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Vishwa Ayurveda
RYT 300

Syllabus / Schedule

Saturdays: 11:00 - 7:00


 Sundays: 8:30 - 4:30

The Schedule below is for the current, local, Vishwa Ayurveda training;

For more info on the next VA training, which will be held in Bali, Indonesia, click here.

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Course Overview

Investment / Tuition


Note: Other than the course modules, not much else applies to this training when it occurs in Bali, Indonesia (including the tuition).

The first half of this training takes place at East Cincy Yoga in Amelia, Ohio. The latter half is at CYS (Lotus Yoga Temple) in Cincinnati. 


Mantra, Japa, Kirtan and 5 Element Drumming will start off most weekends.

Many other topics and activities are not listed in these weekend summaries, and can move to different dates, as well.


Module 1:  May 27 - 28 

What is Yoga? / What is Ayurveda? What is Vishwa Ayurveda? / Vipassana Meditation (part 1) / Earth Element


Module 2: June 3 - 4

Vipassana (part 2) /  Spiritual Companioning (part 1) / Water Element / Meridian tapping (EFT) / Spiritual Companioning (part 2) 

Module 3:  June 10 - 11 

Hands on Anatomy (via an Intro to) Elemental Thai Yoga Massage / Meridians, Elements & Organs 

We begin with an Anatomy program created by Paul Grilley. With real, living, feeling, flesh and bone examples, Paul makes it clear that there is no style of asana-yoga that is perfect for everyone; and when we expect students to fit certain pre-set molds or expectations - as if it is "the way" - is asking for trouble. With Paul we learn to approach each person's uniqueness authentically. This is absolutely essential knowledge for teaching a safe asana practice. 

TYM Practitioner Training Option

This Intro to TYM will be the 1st of 3 TYM practitioner training weekends.

The cost of this practitioner training for those in yoga teacher training is only $500.

But for those who will join this training, but are not a part of the YTT, the tuition is $850.

Learn More Here


June 17 - 18 

Elemental Thai Yoga Massage

Practitioner Training

(Part 2 Optional)

This will be the 2nd of 3 TYM practitioner training weekends

(The 1st being Module 3's Intro to TYM / See Above).


Module 4: June 24 - 25

Air Element / Pranayama / Ayurveda Basics / Meridians, Chakras, Ley lines, and the Magic in the Air


Module 5July 1 - 2

Space Element / 5 Element Control and Support (part 1) / Archetypes / Dosha Assessments / Sankalpa & Vision Boards / Yoga Nidra

Module 6: July 8 - 9

Fire Element  / 5 Element Control and Support (part 2)  / Over-controlling and Insulting cycles


July 15 - 16 

Elemental Thai Yoga Massage

Practitioner Training

(Part 3 Optional)

Held At CYS!

This will be the 3rd of 3 TYM practitioner training weekends

(The 1st being Module 3's Intro to TYM / See Above).

Although this will be the final weekend of the TYM practitioners training, students will still need to complete 10 practice massages; including one on the teacher (or someone else designated by Will -usually Jade) wherein they will receive much constructive feedback. (Takes at least 3 hours!)


All Remaining Training Modules Will Be Held At CYS! (except Module 10)

Module 7: July 29 - 30

Delsarte: Mystic Anatomy ~ Sacred Geometry / Verbal, Gestured  and Hands on Adjustments / Adjustment Etiquette

Module 8August 19 - 20

Elemental Spiritual Companioning (part 1)

Module 9: August 26 - 27

Elemental Spiritual Companioning (part 2)

Module 10Sept 2 - 3 (Labor Day Weekend)


Module 11: Sept 16 - 17

5 Element Feng Shui, Vastu & Asta Kosala Kosali

Module 12: Sept 23 - 24

Unfinished Topics & Review of Essentials

Module 13:  Sept 30 - Oct 1 / Putting it all Together:

We plan to hold this training weekend at an area camp, as well as open some of our program up to our other studio yogis; as well as any family members or friends you might like to attend.  We expect most to stay overnight on Saturday, but you do have the option of going home and coming back early the next morning.  Saturday we will have a potluck and Sunday morning breakfast will be provided. Sunday lunch will be something simple as well as all the left-overs from the previous potluck. The whole weekend is at no extra cost to you and just a minimal fee for any friends or family you may want to invite.   

(We will use some of this time to actually work with people from outside of our training coming to this event as a Yoga Bhoota Camp / Harvest Super Moon Yoga Retreat.)


(We will discuss in a prior training weekend the ways in which we will work with those coming for the yoga retreat.

On Sunday we will hold our Graduation Ceremony!

Some family and friends may already be there (if having stayed over from Saturday) while others may come any time they like on Sunday afternoon. The graduation ceremony will be later in the afternoon, but completed before dinner.


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