practiced a healing art that would later evolve into traditional Thai massage.


Traditional Thai massage developed over millennia within the environment of Buddhist temples. It flourished as a way for spiritual people to share the benefits of meditation and compassion in a physical form. It is a respected form of healing practiced today in hospitals and temples throughout Thailand.

In addition to Ayurveda, Thai massage is very similar to Shiatsu massage and many elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in how it works with the Sen lines (or Meridians in TCM, Nadis in Ayurveda). The Ayurvedic and TCM components utilized are based upon the Panch Maha Bhuta or Five Great Elements. There is nothing in healing or life in general that does not fall within these 5 elements. Thus, being that these elements make up everything in the universe,  there is always some elemental wisdom that can be gleaned from virtually any body, mind and/or spirit challenge a client is facing .  It could be educational, emotional, inspirational and healing; and often it is all of the above. Many of the benefits found in TYM are also derived from Chinese Acupuncture as well. However, the effects of Acupuncture are often hit or miss. Sometimes it works amazingly well and other times you might not notice any change at all; except for the money that is gone from your wallet. With Bhuta Thai TYM, even if it doesn't heal or "fix" something ailing you, in the worst case scenario, you still get a great massage! And! in the best case scenario, not only does some healing or relief occur but you also have an emotional release, an energy increase, some ideas of what's triggering problems in your life, and some insights on how to not only stop such triggers but also how to grow holistically from such challenges as well.

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