The Magician

One's Magician is that part which attends to figuring things out and creating solutions. Your Magician seeks reflection and renewal. The Magician considers options and is open to possibilities; is friends with the unknown.

Like its animal totem, the bear, the Magician withdraws to the wilderness within to hibernate. This is a metaphor for detaching from the stress of life and journeying within to sort through emotions, challenge assumptions, learn and grow.

Magician energy is often quite powerful this time of year. The time of hibernation is upon us. The Magician is seeking opportunities to separate from the aliveness of the Spring, Summer and Fall. The Magician is looking to reflect on the previous seasons and renew for the challenges of the next year.

Sub-Archetypes of the Magician include the Inventor, Creator, Artist, Problem Solver, Sage, Trickster and Jokester.