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​(If you have arrived at this page from the Fire element page, please note that this archetype does not address all earth element imbalances and may even seem to have little relation to your challenge.)

Are you in touch with your Masculine energies? Are you able to apply or demonstrate your strengths when necessary or do you shy away from them? Or are you quite the opposite; always eager to show and / or flex your strengths? 

For ages most of the world has been under the influence of imbalanced Masculine energy. Therefore the world really has little clue as to what healthy masculine energy actually looks like. Thus, what we interpret as Masculine energy is often unhealthy and sometimes offensive Warrior energy. Balanced masculine energy will have the support of the Space Element, that is to say the Valiant Defender (aka healthy Warrior) and Pioneer's spirit; as opposed to the imbalanced masculine energies of an offensive warrior and a conquering spirit. The masculine would also have the controlling aspects of the Water Element, enabling one to feel connection and empathy; as opposed to imbalanced masculine energies that cause one to endlessly strive and conquer at any cost. These are examples of extremes, but it's important to assess where we may be falling within the spectrum. 

Because the masculine energies are associated with the Fire Element, when it is weak it often implies one's joy and passion for life are waning. Often this can be due to burnout, but sometimes it is because one never found anything in life to be passionate about. In the case of burnout, one's passion has simply burned too well for too long. They probably were leading a very happy, meaningful and fulfilling life, so when the seasons of life changed they were less willing to change with them. It's like, why mess up a good thing? Let's keep the party going. But, this just isn't how life works. Summer turns into Winter and Yang turns to Yin. Fire activities are fine in the summer, but jogging in a t-shirt and shorts in the winter snow just doesn't feel the same. Thus, the lesson for the masculine is often to know when to say when, to stop burning the candle at both ends, to remember we are not human doings, we are human beings. Yang is the spur of life. It is striving for improvement. Yes, we need this, but we also need Yin, which is the quality of life, as it is. We cannot constantly strive and strain, nor should we remain stagnant. But the beautiful thing is, if we tune in, is that we find that striving well lends itself to great feelings of rest and satisfaction. And feeling satisfied and rested lends itself very well to kindling a passion for our next endeavor.

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