Mayans, Masons, Mandalas, & the return of The Masters of the Stars

You might be here to check out this Blog because you caught my email about the topic of the same heading above. If not, I am going to paste in the first portion of this post the highlights of that email. For those who already read it, just scroll down a bit for some additional ramblings. (pasted from an email to CYS students...) Sunday, May 20th @ Noon ~ The sun will be aligned with the Pleiades above the zenith of the Mayan pyramid of Chichen Itzá. This will be the last time it happens within the close of a 23000+ year Mayan calandar cycle; along with the bonus of a partial sun eclispe to boot! ( there's somethin you don't see every day; and afterwards things really start to get weird

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