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Island of the gods

Please do not try to go thru all this information on a smart phone.


  The Location

This page is mostly about the amazing location of the training and other essential (but non-training) details about the overall experience. As for the training itself, be sure to Click Here to learn more about the this RYT 300 Ayurvedic Yoga / Practitioner Teacher Training which is second to none; and includes aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu Acupressure, and Elemental Thai Yoga Massage; all of which are based upon the essence of all yoga practices: The Panch Maha Bhuta / Five Great Elements!


Or, perhaps you would like to start with reading our wonderful Training Reviews; or other important details that can be found Here.  Otherwise, keep scrolling thru this page to get acquainted with the vastness of this transformational and magical experience!

Experiences Beyond The Classroom:


 The Feel & Experience of Ubud

Ubud is a favorite for everyone who visits Bali. You can spend days on foot or by scooter exploring its magic! Or if you are feeling extra lazy, no need to go anywhere, just hang out at Casa Luna Bali (the campus our training).  There you can get a massage, do a detox, take a cooking class, plan an adventure with their staff, or just lounge around the gorgeous pools and gardens.

Adventurous Excursions

Visits to the most amazing places in and around Ubud {the arts, culture and yogic center of Bali}

such as the Monkey Forest, Volcanos, the world famous Green School, etc.. 

Balinese Spa Treatments

In addition to what you learn and experience in the training there are also lots of opportunities to experience other styles of massage and spa treatments all around Ubud

(...and at local prices; the average price for a Balinese, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Thai, etc.,  massage is about $7 for 1 hour!) 

 The Medicine of Ubud

Whether you go for a spa treatment or not, just hanging out in Ubud on your time off is quite a healing treat in itself. In fact, Ubud is the Balinese word for Medicine, a name which came to it naturally due to all of its natural medicinal  surroundings; from nature walks along trails of medicinal plants, to taking a sound-healing bath within the meditation "Pyramids of Chi," or visits the famous "Yoga Barn" to try many different styles of yoga and/or healing workshops.

Casa Luna Bali

Our yoga training resort/campus:

See more at


The word "lodging" seems wrong as it doesn't do justice to the many wonderful possibilities you can experience -even on a tight budget. Nevertheless, we have reserved 3 wonderful "lodges" (described here) adjacent to Casa Luna (our training facility pictured above). However, you are not limited to our options. (Read more about Lodging in Ubud.) 



It may sound crazy, but so many of the restaurants in Ubud seem like holy places; too good to just eat there; nor do we. Even if it's just a smoothie, the atmosphere of virtually every restaurant or cafe beckons one to hang out and soak it in. You'll also enjoy the ever-so-gracious Balinese hospitality! (Read more about