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The Power Yoga class at Panch Maha on Fridays is now called "Beginner's Power Yoga"

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We Now Have Two Locations!

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6125 Ridge Ave

(Pleasant Ridge 45213)

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150 W. McMillan St

(Clifton / UC 45219)

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No need to pre-register for any class of our classes.

All you have to do is show up!

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Types of Membership

 Lotus & Maha 

A "Lotus Membership" gets you unlimited classes at the Pleasant Ridge location.

A "Maha Membership" gets you access to unlimited classes at both locations.

Maha Membership is currently 15% off ($47). On May 20, it will go back to $54!

But if you lock it in now at ($47/mo) you'll save $84 per year!

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Vishwa Yoga Journeys Presents:

India & Bali

12/11/22 ~ 1/11/23

Vishwa Ayurveda

Elemental Yoga Therapy 

300Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Includes meridian training via Thai Yoga Massage with an option to become a practitioner

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Bali Yoga & Spa Retreat
Bali Yoga & Spa Retreat

Or THAI YOGA MASSAGE Practitioner Training

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Click the link to see a list of our upcoming Trainings and Retreats in Amazing Locations!

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Virtues First, Inc
Virtues First, Inc

The Karma Yoga Arms of CYS

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Bali Yoga & Spa Retreat
Bali Yoga & Spa Retreat

Or THAI YOGA MASSAGE Practitioner Training

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Everything Is Easier
After A Full-Body TYM
The Elemental Oracle

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To Solve

All of Your


Every challenge is an
to kindle a
Community & Education


Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Pranayama Precautions


Anatomy Games :)


>>> Club Lotus  >>>

Toxin Free, Fully Conscious,

Dancing, Hooping, Acro &

and more; but without all the mess! 


Healing Touch for Animals


Is your pet grieving, perhaps not eating or playing?


Are they not getting along with the other pets in your household?


Are they having boundary issues, being overly possessive, jealous, dominating, or not listening to commands?


All of the above can be changed through this energy work.


Hi! I'm Maureen. I’m able to communicate with your pet to give them a new job, to replace the negative behavior. Client's report back things like, “My dog doesn’t bark at the neighbor’s dog anymore.” Or, “My oldest dog was hanging out with the younger one & normally they don’t get along”.

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Many Forms & Designs:

T-Shirts, Hoodies, Onesies, Etc.


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