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Bali Yoga Retreat Itinerary

Please Note: 95% of what is listed below we presume will go off smoothly, but we always want to leave some room for chance occurrences, like an unseasonable typhoon or a loose mutiny of monkeys. However, the thing that is most likely to change are some of the days currently expected for certain events. Nevertheless, the following should give you a very good idea of what to expect:


Day 1

On this first day we will mostly just be greeting arrivals as they come in throughout the day and making sure you are all comfy and cozy as you settle into your new surroundings. 

7:00PM Group Dinner / Orientation to the campus and Ubud; and the layout of the program.

8:00PM Yoga for Jet Lag (aka Meridian Reset)

Day 2

7:00AM Yoga For Jet Lag 

12:00 Group Lunch and Orientation at Casa Luna

1:30 - See the famous Saraswati Water Temple

2:00 - Visit the giant Ubud Street Market (but just look; don't buy anything until your 2nd or 3rd visit)

3:00 - Option to go to the big Bintang Grocery / General Store for those who realize what they forgot to pack (toothbrush, power adapter, deodorant, comfort foods, sandals, etc.)

Free Time - but with another opportunity to get a Balinese Style massage  (esp for those who arrived to late on the previous day to get a massage). These will actually be  scheduled throughout the afternoon until evening. Timings are staggered throughout the afternoon because they cannot take everyone at once. 

7:00PM  - Yin Yoga and Meridian Tracing for Sleep


Day 3

7:00AM Meridian / 5 Element Yoga Class

(After class, try to nap or jet lag will zap you by afternoon)

2:00 - Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

5:00 - Group Dinner: Ganesha Ek Sanskriti Authentic Indian Restaurant (best garlic naan on the planet! :)

7:30PM - Yin Yoga and Meditation


Day 4

7:00AM - Meridian Yoga

8:30 - Depart for Gunung Kawi, an ancient temple and funerary believed to be over 1000 yrs old.

10:30 - Depart GK for Tirti Empul Water Temple

12:00 - Lunch overlooking Famous Rice Terraces

1:30 - Luwak Forest; try out a giant Bali Swing or the famous"monkey poop coffee!"

6:00 - Group Pow-wow / Excursion Planning

7:00 - Thai Yoga Massage

Day 5

7:00AM - 5 Element Yoga Class

8:15 - TBD: There are a million possiblities! We will continue our group pow-wow about either individual or group excursions and then make arrangements for the day (and possibly the next day; as, for some people, this may include Day 6/Free Day) 

7:00PM - An evening of classical Balinese dances performed within an amazing Hindu temple. 


Day 6 : Free Day (Beach? / Volcano?)

Often people ask if we there will be any completely free days; so they can plan a day of their own; like a day at the *beach  (which will take an entrie day) or to see a *volcano (which will take from very early morning until about mid- afternoon). Well, this would be that day.  We can help you arrange the volcano or beach excursion, and some other excursions as well. However, if you don't want to go anywhere or plan anything on your own, we will still offer the following: 

7:00AM - Meridian Yoga

11:00 - Visit "that charming little place on the hill" for the free Vegan Brunch before...

2:00 - Option to stop by that big Bintang Grocery store that's nearby the vegan brunch place. 

7:00PM - Thai Yoga Massage


Day 7

7:00AM - Morning Hike on Campuhan Trail

8:30 - Yoga Class at The Lokha at their yoga shala down by the river.

9:30 - Breakfast at Dragonfly Village

10:30 - continue Campuhan Trail hike to see amazing Lotus Gardens

You might want to stay along the trail for lunch as well. 

Free Afternoon (It's hot! How about a massage? siesta? both?:)

7:00PM - Thai Yoga Massage


Day 8

7:00AM depart for Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Breakfast will be at TCW and on the way back to Ubud we will stop at 

11:00 - Goa Gajah, an ancient sanctuary known as the "elephant cave"

2:00 - Arrive back in Ubud

Free Time

7:00PM - Thai Yoga Massage


Day 9

7:00AM - Meridian Yoga

2:00PM - Depart for Uluwatu

4:00 - See Uluwatu Temple complex

5:30 - Gather in Amphitheater for...

6:00 -  See the mesmerizing Kecak trance dance / Hanuman drama, performed with the ocean and setting sun as a backdrop.

8:00PM -Dinner on the way back from Uluwatu


Day 10

7:00AM - Meridian Yoga

11:00 - Lunch at floating restaurant along the way to...

12:30 - Bali Bird Sanctuary - a surprising favorite, we all were sad when closing time came. 

6:00 - Arrive back in Ubud

Free Time 


Day 11

7:00AM - Meridian Yoga

8:00 - depart for Green School tour

11:00 - Lunch on the floating Pagoda's

Free Time

7:00 PM - Thai Yoga Massage


Day 12

7:00AM - Meridian Yoga

Free Day or...

7:00AM - Visit the world famous Yoga Barn for class

12:00 - Lunch at Pyramids of Chi cafe

1:00 - Sound Healing session inside of a pyramid (Although most entrance fees are covered by your yoga retreat fee, this event is not; and cost about $20   ...but well worth it!)

Free Time

7:00PM - Thai Yoga Massage

7:00PM - Final Group Dinner at Lotus Cafe

Day 13

Completely Free Day! By now you will have probably seen many things you want to do that haven't been on our itinerary. Or maybe you want to get that last minute shopping done. either way, now is your chance. however, you're not alone. We are still here to help you find your way to that final destination or to help you haggle for that souvenir you've been eyeing since you arrived.


Day 14

We will have yoga in the morning as usual and another chance to get in one last massage before traveling homeward or  onward. But in the evening we will have a warm farewell dinner at a special location.

Your room will be paid thru the night of the 14th and check out will be by noon the next day. We will arrange taxis for anyone needing to go to the airport. 


* Honestly most beaches in Bali are not that great or take too long to get to; but we do know an awesome and somewhat hidden beach area if you are willing to taxi 45min, boat for an hour, taxi another 45min, and hike for another 20min ~ and then do all that in reverse on the way back to Ubud, then it may be well worth it. Or, if you like to surf, you may want to opt for Canggu; it's a hip beach town about 90min away (...and back), but probably won't take your entire day.  There are many other beaches as well, but for most of them plan on leaving early and coming back late.   


* We removed the Volcano Trek from our itinerary, but you are welcome to do it on a free day so long as you do not go it alone! However, most people change their minds when they learn that to do the volcano trek you will have to wake up and be on the road by 2AM in order to hike by sunrise before it gets too hot. Also, the cost the guides give you can rarely be trusted. Nevertheless, expect to pay around $30-$40 per person by the time you have paid your guide and split the cost for the drive there and back.

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