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Yoga Retreat

Please do not try to go thru all these details on a smart phone


Lodging is the thing that baffles and amazes me the most in Bali. I just don't know how they do it. For example, I paid just $11 a night for a hotel near to the resort that hosts our yoga training and retreat. It was excellent! It had gardens, a pool that seemed like my very own, an awesome restaurant with home style cooking, etc. In short, where you stay is a big part of your experience of Bali. Therefore, although we have some places already reserved for our guests (and some of which are seen above), we are also perfectly fine with allowing our guests to choose their own; especially if price is an issue.  For example, after the cost of a flight and the retreat, some people may need a pretty cheap place to stay; while others may want to take the opportunity to spend a little more and stay in a place that would never be an option for them in a place like the US or the UK.  Nevertheless, we are certainly not leaving you on your own to find lodging. You might start by clicking the pics above and then go to this link to learn more about your options and how we can assist you in the process.   


I know it sounds crazy, but so many of the restaurants in Ubud seem like holy places, too good to just eat there; nor do we. We love to hang out for as long as we can to soak in the atmosphere, chillin' and enjoying one another's company; as well as the Balinese hospitality which is second to none. Previously meals were covered on our tours, but in Bali it just doesn't make sense. There are so many places you can go and the budget range is just as vast; though for most westerners the prices you find most anywhere will still seem pretty good. Expect to pay as low as $3 for a meal on the low end, but if you pay $10 for a meal its probably going to be divine! Nevertheless, about $6 will get you something very satisfying for both your taste buds and your eyes. "Presentation is everything" in Bali. Just take a look at this link to see what I mean: 18 back-to-nature Ubud restaurants with astonishing forest views


You will have to get your own flight, but a recent check on and similar search engines is currently turning up flights that cost under $1000 -round trip!


VISA (not needed for most)

US citizens do not need a VISA to enter Bali, but to go anywhere outside of ones home country a passport is needed.


If you don't have a passport you will want to start working on that pretty soon as it can take 4 to 6 weeks; and even longer if there are any glitches in the process.  

Refund Policy:  Though it is stated above that there is a "non-refundable" deposit of $150, one can still request a refund of this amount and we will do our best to grant it -provided that the request is made by December 1st 2019. This is because as the date of the event draws closer it becomes more difficult to grant any refund as the funds may have already begun to be allocated towards operating costs. Nevertheless, with the exception of the $150 deposit, any other amount that has been paid towards the total cost of the event will be refunded if the request is given by Dec 1st. Thereafter we regret that no refund should be expected -though one can always still make the request. Furthermore, it could take up to 6 months for the full dispersal of a refund; especially if the request is made as late as November or December. This is not because of a lack of sympathy for anyone who requests a refund, but as a necessity to protect the funds of the operation until it has been completed.


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{ Above Price Excludes 

Food, Lodging and International Flight }

Our lodging options are additional and between $100 & $450 total

for 12 nights!

(But you are also welcome to

find your own lodging accommodations

Click Here to learn more.)

{ Price Includes $150 non-refundable deposit }

Contact us ASAP if you have

any questions or to sign up. 

Also, once you contact us you lock in the current price. (Otherwise the price goes up $50 each month.)

Once you contact us

we will keep you updated on any other information you will need.


Hope to hear from you soon! 


This link ^ leads to a list of lodging options that we can recommend; most of which are very near to Casa Luna Bali; the place that is hosting our yoga retreat; and which is also one of the options we put at the top of this page. However, you are welcome and encouraged to look beyond our list. Just be sure to check with us so that we can make sure it is within a comfortable range of our yoga shala where most of our yoga classes and workshops will take place. Also, if you want to split the cost by going for a double occupancy room then we may be able to help you there as well. This could help you save a bundle by splitting the cost of a cheap room, wherein you might just pay around $5 a night on a $10 room (like the one i mentioned above). Or, you could get a room in a true paradise, or literally at a nearby former palace (for example) by splitting the cost with someone else who would like such an experience ...all for the same as what you might pay at a Red Roof Inn in Ohio.   

Bali Indonesia

February 12 - 24

You can also arrange to stay longer. 

This is just the duration of our program.

There is endless magic to discover in Bali! 

Retreat Includes:

Morning and Evening Yoga Classes

Specialty Workshops

Almost Daily Thai Yoga &/Or Balinese Massage

 A Personalized Ayurvedic Yoga Program

specific to your own unique elemental constitution;

and taught to you by your own private yoga teacher.


Visits to the most amazing places in and near Ubud,

such as the Ancient Monkey Forest, Waterfalls, Volcanos,

the world famous Green School and so on. 

(Green school is not always available to give tours 

and may require an additional fee depending on whether our guests want the long or short tour)  

But even if you decide to take it easy all day, just hanging out in Ubud is quite a treat in itself.

Ubud is my favorite place in Bali by far. You can spend days on foot or by scooter exploring its magic.