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The Magician

Your Magician is that part which attends to figuring things out and creating solutions. Your Magician seeks reflection and renewal. The Magician considers options and is open to possibilities; is friends with the unknown.

Like its animal totem, the bear, the Magician withdraws to the wilderness within to hibernate. This is a metaphor for detaching from the stress of life and journeying within to sort through emotions, challenge assumptions, learn and grow.

Magician energy is often quite powerful as the Fall comes to an end. The time of hibernation is upon us. The Magician is seeking opportunities to separate from the aliveness of Summer (Fire) and preparing for the Winter (Water).

What is your Magician up to? Is your Magician keeping you in a constant state of indecision? Is your Magician tricking you into believing you are the pain you’ve experienced? Is your Magician being a trickster in the world, in your relationships? Are you taking time to reflect? Are you spending time alone? What experiences or tools are you using to contact and support your Magician energy?

The Magician is the path to figuring things out. The Magician is represented by the bear, the bear going into the cave to hibernate and withdrawal from the world. Like the bear we must withdrawal from the world. We must enter the vast wilderness within in order to find answers to our most burning questions or to find the path to overcome obstacles.

In what ways might you be expressing too much of this energy? In what ways might you want to cultivate this energy? In what ways are you allowing this energy to create difficulties in your life or to keep you from your true path? Are you open to alternatives, are you open to creativity?

Sub-Archetypes of the Magician include the Inventor, Creator, Artist, Problem Solver, Sage, Trickster and Jokester.

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