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YOGA (Asana) Styles:



a gentle therapeutic practice that increases flexibility in areas that you may have thought beyond help. It also is very meditative and reduces stress.  


Power Yoga: 

for great flexibility, athletic strength and conditioning. 


Yoga for Weight Loss:

The name says it all.


Dosha Yoga:

An asana routine tailored to your unique mental and physical constitution, as well as your temperament / dosha.  (Still not sure what a dosha is? …see below)


All private yoga (asana) classes are 60 to 90 minutes minimum:

60 min for $60 /  5 private 60 min classes for $250  

90 min for $75 / 5 private 90 min classes $300


Ayurvedic Consultation

Many Indians do not draw any distinctions between Yoga and Ayurveda. Nevertheless, they may still refer to them as “sister sciences” as they are completely related and each helps the other. Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine that emphasizes prevention. However it is not in a generalized way (as in western medicine) but in relation to one’s unique personal mental and physical constitution - as it falls uniquely within the frame of the 3 interrelated types, called Doshas. Its aim is to provide guidance regarding food, exercise (including dosha-specific asanas) and lifestyle, so that healthy people can stay healthy and folks with challenges can improve their health.


In our session we will assess what your dosha/constitution is, and then according to the dosha (and any other insights shared about ones health history, exercise and diet challenges) recommendations will be given on a number of topics. Furthermore you will be freed from the non-sense that is so often propagated in one the common one for all models - that “everyone” needs to eat this way and exercise that way, and do asanas this way, and meditate that way , etc. Rather, You will be better able to assess for yourself what is best for You!               

1 hour / $75




Individuals who are looking to meditation for help with personal challenges will be better assisted by taking the Spiritual Companioning service listed toward the end of this menu.  Just be sure to let your guide know that your main request is training in meditation and we will integrate it most effectively into the SC session.   


Thai Yoga Massage

aka “lazy man’s yoga”This highly therapeutic, flexibility increasing, relaxing, energizing, 90 minute, full body massage  is done fully clothed and without oils.  The poster hanging in our gift store area kinda says it all!  

See our TYM page for prices


This goes far beyond improving your game! Be guided by the meditations Will has taught to many athletes and even a few Bengal’s team members. One Bengal actually  repeated the session about 10 times. He did it for himself, but also to forward what he had learned on to his fellow team mates!                             $75 / hour


Yoga For Your Eyes / The Art of Seeing:

WARNING! DO NOT GET LASIK EYE SURGERY WITHOUT FIRST TAKING THIS COURSE! If you have already had the surgery take this course ASAP if you don’t want your eyes to go back to the way they were!


 See how I improved my own vision and the vision of many others, from a need for corrective lenses to no lens at all! The techniques are also very, very, very meditative and very, very, very stress reducing!


Even if your vision does not become more clear (although it definitely will)  you will still enjoy the many other relaxing, meditative and restorative benefits.


90min private individual session for $75  

45min follow up sessions / $30 each or $75 for 3 sessions  

NOTE: Basic improvement in vision may only require personal practice of the lessons learned in one 90 min session. More serious eye problems will usually take a minimum of 1 to 5  follow up sessions.)



Great Group Suggestions for Work, Family & Friends

Prices are the same, regardless of how many attend! / 20% off for seniors over 65




Yoga for your Eyes
- Seniors groups love this one!  (See description in above section)

One 90min session  for  $75 / Three 90 min sessions for $150 / (See above section for cost to individuals.)


Chair Yoga - A great, gentle class for seniors or those with injuries or disabilities. You will be surprised how many classic yoga postures can be adapted to a simple fold out chair!

 $75 for 1 hour  /  $90 for 90 min  (Don’t forget - 20% off for seniors over 65)


Desktop Yoga - Save your eyes, save your back , save your wrists, save your self from a stress heart attack! Come to think of it, hold this class at your office so you can save everyone else as well!  

$75 for 1 hour / $90 for 90 min


MEDITATION ~ Learn the why and how of many techniques, then practice, then ask questions.

Group Only ~ individuals should attend our free Life as Meditation class on Sundays at 10:00

Free! But please make a donation to Virtues First, Inc.  


SPORTS MEDITATION - From little league baseball to the NFL -all ages and sports in between- see how the meditative approach changes the whole game!

See above section for more details / $75 for 1 hour / $90 for 90min


Salsa Dancing (Includes learning Merengue, Cha-cha, Bachata)

Women usually learn to Salsa well enough to be out on the dance floor in less than 5 classes. Men take anywhere from 5 to 15. As for Merengue, women can learn in just there first class and men get the confidence that they can have it down in about 3 to 6 classes. (At all Salsa dance places Merengue is played almost as often as Salsa, and many prefer to dance Merengue over Salsa. Cha ch and Bachata is played about 1/5th  of the time as well.  -The emphasis on the first class is Merengue, and may continue with that if the student wishes.  The remaining 4 classes will emphasize Salsa.


5 class minimum / $100 (Remember! price is the same for an individual as it is for a couple or a group)

Djembe Drum & Drumming Meditation

Learn several traditional rhythms and practice rhythms that will build upon themselves.

Don’t have a drum? No need to wait! We can provide up to 4 drums during the session. If you have more than 4 in your group it is also possible to utilize buckets, metal chairs, etc. to still learn and practice.


5 class minimum / $100 (Remember! price is the same for an individual as it is for a group)


The Virtues Project: Speaking from your higher Self, to the higher Self in others,  True Listening, Building (vs. Destroying) Conscience, Calling oneself and others Up to Virtues  (rather than speaking down to behaviors), Building and Using a Virtues Vocabulary, Recognizing Teachable Moments, Setting Clear Boundaries, and (best of all)  SPIRITUAL COMPANIONING. (see description below)


This is a course that takes several hours.  It has been utilized to highly acclaimed success around the world from work places, to prisons, to a certain governors office, to the entire school system of Fiji. Some people who are trained to facilitate this course charge several thousand dollars. My price is as follows:


Full Course: 9 hours ~suggested over 2 to 3 days (not possible in one day) / $500

Condensed Course: 6 hours ~can be spread over 1 or 2 days / $400

Condensed Course without the Spiritual Companioning component: 4 hours / $300



Need a friend to help you find…   





Are you looking for Spiritual Growth?



Have you been suffering with an issue for too long? Or have you even tried traditional modes of help and healing to no avail?  This process uses the Virtue / Chakra Card Meditations I developed myself, as well many concepts in The Virtues Project, the concept of the True Guru as expressed by Alan Watts, the Art of True Listening illuminated by Eckhart Tolle, and the process of  Person Centered Therapy -developed by the master of the process- Carl Rogers. The process very often Heals and/or Solves the challenge(s) one is having. In the least, it Enlightens, Empowers, and gives an Optimistic Direction.


A session can last 1 to 2 hours, with one session usually being enough. If 2 hours is not enough time, we will end at a good place and schedule another session as soon as possible -but this is a rare occurrence.

Be sure that you  have at least 2 hours to devote to the process. The cost is the same even if it takes up the entire time.                        $50.00


If another session is required there will not be a charge, but a donation to our non-profit organization ~Virtues First, Inc.~ would be greatly appreciated!





All classes can be held at CYS (usually only during afternoon hours and certain weekends)

or at your location for an additional $15 per trip. 

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