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Though usually termed as "warrior", a healthy warrior is more like a good Guardian (not to be confused with the "Caregiver"). Think of this as a healthy police force, "to serve and protect." Unfortunately, many imbalanced people are attracted to fighting and weapons and find joining the police, military or something similar as an opportunity to feed their lower inclinations, take over more territory (space). They ruin such noble services as the police or military and confuse the proper use of their powers. 


How is your Warrior energy showing up in your life? Do you strive to be a beacon for the endangered or oppressed? Do you aim to compassionately assist those who lose their way in life, Or have you found yourself enjoying the types of powers that enable you to punish those who go wrong in your eyes. Do you punish in ways that are disproportionate to their crimes? Do you often act out of anger rather than discernment? Is your language supportive of helping people find the right direction, or do you often say things you wish you could take back? Is there something down deep that is keeping you in a state of anger? Are you able to look at your emotions and recall memories without recoil? Have you been aggressive toward anyone; including yourself?

The Guardian is the more accurate name for a balanced version of this archetypal energy. Therefore, it is also more accurate to say that the warrior energy shows up more in the "shadow side" of an elementally imbalanced Guardian; or we could also say the warrior is the imbalanced version of the Guardian. Either way, the elders from many cultures believe this energy comes to us from the South. If it is showing up in a positive way then you may find yourself being of service to others; especially those who have been treated unjustly. But this energy is also about being of service to one’s own self, family, friends and / or world. It is about protecting. It is about being among the first to step up, get things done, or go where others are too afraid to go (...often transforming into The Pioneer archetype).

Healthy Guardian energy requires awareness of your thoughts and feelings and the strength to follow the high road, especially when feeling low. But getting to that place may require healing [water element] from past trauma.

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