Syllabus Books

For Both 200 and 300 Hr Trainings

If you are not doing a local training but going on one of our Vishwa Yoga Journeys / Trainings (and regardless of whether you are taking the 200hr or the 300hr training) it is highly suggested that you get electronic versions of these books so that you can read them on a Kindle or E-reader of some type. Also, all of the readings are supplemental (with the exception of the Vishwa Ayurveda training manual for those in the 300hr training). This means you can read them either before and/or after the Journey; as you are not going to want to carry all these books along with you as you travel, nor will you have time to read all of them; especially for those taking the Vishwa Yoga Journey thru India & Bali. But even if you are only doing the training in Bali, where we stay at one location, you will still be busy enough reading the 500+ page training manual + an additional booklet of meridian charts.  Nevertheless, we do suggest (if not reading on an e-reader) to bring at least a couple of the books from the list you are drawn to. Also, please note that next to the books it says "200" or "300" indicating which training the books correspond to. 

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Vishwa Ayurveda Training Manual

Written and Compiled by Will

This book is required for all Vishwa Ayurveda 300hr Trainings.

Students will be given a Free E-Version of the Manual

- as it is easier to travel with -

but printed versions can also be purchased:

If you purchase it abroad it will cost about $20 to print it;

or $30 if you want a color version.


However, if you want to read it sooner to get a feel for the training you can order the PDF hereOtherwise once you sign up for the training your tuition will cover its cost.


Readings / Resources:

Awakening The Heroes Within - by Gloria Pearson / 300

The Web That Has No Weaver - by Ted Kaptchuk  / 300

The Wisdom of Yoga - by Stephen Cope  / 200 & 300

The Spark in the Machine - by Daniel Keown  / 300

The Heart of Yoga -by TKV Desikachar  / 200

Integral Healing; Sri Aurobindo and the Mother  / 300  

Secret of the Yamas - by John McAffee  /  200 & 300

A New Earth - by Eckart Tolle  / 200

Trigger Point Therapy Workbook - by Clair Davies  / 300

The Bhagavad Gita - Try to get a small copy without commentary. You can easily find one for free online. /  200 & 300

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali / 200 & 300

The Genius of Flexibility - by Bob Cooley  /  200 & 300

Stripping The Gurus - by Geoffrey Falk   /  200 & 300

(This book can be found free online HERE)

World Peace Diet -  by Will Tuttle    /  300

Astanga Practice Manual - by Doug Swenson  / 300  


Readings / Resources:

Awakening The Heroes Within - by Gloria Pearson / 200 (required for 300)

Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine - any translation / 300

​Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe - by Michael Schneider  / 300

The Yugas: Keys To Understanding Our Hidden Past  ~by Selbie and Steinmetz   /  200 & 300

The Mahabharata - can be found for free online in both written and movie forms.  /  300

The Seven Valleys - by Baha'u'llah  / 300

Yoga Body - by Singleton  /  300

Founders of Faith: The Parallel Lives of God's Messengers ~ by H.Rosen  /  200 & 300

Ayurveda and the Mind, Dr.Frawley  / 300

Psychotherapy East and West - by Alan Watts   /  300

Quitting the Habit of Being Yourself - by Dr. Joe Dispenza

 / 200 & 300

Kitab-i-Iqan (Book of Certitude) - by Baha'u'llah  / 200 & 300

(Especially if you liked the above mentioned 'Founders of Faith')

Yin Yoga - by Bernie Clark  /  200 & anyone who wants to focus on Yin in their teaching

Video: Yin Yoga - by Paul Grilley   / 200 & anyone who wants to focus on Yin in their teaching

Animal Speaks - by Ted Andrews     / 200 & 300

Earthing - by Ober, Sinatra, Zucker     / 200 & 300

Yoga for Cancer; Bijoylaxmi Hota     / 200 & 300

Yoga for Diabetes Relief; Bharat Thakur    / 200 & 300

Yoga for a Healthy Heart; Bijoylaxmi Hota     / 200 & 300

Green Remedies: Healing Power of Herbs, Dr S. Babu

It's Not Your Fault - by McGraw 

Re-Connect Your Dots, through the Anatomy Trains: A movement language...  - by Suzi Alderete   /  300

Teaching Yoga: exploring the teacher-student relationship - by Donna Farhi     /  200

Take Off Your Glasses and See - by Jacob Liberman  /  200 & 300

(Video) Healing Cancer from the Inside Out -by Mike Andrews

(It's not just about cancer, but also many other food related diseases; also  gives a history of Homeopathic and Allopathic medicine; also has a book to companion the video) / 200 & 300

The Lorax, Sr Seuss /  200 & 300

Eat, Pray, Love - by Elizabeth Gilbert    /  200 & 300

Three Cups of Tea - by  Greg Mortenson    /  200 & 300