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Healing For Unity

Contemplation, Meditation,  Reclamation



Healing for Unity is a support group that integrates principles of self-inquiry

from a variety of modern and indigenous systems

as a means for uprooting the causes of individual and societal dissonance.

As Individual Healing is integral to Societal Healing, we believe Social Healing is also a means to Planetary Healing; and vice versa. 



The basis of this meditation group common belief is that there is unity in diversity.

There are many expressions which point to our reference to being human;

history, culture, language, and spiritual belief systems.

All of these help to form our identity as a human being,

however, there are descendants of people whose’ references to humanity have been historically destroyed, which  often leaves their descendants

without a sense of humanness or even references to being human.

Just as all religions point towards a greater divinity,

all cultures point towards a greater humanity.

If one facet or fabric is left undone or not integrated into the fabric of human divinity,

how can we understand the entirety of divinity?

In this support/meditation group, we seek to create a safe space for descendants of

slavery, caste-ism and genocide, etc. 

that can foster the deeply interanal reclamation of their humanity

through sharing, contemplation, and

the application of 4 and 5 Element Systems

(aka Medicine Wheels) 

of Africa, India and China.

How meetings are conducted: 

There are no lectures.

It is important for those in healing to have a safe place

to share their experiences with no judgment.

However, there is a facilitator that leads the opening meditation,

"Check-In" and the Compass and Staff work; therein everyone shares where they are at the present moment in their challenges, inner work and/or goals;

with the option to do deeper work within the group (compass) 

while utilizing the Staff (a meditation tool).  

When and where:

Healing for Unity has only met a few times so far, at Cincinnati Yoga School,

but as the group grows we hope to meet bi-weekly.

Meetings are most likely to be held on weekday evenings at 7:30.


Please contact us at to get on our mailing list

so that we can let you know when is the next meeting.

Or, at some point, you will be able to check back at this page for meeting dates.

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