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Training Payment Plans

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With a $200 deposit, we can put you on a $200 per month payment plan for as many months as it takes to pay off whatever training you would like to take with us; and there's no interest unless you take more than 19 months to pay for it. There is a catch though. We only offer this deal to completely sincere students who want to deepen their practice of yoga. Therefore, if anyone who embarks upon this deal drops out, they also forfeit the money they have invested thus far. In other words, if you pay your deposit and make 10 monthly payments of $200 as well, and then decide to drop out of the training, then you forfeit the $1200 you have invested. ~ However, if there are extreme, unforeseen and extenuating circumstances we may grant a refund, or partial refund, as per our refund policy. We hope you still feel this is an amazing deal, and recognize the chance we are taking by creating this option. Nevertheless, we're not completely stupid. If you are taking one of our trainings abroad, such as India or Bali, we need a certain number of payments to come through to cover your lodging and a few other costs before you depart for our campus. For example, the cost of lodging for 27 days of lodging at our 300hr Yoga Teacher Training in Bali is about $600. So you would need to pay at least this much (which is basically the deposit plus 2 more payments of $200) before arriving. Thus, ideally you would start your payment plan at least 3 months before the start of the training. Furthermore, besides the deposit, all subsequent payments need to be set up thru our website to have an automatically recurring payment and without interruption.

A super nice payment plan perk!

So long as your payments remain in good standing, and if you live in the Cincinnati area, you can also count your monthly recurring payment as an unlimited membership fee at Cincinnati Yoga School. This can be an especially nice way to help keep up your practice after your month of intense training abroad.

Contact Will at to get your payment plan set up!


If the flight cost and/or flight duration is an issue...

  • For our Cincinnati and other American friends, if you can fly out of Chicago instead of CVG, or some other big US airport, you can save around $500. (i.e. I'm flying round-trip from Chicago for $1125 + a $90 flight to Chicago from CVG). We have not investigated this for other airports around the world, but it is probably well worth the investigation.

  • usually has the cheapest fare, but it also posts a flight finance option that you will see right next to the fare price. This will cost you about $200 in interest, but it also will give you a full year to pay for it! (But again, we are not sure about this in other countries).


Flight Comfort: If price is not the only issue, but also how long the flight is...

  • You might want to choose a flight that has a really long layover in a country that doesn't require a Visa to enter (there are many in Europe)! Use this time to really stretch out and get a good nights sleep in a hotel. However, airport hotels are usually expensive, so here is a better option (provided the country of your layover doesn't require a visa to enter)...

  • When you scroll thru your flight options you will find the cheaper flights are also the ones with really long layovers. These were the ones I used to avoid, but now I prefer them. In fact, I actually opted for a 20 hour layover in Europe -BUT- I found a hotel near the airport that is only $35 -AND- it has a shuttle to and from the airport. So, I basically saved money on the flight by opting for a long layover, and then used the savings to book a nearby hotel for a good nights rest. Also, getting a good amount of "real sleep" at the midpoint of the trip like this helps begin to reset my internal clock. Thus, the jet lag is very nominal when I arrive in Bali and I have more energy right away.

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