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Training begins Sept 28th!

10% off for those who complete registration and payment before Sept 2nd. 


                     RESTORATIVE MARTIAL ARTS
Thursdays 9:45 to 10:45 AM   w/ Kristin Dietsche
This class combines traditional healing movements of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Kimoodo to create health and fitness. There’s even a little samurai sword technique using wooden canes. All movements are practiced slowly to balance internal energy and build core strength.  Participants improve flexibility, circulation, and mental concentration. Research shows this kind of movement also improves balance, lowers blood pressure, and even balances blood sugar levels.


(classes once per month)

w/ Michelle Emanuel

Your body knows exactly what to do to attain and maintain perfect health and equilibrium, all you need to do is flip the healing switch. Yoga Nidra, defined most simply as Yogic Sleep, can help bring you effortlessly, compassionately, and rapidly into a healing state of deep relaxation.   

As an antidote to the modern lifestyle of busy busy, busy, stress, stress, stress... this class will be a place to come  once a month  to intentionally provide yourself with much needed self care.


Possible Benefits:

* tap into new sources of energy from within

* transform negative thought patterns

* support emotional freedom and peace of mind

* prepare to handle the stresses of life easily

* relax and restore the body

* facilitate creative processes in the body and mind


Participants can plan to attend all sessions, which will allow the experience to build and mature, or you can attend one or more classes to enhance your relaxation abilities.

This is a 75 minute class ~ Sunday evenings ~ once a month.  

July 20 ~ August 24 ~ September 28 ~ October 26 ~ November 30 ~ December 21

Taught by Michelle Emanuel

- Read about Michelle on our teacher bio page!

Class begins promptly at 7:30 pm.


New VIGOROUS Class!!!

Capoeira Yoga Flow

This class is a combination of Power Yoga and a Brazilian martial art / dance form called  Capoeira(ka-poh-aer-rah). You will be surprised how many Capoeira maneuvers resemble yoga postures while also optimizing one of the key ideas behind Power Yoga: Heat! Capoeira Yoga Flow will make you sweat - a lot - and this is great for getting deeper into the postures.

You must be ready and able to do vigorous exercise!

Fridays 7:15pm - 8:30pm


THIS IS A DONATION CLASS - DONATION CAN BE OF ANY AMOUNT - but there is an assumption that all who participate will donate something. Donations go to Virtues First (...see below for more info on VF)





Reviews Continued...

Wonderful funky atmosphere (it used to be an old Masonic Lodge and a lot of the accouterments were left to the present tennant). I came for the Yin Yoga (super stretching) class and was not disappointed. Will taught the class and it was tough but real authentic. He was humble, kindly, and very much an expert but without any arrogance and with a whole lot of caring. Yes, there were times when I thought I could not hold on but giving it the "old college try" paid off handsomely. I was a new woman the next day! Aches and pains large and small were erased,even tiny ones I had accommodated were lost! I am definitely making the CYS part of my weekly routine even if it is a little bit extra, it is so very worth it. Nice lineup of other teachers and styles there, too. Go and try it out, I think you will be impressed.  -FC


After 19 years of practice, yoga classes were getting a little dull and repetitious for me. This class added just enough novelty for me to wake up sore the next morning. Try this studio if you want to practice yoga in a great space at a manageable pace.  -LM

Yeah the classes are great! But what is it that is truly extra especially fantastically good about taking classes at CYS ??? . . .


VIRTUES FIRST is the charitable arms of Cincinnati Yoga School and fully funds a free elementary school for impoverished children in Punjab, India. We recently started a free lunch program at the school and hope to secure that it may continue. Thanks to the generous donations that come in from CYS yoga students we have secured a few more months of this operation.


We hope that you will feel good about coming to yoga at CYS not just because of the great classes but also because the asana yoga you do here will keep the karma yoga going there.




For more information go to


(Click on the pics below to read the captions)  

The school is thrilled to have the lunch program but they also have an incredibly modest wish list. Could you possibly help to make their wishes come true?

Go to www.VirtuesFirstProjects.jimdo.com to see

the wish list and/or make an online donation.

If we want to effect real change in the world

we have to start with children.