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When it comes to yoga, VYJ offers The Best of Bali. However, we are not talking about high priced extravagance. We are about truly transformative yogic experiences, and at fair, rational, non exclusive, rates that prove to be an investment in oneself rather than a price paid. Nevertheless, over several years, we have scoped out the most awesome excursions for sightseeing and adventure. We offer retreats for self-care and yogic trainings to care for others. We also seek to give our guests an experience of Bali that inspires a vision of care for the planet, becoming an integral part of their yoga/life practice.  

The Best of Bali

Yoga Teacher Training, Elemental Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage,

TYM Training, Therapeutic Yoga Retreats, Incredible Gap Year Experiences!

Vishwa Ayurveda

Elemental Yoga Therapy

Teacher / Practitioner Training

RYT 300 / 27 Days



1/12 ~ 2/7 


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 Acu Thai tm

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Practitioner Training / Certification

with many Spa & Retreat perks!



2/12 ~ 2/26


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Yoga & Spa




an adventure in rejuvenation!

2/19 ~ 3/5


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All trainings are grounded in the wisdom of The Five Great Elements


Yoga Teacher Training

RYT - 200





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Vishwa Ayurveda


Elemental Yoga Teacher Training

RYT 200 / 24 Day



~ A One-of-a-Kind Experience! ~

~ Goa ~ Hampi ~ Pyramid Valley ~

Pondicherry ~ Auroville ~

Dec 2024

Some people choose to do this training 200hr training before coming to the 300 training in Bali that starts a week after this training finishes. This training is also a part of the yogic "Gap Year" program described below.

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The Kausala Conservatory

A Yogic Gap (Semester / Quarter) For All Ages


Providing Meaningful Travel, Learning & Service Experiences for College Age Students, Adults Contemplating a Career Transition, and Lifelong Learners who are looking for an uplifting alternative to the perpetual & soulless options of a destructive era.

Disillusionment can happen at any age; and so can enlightenment.

However, most any degree of enlightenment requires 3 things:

  1. Disillusionment

  2. Unplugging from whatever is perpetuating one's disillusion.

  3. Seeing options that are often outside of the box and reveal a better way.

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Vishwa Yoga Journeys

Taking Adventurous Yogi's 

On Magical Yoga Adventours

Trainings and Retreats 

In India & Bali

~ Since 2010 ~

About Vishwa Yoga Journeys:


It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves

~ in finding themselves. 
 - Andre Gide

Since 2010, Vishwa Yoga Journeys has been committed to guiding adventurous yogis on journeys of self-discovery thru the mediums of nature and travel to distant lands.

Whether it is an intense deepening thru our yoga teacher training, or simply by immersing in our daily yoga classes, specialty workshops, the healing power of Thai Yoga Massage, or the profound benefits of a personalized Ayurvedic Yoga Program -created and taught by your own private yoga teacher- our newly built yoga shala in Ubud, Bali is waiting to welcome you!


Our Unique Offerings:

Daily Ayurvedic Yoga Classes: Elevate your practice with daily yoga sessions that cater to all levels and nurture the balance of the Five Great Elements within you: Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space.


Specialty Workshops: Explore various aspects of yoga and spirituality through our specialized workshops, such as Sound Healing, Dance Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage and more.

Daily Thai Yoga Massage: Rejuvenate body and soul with highly therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage. These daily* sessions are as healing for the body as they are uplifting to the spirit!

(*The massage option is almost daily, but on days when we go on longer excursions it will need to be skipped.)


Personalized Ayurvedic Yoga Programs: Receive a customized yoga program tailored to your unique needs, providing a personalized path to wellness and self-discovery.


Explore Bali's Natural-Spiritual Essence:

Our retreat takes you beyond yoga, guiding you to Bali's most sacred places. Immerse yourself in Water Temples, explore the mystical ambiance of the Sacred Monkey Forest, visit the world famous Green School, chase waterfalls, trek to see the sunrise atop an ancient volcano,* experience the healing vibrations of Sound Healing Pyramids and engage in enriching cultural arts and events. 

*Vishwa Yoga Journeys understands that each traveler's interests vary. For this reason, some experiences, like trekking around a volcano, may not be part of the group itinerary. However, we can arrange such events for smaller sub-groups upon request,

Foodies Paradise

Balinese cuisine is a sacred experience in itself. While meals are often covered in our other tours and training, in Bali, it's a different story. With an abundance of restaurants offering diverse cuisines and price ranges, you'll have the freedom to savor culinary delights at your own pace, and price.

Delightful and healthy meals range from as low as $3 to more luxurious options at around $10. Bali's culinary landscape is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.


Lush Lodging Choices:

Your lodging in Bali plays a pivotal role in your overall experience. We've already reserved some exceptional guesthouses for our guests, but we also recognize that preferences and budgets differ. You have the flexibility to choose alternative lodging options based on your needs, whether you seek budget-friendly accommodations or desire a more luxurious stay.

Nevertheless, adjacent to our yoga shala and spa, we work with 4 different lodging providers. The 3 that we use the most often are equally awesome, especially for the price (which is included into most of the programs we offer (but deducted if you choose to lodge somewhere else). However, we also have a 4th option that is amazingly fabulous -Casa Luna's Honeymoon Guest House. It sounds extra lush and luxurious because it is. However, for most westerners the price is still probably less than your nearby Holiday Inn.

Yoga, the ancient practice of harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit, offers a path to inner peace and balance. Whether it is a Vishwa Yoga Journey experience in Bali, or one of our other magical journeys (see below), you'll discover the profound benefits of daily yoga classes, personalized Ayurvedic Yoga Programs, and rejuvenating Thai Yoga Massage. However, we cannot emphasize enough how Bali, Indonesia, is renowned for its natural beauty and vibrant spiritual energy. It provides the perfect backdrop for your spiritual journey. With its sacred sites, lush landscapes, and a culture deeply rooted in heart-centered mindfulness, Bali invites you to connect and explore the beauty and vitality of your inner-self by surrounding you with the beauty and vitality of nature; the same nature that is in you! Thus, transformation need not seem like such a daunting challenge, but more like a realization. It is not that we need to become something else, but simply to connect with the beauty that we already are.

Our bamboo doors are wide open! We look forward to welcoming you to our soul-nourishing adventures in this enchanted island paradise.


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Yoga in Nature
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