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CYS is happy to announce the latest addition to our teaching family



Please take a moment to go to our bio page to read about all the gifts Savithri has to share with us!


She will begin teaching Wednesdays at 7:30pm starting April 16th with the perfect evening class...


You are seeking joy in far off places,
but the spring of joy is in your heart.
The haven of peace is in yourself

We have an ancient body subjected  to a modern problem:
      living with chronic stress
Stress affects health, reproduction, relationships, job performance... the list goes on and on. This is no revelation. However what we often do not consider is that such multiple stressors, even when minor, can also lead to a residue buildup that can result in a major disease.
You must learn to be still in the midst of activity
and to be vibrantly alive in repose   
~Indira Gandhi 
The antidote to stress is Deep Relaxation:
Relaxation is a state in which there is no movement, no effort and the brain is quite. Research has found that relaxation produces a slower heart rate, metabolism, rate of breathing, lower blood pressure and slower brain wave patterns. It also reduces Cortisol levels which in turn improves immunity.
BKS Iyengar is credited with the development of restorative yoga. He noted how pain or injury can result from straining in a yoga pose and he experimented with props so students could practice without strain. He noticed how these modified poses could help people recover from illness or injury. Restorative yoga stimulates and relaxes the body to move toward balance and is generally for those times when you feel weak, fatigued or stressed from daily activities.
Restorative yoga helps relieve stress in several ways:
1. Props to provide a supportive environment for total relaxation.
2. Sequences designed to move the spine in all directions.
3. Inversions to reverse the effects of gravity ~ fluids are returns to the upper body and heart function is enhanced. Hormone levels alter to reduce brain arousal, blood pressure and fluid retention.
4. Organs are alternately stimulated and soothed.
5. Energy is balanced.
Besides the noble art of getting things done,
there is the noble art of leaving things undone.
The wisdom of life consists in
the elimination of non-essentials
~ Lin Yutang


There's less than a month remaining to enjoy this great class with Karen Smith...



 20 minutes of Yoga

30 minutes of walking/jogging/running

(its up to you) 

20 minutes of Yoga


All ages and Fitness Levels

Every Saturday - Now thru April 26

7:30 - 8:40am





is a fun ALL LEVELS class for women ~ and kids with the willingness to do yoga with mom. This is a class where egos should definitely be left at the door; exploring strengths and weaknesses together and using both to improve our bodies, minds, and souls 

TIME: It starts at 7:30p and is over by 8:30 or 8:45 -usually depending on the number of kids.   

Yeah the classes are great {just scroll on down to the testimonials below} but what is it that is truly extra especially fantastically good about taking classes at CYS ??? . . .


VIRTUES FIRST is the charitable arms of Cincinnati Yoga School and fully funds a free elementary school for impoverished children in Punjab, India. We recently started a free lunch program at the school and hope to secure that it may continue. Thanks to the generous donations that come in from CYS yoga students we have secured a few more months of this operation.


We hope that you will feel good about coming to yoga at CYS not just because of the great classes but also because the asana yoga you do here will keep the karma yoga going there.



For more information go to


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The school is thrilled to have the lunch program but they also have an incredibly modest wish list. Could you possibly help to make their wishes come true?

Go to www.VirtuesFirstProjects.com to see

the wish list and/or make an online donation.

If we want to effect real change in the world we have to start with children.

~ Mahatma Gandhi


Wonderful funky atmosphere (it used to be an old Masonic Lodge and a lot of the accouterments were left to the present tennant). I came for the Yin Yoga (super stretching) class and was not disappointed. Will taught the class and it was tough but real authentic. He was humble, kindly, and very much an expert but without any arrogance and with a whole lot of caring. Yes, there were times when I thought I could not hold on but giving it the "old college try" paid off handsomely. I was a new woman the next day! Aches and pains large and small were erased,even tiny ones I had accommodated were lost! I am definitely making the CYS part of my weekly routine even if it is a little bit extra, it is so very worth it. Nice lineup of other teachers and styles there, too. Go and try it out, I think you will be impressed.  -FC


After 19 years of practice, yoga classes were getting a little dull and repetitious for me. This class added just enough novelty for me to wake up sore the next morning. Try this studio if you want to practice yoga in a great space at a manageable pace.  -LM

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