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Though all of the virtues relate to all of the elements, most of the virtues  relate more to one specific element than they do to others.

On the other hand,  there are some virtues that relate more to all of the elements than they do to a single element.

Similarly, these virtues also relate more to Ajna, the 6th chakra,

while the 5 chakras below Ajna relate to each of the 5 elements.

Therefore, it is often asked "which element does Ajna chakra correspond to?"

But it is a tricky question, because Ajna chakra, though connected to all elements, is not meant to have a biased relationship to any. In other words, it is meant to exercise proper controls so that there is a balanced relationshop among all of the elements. For this reason it is not associated to a single element but rather is called:

"The Controller of (All) the Elements" 

Furthermore, as each element has an archetypal energy,

the archetype associated to this controller of all the elements is... 

The Ruler, The Within, Queen, King,


The Ruler that is truly noble and comes into power

is one who is also ruled over by a

Higher Power

That Is Found Within

The Noble Ruler Channels The Higher Power

in order to govern well and thus bring balance/harmony

across the entire yogi's domain.

Are you aware of your Within?

Are you using your Ruler Within to investigate your archetypal energies?

Are you using your Ruler Within to find balance and healing?

Are you using your Ruler Within to find wholeness of Self and unity with others?

The Ruler Within is that place inside of you

that holds your dreams and aspirations, your hopes and fears.

It is the expanse within where one can go to figure out him or her Self

and the world around them.

It is the space where all of the archetypal energies meet.

Many view this space as the wilderness within

awaiting exploration by the individual.

Perhaps this is why the 5th chakra is related to the Space element;

the element that requires faith, courage and trust; virtues that guide you into this wilderness. However, for the developed yogi, the within should not be a wilderness; and because of this s/he is thus fit to rule. But as for those who have not entered this territory, they may try to rule but they have no business actually trying to occupy that throne. On the other hand, the truly noble need not claim anything. The people can see that s/he has entered deeply within the places that they have never even dared to approach. And because these yogis have been there, the people come to them for wisdom and direction; but you will not find these yogis going to the people for the same; or at least not in the same way. They will always ultimately go within for the final say, to their 

Higher Power.   

Key Virtues for developing the Ruler Within are drawn from all the elements: Acceptance (earth), Devotion (fire), Humility (space), Understanding (water), Unity (air), Wholeness (all of the above)

Though it would be ideal to live attuned to the Ruler Within throughout our lives, this does not come automatically. But through the practice of yoga, in which we balance all our energies/elements, and thus begin to bring our ruler more and more into power.  However, when times are tough, we need not wait. Every time we pray, meditate, strive to cultivate our virtues, and other yoga practices, we are activating the powers of our Ruler; That is to say our inner Yogi can come forward at any time and assess any situation and govern. Therein the Yogi/Ruler discerns what elements and archetypes to summon. Perhaps in one situation s/he summons her warrior/space energy, and in another situation he brings forth his caregiver/earth energies;

while exerting more control over his warrior energies.

The good Ruler knows all of the elemental energies well, cultivates them regularly, and has the discerning wisdom and ability -thru the practice of yoga- to bring these energies into harmonies.

Sushumna Meridian

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