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Vishwa Yoga Journeys

Our Bali Guesthouses

The options below are what we provide as included with your tuition.*

Please note that the rooms and locations are equal but different. Each has its own advantages, which some may value more than others. If you like a little more space or need some food prep area, choose Kausala. If you love to swim or appreciate an extended view over the village, request a top floor at Gora. However, keep in mind that the longer you wait the less options you will have to suit your preferences.

This page will be revised soon with more pics and campus descriptions, so please check back a little later.

*You are also free to find lodging options of your own wherein you can deduct $600 from your tuition.


Kausala Guest House

Kausala is not only the headquarters of our training and retreat, but also has large guestrooms with a food prep area that includes a sink, counter, and refrigerator. The bathrooms are large as well.

Gora Guest House

Gora's rooms are slightly smaller than Kausala, but the views are great and they have, not 1, but "2" pristine swimming pools. Also, ground floor rooms have nice garden views, while the 2nd and 3rd floors have great views of the rice fields.

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