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Sincere enquirers should review all these details over a laptop rather than a smartphone

Thai Yoga Massage


Levels 1 ~ 3 / Beginner ~ Adept

Jan 14 - 28, 2023

You can also arrange to stay longer. 

This is just the duration of our program.

There is endless magic to discover in Bali! 


Thorough training with many opportunities to practice on actual clients; resulting in a

Practitioners Certificate 

Students will practice on each other (before practicing on those on retreat) on a daily basis. That means You will also be receiving daily massage.

You will also learn to

Create Personalized Ayurvedic Treatments

and have the opportunity to work with actual clients, under the guidance of the training director, and receive valuable feedback from both. 


Visits to the most amazing places in and near Ubud,

such as the Sacred Monkey Forest, Waterfalls, Volcanos*

Sound Healing sessions, cultural events, the world famous Green School and so on. 

*Some events, such as trekking at a volcano, are not in the interest of the whole group, so they will not be on the group itinerary. Also, those doing TYM training will, obviously, not have as much free time as those on the yoga retreat; but there is nothing to stop anyone from extending there stay.

See The Full Schedule / Itinerary

Yoga & Spa


an adventure in rejuvenation!

Jan 16 - 28, 2023

You can also arrange to stay longer. 

This is just the duration of our program.

There is endless magic to discover in Bali! 


Morning and Evening Yoga Classes, Specialty Workshops,

Almost Daily Thai Yoga &/Or Balinese Massage*

 And a Personalized Ayurvedic Yoga Program

taught to you by your own private yoga teacher.


Visits to the most amazing places in and near Ubud,

such as the Sacred Monkey Forest, Waterfalls, Volcanos**

Sound Healing sessions, cultural events, the world famous Green School, and so on. 

Note: this retreat runs alongside a Thai Yoga Massage training. This means you will receive (optional) daily TYM and much more free time to see more of Ubud (Baliś cultural center and headquarters of our Training and Retreat) which is quite a treat in itself. If there is anywhere in Bali that most people agree they would like to spend more time, it is Ubud and its neighboring provinces. However, in 12 days you will have only seen enough magic to know that, someday soon, you will want to come back to Bali, and particularly Ubud.

*Thai Yoga Massage is at no additional fee, but Balinese massage is about $7 as it is outside of our program. **Some events, such as trekking at a volcano, are not in the interest of the whole group, so although we can set such events up for a smaller sub-group, they will not be on the group itinerary

See The Full Group Itinerary


"Balinese Style," if you know what it is, then you already know the type of place you would like to stay; and where you stay can play a very big part in your overall experience of Bali. Therefore, although we already have some great Balinese Style rooms already reserved for our guests, we are also perfectly fine with allowing our guests to choose their own lodging; especially if price is -or is not- an issue.  For example, after the cost of a flight and the retreat, some people may need a very cheap place to stay; while others may want to take the opportunity to spend a little more and stay in an extra-magical place that would never be an option for them back home. Nevertheless, we are certainly not leaving you on your own to find lodging. If you want to choose one of the lodges (aka guest houses) we have already reserved, we got you covered! Or, if you want to look into some other options, we are still here to help! For starters, just go to this link to get a look at some of the nearby options. Once you click on one option it will lead you to another and another and... Nevertheless, the easiest option will still be to just choose one of the awesome lodges we already have reserved; and then simply add $250 to the cost of this retreat. Or, go for our super budget option: In Da Lodge! Its perhaps the coolest hostel in the whole world; and with the coolest people from around the world, and all for just $3.50 USD per night!! (Just be sure you are cool with sharing a bunk-bed and a bathroom with around 5 other people). 


I know it may sound exaggerated, but so many of the restaurants in Ubud seem like holy places; too good to just eat there, nor do we. We love to hang out for as long as we can, soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying the Balinese hospitality which is second to none! Previously, meals were covered on our tours, but in Bali it just doesn't make sense. There are so many places you can go and the budget range is just as vast; though for most westerners the prices you find most anywhere will still seem pretty good. Expect to pay as low as $3 for a good meal on the low end, but if you pay $10 for a meal its probably going to be divine! Nevertheless, about $6 will get you something very satisfying for both your taste buds and your eyes. "Presentation is everything" in Bali. Just take a look at this link to see what I mean: 18 back-to-nature Ubud restaurants with astonishing forest views


You will have to get your own flight, but a recent check on and similar search engines is currently turning up flights that cost around $1200 -round trip- from Cincinnati (USA) and from bigger cities like Chicago it can be as low as $800.



As of summer 2022, Bali brought back its "visa-on-arrival" option that allows a stay for up to 30 days. (However you will be fined about $70 if you stay a single day more than 30, and another $70 for every day thereafter; unless you get an extended-stay visa. Let us know if you are interested and we will give you the extended visa process details.)


If you don't have a passport you will want to start working on that pretty soon as it can take 4 to 6 weeks; and even longer if there are any glitches in the process.  

C-19 Vaccination 

As of Summer 2022, 2 or more doses are required to be considered ¨fully vaccinated¨ and to enter Bali without having to quarantine (J & J counts as 2). 

Refund Policy / Please Read!  Though it is stated above that there is a "non-refundable" deposit of $300, one can still request a refund of this amount and we will do our best to grant it -but under no obligation. Furthermore, a refund is even more difficult (and less likely) as the date of the event draws closer, as the funds may have already begun to be allocated towards operating costs. Nevertheless, with the exception of the $300 deposit, any other amount that has been paid towards the total cost of the event may be refunded if the request is given at least 45 days before the event commences. Thereafter, no refund should be expected, though one can always still make the request. Furthermore, if a refund is granted (whether before or after the 45 day requirement, it could take up to 6 months (or possibly more) for its full dispersal and may come in installments as well. This is not because of a lack of empathy for anyone who requests a refund, but as a necessity to protect the funds of the operation until it has been completed; as well as the finances of Cincinnati Yoga School. 


Pool at Casa Luna


The cost of the Yoga & Spa Retreat and the Thai Yoga Massage training are the same.

Paid in full between now and...

July 1st, 2022 


From Aug 1st thru Oct


From Oct 1st thru Dec 1st



Price Includes $300 non-refundable deposit to hold ones spot until the balance is paid in full.  (Balance must be paid no later than1 month prior to event. / Scroll down to see refund policy}

Above Prices Exclude: 

Food, Lodging and Flight


Our lodging options are additional, but for just $250 we can lodge you at a very nice Bali Style guest house. And, Yes, its just $250 for all 12 days of your stay:   

Gora Guest House

Permana Cottages

Bali Moon Guest House

Depending on the number of guests we have in attendance we will fill these guest houses in the respective order listed above. They are all equally nice, very clean, comfortable, have nice gardens and views, squeaky clean pools* & include free breakfast. Also, they are all less than a minute walk to our training area.

*Bali Moon doesn't have a pool but the rooms are very nice and with a gorgeous balcony and view. 

$250 is based on single occupancy,

but double rooms are also available and usually do not increase the price; and it is also a great way to reduce the price if you split the cost with a roommate!

In Da Lodge


(Just $3.50 per night)

Yes! Before tax that is less than $50 for the entire 12 day stay! And this is not your normal hostel! You might think it is gonna be really raggedy at that price. But, no, not at all! The grounds are clean, hip and green, with a pool, healthy food and lots of cool lounging areas. But, you will have to share a room that usually holds about 4 bunk-beds and a shared bathroom. However, just because there are 4 bunks, doesn't mean they are all taken. People come and go (...some of the most interesting people youll ever meet!)  

Want to find your own lodging? 

There are some good reasons for that and the lady in the video below goes over a few of them. However, if you do this, please make sure you are not more than a 15 minute walk from our training campus (on Jalan Bisma Road) or have lots of experience driving a scooter ~ on the left side of the road!

Click Here to learn more about lodging options.


This link ^ leads to a list of lodging options that we can recommend; including Gora, Permana Cottage, and Bali Moon that we have already reserved and take care of for you; as well as alternative lodging options that we have not reserved and do not set up for you, but we do suggest them as good alternatives due to their close proximity to where we hold our TYM training and Yoga Retreat. However, you are also  welcome to look beyond our suggestions, as the choices are limitless. Just be sure to check with us before you book anything to make sure it is within a comfortable walking range of where our yoga classes, services and training will take place.

Bring a Friend, Save a Bundle. You may want to consider splitting the cost by going for a double occupancy room. This could help you save a bundle by splitting the cost of a cheap room, wherein you might just pay around $7 a night on a $15 room. Or for like $30 each you could get a $60 room in something like a palace. 

In da Lodge entrance.jpg

 Entrance at In Da Lodge

Not your ordinary hostel

by any stretch of the imagination

Gora House Ubud.jpg

1 of 2 pools at Gora Guest House surrounded by gardens


Large outdoor balcony at Bali Moon with a beautiful view of rice field.

This video is 90% about Ubud, Bali (where our training and retreat take place) and at about 1:25 she begins to explain why I also make our lodging options optional. She also has lots of other great recommendations for Ubud. However, unless you come from a country where you are accustomed to driving on the left side of the road, I beg you not to follow her advice about getting a scooter; unless you also have lots of in-traffic scooter or motorcycle driving experience.

Contact us ASAP if you have any questions whatsoever or to register / pay your deposit to lock in the current price. There can be a lot involved in traveling to the other side of the world, so don't wait til the last minute to

Get Started!

Once you contact us we will keep you updated on any other information you will need.


Hope to hear from you soon! 

Casa Luna Entrance
Casa Luna Pool
Bali Moon
Gora House Ubud
Permana Cottages
Shambala Estate
Kausala-at-Bisma Ubud

B a l i

Rejuvenate, Heal

~ or ~

Become a Healer

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