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By paying in-full within September you get both the September Early Bird Special ($1250) and an additional $100 off for paying in full (excluding a 3% processing fee).

The Bali Yoga & Spa Retreat includes *daily yoga classes and Thai Yoga Massage treatments as well as exciting excursions to some of Bali's best destinations.

*Note: on some days we have to get an early start on our excursions and therefore will have to skip the morning sessions of yoga and/or massage. 

Bali Yoga & Spa Retreat / Sept Early Bird + Pay in-full Special!

  • The cost of the retreat is $1250 minus $100 for paying in-full> However,  there is a credit card processing fee is $35.00 which is reflected in the above price. However, this extra charge can be avoided by paying with Venmo (@William-Brashear / look for the lotus logo), cash, mailing a check; or bringing either to CYS during class times and dropping it in the donation box. (Please earmark, date, and drop in the box in time to avail the corresponding September early bird special price.)

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