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Are you able to lead when needed? Or do you tend to lead even when others are capable? When you lead do you consider the welfare of all involved? Or do you lead for the sake of leading; prideful in demonstrating that you can lead? In other words, is your leader appropriately active and appropriately inactive? When active, is your leader applying wisdom to making decisions; being thoughtful and intentional, taking in the big picture?


Do you honor your gifts and the gifts of others? Are you accepting or abdicating power? Are you motivating yourself and others? Are you making decisions when they are yours to make or handing them off for fear of the responsibility? Or the opposite, are you making decisions when they are not yours to make? Are you able to delegate well; calling forth and managing other energies?


Leader energy is often the last to awaken for many people. When is your Leader hiding? What does your Leader hide from? What does s/he fear? The need for leader energies  will show up from time to time for everyone. The question is are we aware of these times when they call upon us, and can we arrise to meet such needs accordingly?

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