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Island of the gods

And The Ultimate Yoga Experience!

Vishwa Ayurveda

Elemental Yoga Therapy

RYT 300 Hr Teacher / Practitioner Training

 Jan 12 ~ Feb 7



  The Location

You may have heard that Bali is the Island of the Gods, as most people feel that its beauty is befitting of Gods. But, literally, Bali is also the Island of the Gods of Yoga. And, although Bali is the only Hindu Island surrounded by thousands of Indonesian islands that are 87% Muslim (an anomaly in itself), its beauty and magic is such that no one would ever dare to convert or change it in any way. And for all the ages that Bali has had visitors from all around the world, the only international influence that has really taken any footing is that of the international yoga community. However, on a Hindu Island you cannot exactly say that yoga has influenced Bali, but you can definitely say that Bali has magically influenced yoga ~ and every yogi who has visited. Nevertheless, if you are still unsure (at least in terms of location) you'll find below even more reasons why Bali is an amazing place for Yoga Training! 


The Training

Vishwa Ayurveda (RYT 300) is a unique and powerful Yoga Teacher / Elemental Yoga Therapy Practitioner Training.  Second to none,* it encompasses Ayurvedic wisdom found throughout the world, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Bodywork; and all based upon the essence of all Ayurvedic / Yoga practices: The Panch Maha Bhuta / Five Great Elements! 

This page is more of an overview of the entire training experience, but to get into the deeper details of the training itself, be sure to click here. Or, before you get into those details, perhaps you would like to start with reading our wonderful Training Reviews or other important details. 

(*Although one would probably pay 3 times more for anything comparable anywhere else!)

Experiences Beyond The Classroom:

The Feel & Experience of Ubud

Ubud is a favorite for everyone who visits Bali. You can spend days on foot, bike or scooter exploring its magic! Or if you are feeling a bit lazy, there's no need to go anywhere. Just hang on our campus experiencing our therapeutic spa treatments, or other spa and healing treatments found nearby. Ubud is the Mecca of Bali when it comes to mind-body-spirit explorations. You can find places everywhere for a wide variety of massage techniques, methods of detoxifying, sound healing, cooking classes, therapeutic treks through ultra green rice fields, or just lounge around the gorgeous pools and gardens. / On the other hand, you can also plan an amazing adventure excursion outside of Ubud with our staff,

The Medicine of Ubud

Whether you go for a spa treatment or not, just hanging out in Ubud on your time off is quite a healing treat in itself. In fact, Ubud is the Balinese word for Medicine, a name which came to it naturally due to all of its natural medicinal  surroundings; from nature walks along trails of medicinal plants, to taking a sound-healing bath within the meditation "Pyramids of Chi," or visits the famous "Yoga Barn" to try many different styles of yoga and/or healing workshops.

Ayurvedic & Balinese Spa Treatments

In addition to what you learn and experience in the training there are also lots of opportunities to experience other styles of massage and spa treatments all around Ubud.

(...and at local prices; the average price for a Balinese, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Thai, etc., massage is about $7 - $12 for an entire hour!)


Adventurous Excursions

Visits to the most amazing places in and around Ubud {the arts, culture and yogic center of Bali}

such as the Monkey Forest, Volcanoes, the world famous Green School, etc.. 


The word "lodging" seems wrong as it doesn't do justice to the many wonderful possibilities you can experience -even on a tight budget. In fact, our "lodging" is actually referred to as Guesthouses and Villas (described here). One of which is on our campus and the others adjacent to our campus. However, you are not limited to our lodging options as there are endless options to choose from in the area. And although you will have to reserve such other options on your own, it can sometimes be well worth it if either you want to take advantage of staying in something like a eco-palace, the likes of which you couldn't find and/or afford in a place like the US, UK, or AUS. Or you can also choose a super cheap Hostel, wherein you'll pay probably less than $5 per night. However, these are nothing like typical hostels in most any other country. They have gardens, swimming pool, restaurant, laundry facility and very interesting back packers and world travelers that attend them. (Read more about Lodging in Ubud.) 

In da Lodge entrance
Casa Luna Pool
Casa Luna Pool
Gora House Ubud
Shambala Estate

Bali is a Foodie's Paradise, Too!

Many of the restaurants in Ubud seem like holy places. Even if it's just a smoothie bowl, a long with the taste and presentation, the atmosphere of so many restaurants and cafes beckons one to hang out and give praise; or maybe even get involved by taking a cooking class. They seem to be everywhere! Even next door to our yoga shala there are classes taught by the famous chef, Janet Deneefe and other guest teachers. (Learn More Here). But most importantly, you probably would like to know that you can find almost any cuisine in the area, from vegan, to vegetarian to pescetarian to gluten free, etc. Also, servers are in the habit of asking if you have any food allergies when they take your order. Furthermore, and no matter where you go, you'll enjoy the ever-so-gracious Balinese hospitality!

(Read more about the Food in Ubud)

Acu Thai

Ayurvedic Massage Training

A major additional perk to our yoga training is an option to go deeper into its aspects of meridian work and acupressure thru a Thai Yoga Massage Training; which follows the Vishwa Ayurveda yoga training. Furthermore, for doing the Vishwa Ayurveda training you get 50% Off the TYM training; or 75% Off the training if you have taken our Vishwa Yoga Journey across India. Learn More About Acu Thai!




Sound Healing Workshops

Though not one of our programs, there are many classes you can attend all over Ubud in your free time. However, sound healing is a specialty in the area. 


Yoga & Spa


Want to stay longer in Bali, but not wanting to take the TYM training? Then just stay for the retreat! You'll get 50% Off for having taken the Vishwa Ayurveda training (or the Vishwa Yoga Journey, RYT 200 India), receive daily massage from those in TYM training, and get to see much more of Bali on our excursions than you could during just the yoga training.

Learn More About The Retreat!


The Details

Tuition ~ Early Bird Specials

And How To Lock In The Early Bird Specials With A Deposit!

Payment Plans Available

0% For 19 months

No Credit Check!

Click Here For Details


Why do Yoga Training in Bali?

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Most people think of India as the most ideal place to learn yoga, as it is truly the motherland of yoga and certainly holds the ancient ruins of yoga, as well. However, over the past 50 or more years, India has been steadily trading-in Satsangh for Samsung. In other words, though the spiritual life can still certainly be found in India, and its ancient ruins still evoke a deeper spiritual quest, India (unlike Bali) no longer surrounds the pilgrim in exemplary yogic surroundings. It is fast paced, extremely crowded, and ever increasingly seeking materialistic goals. In fact, for a westerner it takes at least a week for ones overwhelmed senses to settle down enough to take in the trainings we hold there. (Nevertheless, every sincere yogi should plan to make a pilgrimage to mother India.)

Bali, on the other hand, is vibrantly alive with yoga. It is a yogic oasis. It somehow escaped the materialized thirsts of India to continue a yogic life in pursuit of harmony with Nature and the Divine; a pursuit that has been quite successful; and probably why the other Indonesian states have been discussing for the past few years an intention to make more of their islands more like Bali. But this will not succeed unless they also embrace the yogic principles that are the foundation of Bali's success. Furthermore, these principles of living in harmony with nature are at the essence of our whole Vishwa Ayurveda elemental yoga teacher / yoga therapy training. (Learn More About the Training)

Vishwa Ayurveda

Daily Training Schedule

See what a typical day of the yoga teacher training looks like.

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More About Lodging in Ubud

For those who want to look into all that Ubud offers, and at a wide variety of price range, we do not mind if you do this at all. But keep in mind that you will have to make such reservations at other lodges on your own -and that you shouldn't wait too to do so. However, some advise not booking all your time in one resort anyway, as almost everyone who stays in Ubud for a while begins to see many different places they'd like to try out. Thus, you might want to book the bulk of your stay at some place economical, but at some point before you depart Bali you could try out some incredible eco-luxury-resort for a few days.   ...It is for this reason that we offer the following very unique lodging options:

Option 1) As already included in the tuition, your entire stay can be at one of our favorite lodges (adjacent to our training site) described here. Or, if you choose not to use our lodging options, then you can deduct $600 from the tuition shown above. But, please note, if you do choose our lodging options (which are included in your tuition) and then decide to change to a new location (even within our options) you should not expect a refund from the lodge we have assigned you to, nor from Vishwa Yoga Journeys. (We do this to protect the lodges we use, our relationships with them, the discounts they give us for our groups, and our own smooth operations.) Therefore, if you think you might want to change to new lodging, then you should choose Option 2 below.

Option 2) For $300 less than the stated tuition above, we will book half of your stay at one of our lodges described here. During this time you can explore other places for lodging (so long as they are near to our training site at Casa Luna) or opt to remain at the same lodge by paying the lodge directly (rather than thru us) for the remainder of your time. -However, you shouldn't wait until half of your stay is almost up before letting the lodge know if you plan to stay longer, as they may book your room with someone else if needed. Also, it should be noted that the balance for the second half of your stay could be higher than $300, as the price you get thru Vishwa Yoga Journeys is a group rate that we have negotiated with our lodges over the past several years. 

Note: Couples and individuals on a budget may want to keep in mind that they can share any of these rooms with a roommate. Thus, they can split the $600 room between you -and take $300 each off the cost of your tuitions. However, in order for this to happen you will need to bring your own roommate, as we do not assign them. But keep in mind that if one of you decides to leave the arrangement we cannot give a refund to either of you.  

Option 3) Deduct $600 from your tuition and book alternate lodging completely on your own. This has already been stated in option 1, but we like to clarify why we give this option. Although we think our rooms are the best for the price and location, opting to find your own lodging is particularly good for those who are on a tight budget OR for those who want to spend a significant degree more in order to have an experience that they may never have back home. For those on a tight budget, there are hostels that are as low as $4 to $5 per night, and we even have one, called In da Lodge, that is less than a 2 minute walk from our campus. And, for those who want to splurge, well, the sky is the limit! Every price range can be found on nearly every block of Ubud.


Super Natural options found throughout Ubud!

In da Lodge entrance.jpg

Excellent Hostel Lodging, as low as $4 per night


Casa Luna, a mid to high end guesthouse that is adjacent to  our training headquarters.

More on The Food of Ubud

Though we expect students to observe a vegetarian diet during their training period, a vegan diet is not expected. This is because we know that for some it will be a challenge just to transition to a vegetarian diet for a month; and going from being a meat eater to a vegan is often a set up for failure. On the other hand, for those who have already made the vegan transition successfully, you will be happy to know that Ubud is pretty much a vegan's paradise. Some places are entirely vegan and almost every place has vegan options. There are also many places that have gluten free options as well. Lastly (but certainly not leastly), we should mention that our training resort, Casa Luna Bali, was established by Janet DeNeefe. She is a somewhat famous chef / author and her amazing and healthy dishes are served right on campus..

In the past, meals were factored into the cost of the yoga training but, with all the amazing options in Ubud, I hope you can see how it just doesn't make sense. Also, by doing this the cost of your training is decreased signfiicantly! Thus, you can apply this savings to upgrade your meals to heavenly degrees -Or- if you are on a tight budget, the food of Ubud can easily accommodate you as well. In a nut shell, about $3.50 USD will feed you quite well if you are on a tight budget, and if you pay more than $10 for a meal...well, its probably going to be divine! But on average, about $6 will get you something very satisfying for both your taste buds and your eyes; as everything in Ubud is done as artistically as it is tastefully.

Why do Yoga Training Bali?
More About Bali Lodging
The Food in Ubud
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