Weekday Schedule

This schedule is somewhat tentative, but a good idea of what to expect. We will usually have a morning and evening practice and 2 classroom sessions each weekday. 

7:30 Morning Practice

It is preferable that you do not eat before practice.

9:00 Free time for showers and breakfast


10:30 Class 

12:45 Lunch / Free time

2:00 Class

5:00 Free time

6:15 Group Dinner Option

7:45 Evening practice

9:00 Free time

Weekend Schedule

Fridays - Same as above, but no evening class.

Saturdays - Short morning class, showers, field trip.

Depending on the excursion we take, the afternoon class will probably be held off of the Casa Luna campus.

Sundays - The morning class will be held at 9:00. The rest of the day will be free. 

Group Excursions

Many of this years excursion are still being decided upon. There is just so much to choose from throughout Bali that it can be hard to make up our mind; plus we also want to know what sounds most awesome to you. Believe it or not, not everyone gets excited about a long hike up and around a volcano.  Nevertheless, you can be sure of opportunities for Volcanos, Waterfalls, Water Temples, Bali Green School, many cultural experiences and my personal favorite, Uluwatu Temple and Kecak Fire Dance. (Btw, it's fine if  you want to look up this beautiful cliff side temple; but try to avoid any online sample viewing of this traditional Kecak Dance that occurs with the ocean and setting sun as the stages back drop. You are in for a real treat!) Some of these places require small entrance fees, but not usually more than $5. However, I can tell you now that Green School tours are between $8 for a short tour and $40 for a half day tour.