Jade Del Rosario is from the Philippines, but she completed her 200hr Vishwa Yoga and 300hr Vishwa Ayurveda Yoga teacher / practitioner  trainings in India as well as Levels 1, 2 & 3 trainings in Thai Yoga Massage; then going on to become an assistant trainer in Thai Yoga Massage. She is also a certified caregiver and a cook at a local vegan restaurant.

You can book a Thai Yoga Massage with Jade be emailing: ejsong4@gmail.com

Over the past 20 years, Savithri has practiced & studied yoga with numerous master teachers throughout India and in the US, but specializing in Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga; and developing a deeper commitment to her practice and instruction each day. She says,


''It is as much a pleasure to teach someone their 1st Sun salutation as it is to teach more challenging asana transitions in an advanced class." 


Savithri has a passion for living a healthy, vibrant and purposeful life. She has spent many years expanding her knowledge of holistic health principles and loves to share these ideas with others.  She now teaches Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin and Restorative yoga classes.


(Savithri is shown above at "The Valley of Flowers" which is at an altitude of 12,000 feet in the Himalayas!) 

Janet Osmond

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Mary Kemper is a certified TriYoga teacher/trainer, a 500-hour Vishwa Ayurveda graduate, and previous vice-president of the Cincinnati Yoga Teachers association. For 25+ years, Mary has continued her studies with Yogini Kaliji, the founder of TriYoga, and has trained others for certification. She began her practice as a teenager with her mother, Mary Louise Kemper, and continued with others including Sianna Sherman, Paul Grilley, Rodney Yee, Leslie Kaminov, and more. Workshops, specialty classes, and private sessions are available




Will (William Brashear / E-RYT 500) is the president of Cincinnati Yoga School and has completed well over 3000 hours in various yogic trainings; with over 10,000 hours teaching. He has studied yoga since 1987 and traveled regularly throughout India since 2003 to deepen his knowledge, practice and skills as a teacher. He trained at the Advanced (500hr) level 3 times in India. Once through the Swara Yoga School in Elemental Yoga Therapy and on 2 different occasions in with "Masterji" Vishwanath (nephew and former assistant to “Guruji” Patabhi Jois) at the Foundation for Patanjali Yoga Kendra. His 200 level training was in America in the Kripalu Yoga tradition by Martha Abbot, as well as Advanced training in Thai Yoga Massage thru the Lotus Palm school with Rishi Dion at "Yogaville's" Satchitananda Ashram in Virginia.


In 2004 Will assembled a crew of yoga teachers from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and other yogic lineages throughout India to create a model Graduate Degree program for Antioch University McGregor (AUM) in Integral Yoga Psychology. He was also the first student to be eligible for certification by Joe Williams to teach the Delsarte System of Expression. 


Will has served on the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'i's of Cincinnati and other communities for many years and was asked by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'i's of India to create materials to help Baha'i communities connect and correlate with Hindu and Buddhist communities through the teachings of yoga.


As a long time student of comparative world religion, Will is the author of The Yoga of Religion (Inland Press, 2004) and was the host of YOGA: The Other 98%, on 1530 WCKY –The Revolution of Talk Radio. Recently, his training manual was made into a book entitled Vishwa Ayurveda (available on this website here or thru Kindle). 


Will has been the Director of Yoga Teacher Trainings for CYS, CYTA (Cincinnati Yoga Teachers Association), Frankfort Yoga Studio, Vishwa Yoga, Vishwa Yoga Journeys; leading yoga teacher trainings in India and Bali, Indonesia; as well as yoga teacher trainings at Bethesda Hospital's TriHealth Pavilllion for Integrative Medicine. Will has also been asked to team up Jai Salt, formerly with the Swara Yoga school of Portugal, to help in creating a 1000 hour Elemental Yoga Therapy training.

However, Will considers his greatest accomplishment as starting an elementary school that serves around 100 impoverished children in Chandigarh, India; and funded by the (501c3) non-profit organization known as Virtues First, International; of which he co-founded and serves as president. In 2016 VF changed its focus to serve Roopantara; an innovative educational institute that strives to improve education on a broader scale in India and beyond.  You can learn more about Virtues First and Roopantra at this link < Virtues First, Inc. > / There you will also find therapeutic tools, created by Will, that expound upon the knowledge and power of the virtues and the five great elements. 

(Note: Most other teachers on this page are not on the Vishwa Yoga Journeys staff.)


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Mary Kemper

Teacher Bios

Janet Osmond, RYT is a certified Kripalu instructor.  Her classes have a strong focus on body awareness alignment and modifications. For Janet Yoga is a haven which creates health and well-being for the body, mind and spirit. Perhaps one of the most welcoming teachers you will ever meet, Janet tries to extend this haven to all who come to her classes.


Janet is retired and spends a lot of time in Florida, as you can see by the pic. But be sure to catch one of her classes when she is back in 'the nati'!