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​(If you have arrived at this page from the Earth Element page, please note that this archetype does not address all earth element imbalances and may even seem to have little relation to your challenge.)

Are you accessing your Feminine energies? In what ways are you being nurturing and supportive? Is your Feminine energy grounded? Are you providing sustenance for yourself and those you care about? How are you at holding space and allowing growth?

What can you do to cultivate your Feminine energy? In what ways might you be suppressing your feminine energy? Is your Feminine energy being overly active in areas of your life? Or is it deficient? (Quite often with men it is deficient.)

It should be noted that The Feminine is also associated to the Water element and (Kapha Dosha: the combination of water and earth in Ayurveda). Water also controls Fire; the element that is associated to the masculine. In other words, as water can cool and thus control fire, the feminine can also cool / control the masculine.  

Furthermore, It is also said that Feminine energy is circular and flows like a river, finding its way into the smallest of crevices and tearing down the greatest of obstacles on its way to the sea. But why am I talking about water on this page that is supposed to be talking about the archetype associated to earth?

The water element is controlled by the earth element. For example, the banks of a river are made of earth. But, if the earth element is too strong (too dry and too masculine) it is like river banks that are too narrow and full of boulders and debris that impede the flow of the water. In other words, excessive earth element leads to an over-controlled and deficient water element. Thus, instead of enabling the feminine qualities of water to carry the nourishing qualities of the earth, circularly, we experience the negative quality of excessive earth that often is expressed as stubbornness and/or devisiveness. For the earth element is also associated to boundaries; and excessive earth creates boundaries that divide. However, healthy boundaries (healthy balanced earth qualities) are not meant to separate, but to bond! in fact, the root word of boundary is bond

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