Yoga Teacher Training

New Dates have  not been set for a Bali training, but can be expected around the winter of 2022. However, we do have a training coming up that tours thru both India and Bali. Click Here for details.

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Training Includes:

Opportunity to work with real live clients to test what you have learned by creating Individualized Ayurvedic Yoga Programs for people who will be coming to our

Bali Yoga Retreat.

Visits to the most amazing places in and near Ubud,

such as the Monkey Forest, Volcanos, the world famous Green School, etc.. 

Ayurvedic and Spa Treatments

In addition to what you learn and experience in the training there are also lots of opportunities to experience massage and other spa treatments all around Ubud,

and at local prices; the average price for a Balinese, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Thai, etc.,  massage is about $7 for 1 hour! 

But whether you go for a massage or not on your time off, just hanging out in Ubud is quite a treat in itself.

Ubud is a favorite for everyone who visits Bali. You can spend days on foot or by scooter exploring its magic!

Or if you are really feeling lazy, no need to go anywhere, just hang out at Casa Luna Bali - the place that is hosting our training - There you can get a massage, do a detox, take a cooking class, plan an adventure with their staff, or just lounge around the gorgeous pool or gardens.

Casa Luna Bali

Our yoga training resort/campus:

See more at


The word "lodging" seems wrong as it doesn't do justice to the many wonderful possibilities you can experience -even on a tight budget. Nevertheless we have reserved 3 key "lodges" for our trainees at our 3 favorite places in and around Casa Luna (our training facility). They are mostly double occupancy, but we also have a few single rooms reserved as well (see prices below) . However you are not limited to these options. For those who want to look into all that Ubud offers, and at a wide variety of price ranges, we have some suggestions at this link.  We do not mind if you do this at all, but keep in mind that  you will have to make the reservation yourself and shouldn't wait too long or you may find it hard to find a place to accommodate your for the length of our training. However, some advise not booking all your time in one resort anyway, as almost everyone who stays in Bali for a while begin to see many different places they'd like to try out. For example, perhaps you book the bulk of your stay at some place economical, but at some point before you leave Bali you spend like 5 fabulous days at some incredible eco-resort & spa.

Our Lodging Options:

For those who prefer the convenience of simply choosing from rooms we have already reserved, all you need to do is take a look at the 3 places below. Prices are listed that you can add to your tuition, but we can't give you the exact price until we know which place you choose and if you want a roommate or not.

Kausala at Bisma Ubud is a cozy little place near the center of Ubud (just 500 meters from the famous Saraswati Temple (pictured at the top of this page) and also less than a one minute walk from our yoga training campus. They have a little pool that feels like it was made just for you; and next door is a quiet, almost secret, garden place that serves amazing and real homecooking at beyond reasonable prices. The owner/chef will make you feel right at home too; expect to make a motherly friend. (Rated 9.9)

Jan 19 ~ Feb 17 (29 days) $350 double occupancy / $450 single  see more description and a link at this page

Permana Cottage Awesome place with a beautiful countryside view of a rice paddy and just a pleasant 5 to 7 minute walk along a pretty little path that will take you to our yoga training campus at Casa Luna.

We have stayed at Kausala in the past, but not at Permana. but here is a review we found:

"Bigger n more beautiful than I expected! Location wasn’t too far from the main road. Size of the room n cleanliness impeccable! Breakfast served at the private balcony which faces the padi fields in the morning was such a beautiful experience!” ~Angie  (Rated 9.6)

Jan 19 ~ Feb 17 (29 days) $350 double occupancy  (single room options are no longer available as the rooms we reserved already have occupants. However, they are looking for roommates :) see more description and a link at this page

Casa Luna Bali (pictured above)

Act quickly if you want to ensure you get a room here - very few are remaining! Casa Luna is lodging those of us who want to stay on campus at their Honeymoon Guest House. You don't have to be newly married to stay there, but you are likely to fall in love with the place.  Yet the cost of these rooms are nothing compared to what you would pay in the Us or the UK or many other places in the world for a honeymoon suite. With the 15% discount our students receive you can stay in one of their wonderful rooms for somewhere between $18 to $28 per night (if you opt to have a roommate; or $36 to $56 to have a room to yourself)  We cannot give you an exact price because it depends on if you want A/C as well as a "Superior" or "Deluxe" room. But once you choose we will set it up for you and make sure you get the 15% discount for our students. 

You can see & learn about other lodging options at this link. 



I know it sounds crazy, but so many of the restaurants in Ubud seem like holy places; too good to just eat there; nor do we. Even if it's just a smoothie, the atmosphere of virtually every restaurant or cafe beckons one to hang out and soak in the atmosphere. You'll also enjoy the amazing Balinese hospitality, which is second to none. 

Though we expect students to observe a vegetarian diet during their training period, a vegan diet is not expected of students. This is because we know that for some it will be a challenge just to transition to a vegetarian diet for a month. Thus, going from being a meat eater to a vegan is often a set up for failure. On the other hand, for those who have already made that transition successfully, you will be happy to know that Ubud is pretty much a vegan's paradise. Some places are entirely vegan and almost every place has vegan options. There are also many places that have gluten free options as well. Lastly (but certainly not leastly), we should mention that our training resort, Casa Luna Bali, was established by Janet DeNeefe. She is a somewhat famous chef and her amazing and healthy dishes are served right on campus. Furthermore, in your spare time it might work out that you can get in a cooking class with her or her highly trained staff.

Previously meals were covered on our tours, but I hope you can see how in Ubud it just doesn't make sense. Also, by doing this it also has decreased the usual yoga training tuition quite substantially! Thus this savings can also help you to affords all these wonderful places Ubud has to offer (and within walking distance) and at a budget range that is just as vast. You can expect to pay as low as $3 for a meal on the low end, but if you pay $10 for a meal its probably going to be divine! Nevertheless, about $6 will get you something very satisfying for both your taste buds and your eyes. "Presentation is everything" in Bali. Just take a look at this link to see what I mean:  18 Back-to-Nature Ubud Restaurants with Astonishing Forest View

Daily Schedule

See what a typical training day looks like

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You will have to get your own flight, but a recent check on and similar search engines is currently turning up flights that cost under $1000 -round trip!


VISA (not needed for most)

US citizens do not need a VISA to enter Bali, but to go anywhere outside of ones home country a passport is needed.


If you don't have a passport you will want to start working on that pretty soon as it can take 4 to 6 weeks; and even longer if there are any glitches in the process.  



Paid in full

during the month of...

Oct $2200

Nov $2300

Dec $2400

Between Jan 1 - 15


{ Tuition does not cover Food, Lodging or your Flight }

$300 Non-refundable Deposit

If you opt for our lodging accommodations you can pay the following prices through us or directly to the resort. If you do it directly you may be able to save up to $30 and also see if they have more options, such as a single room or an extra cot. 


If you opt for our

pre-reserved rooms the cost is 

$350 for a shared room for 29 days at

Kausala or Permana

(More descriptions Here)

$450 for a single room at Kausala

(There is only 1 single room at Kausala, which might be taken by the time you read this. If so then it will be $700 to have a room to yourself at Kausala.)


There are no single rooms available at Permana

For a room "on campus" at Casa Luna you will have to choose from their available room options first from their website:

Refund Policy:  Though it is stated above that there is a "non-refundable" deposit of $300, one can still request a refund of this amount and we will do our best to grant it -provided that the request is made before Oct 1st, 2019. This is because as the date of the event draws closer it becomes more difficult to grant any refund as the funds may have already begun to be allocated towards operating costs. Nevertheless, with the exception of the $300 deposit, any other amount that has been paid towards the total cost of the event will be refunded if the request is given by Oct 1st. Thereafter we regret that no refund should be expected -though one can always still make the request. Furthermore, it could take up to 6 months for the full dispersal of a refund; especially if the request is made as late as November or December. This is not because of a lack of sympathy for anyone who requests a refund, but as a necessity to protect the funds of the operation until it has been completed.

What Next?

Contact us ASAP if you have any questions or to sign up. 

Also, at the time you contact us you can lock in the current price with your deposit.

Once you contact us we will keep you updated on any other information you will need.

In the meantime, please go ahead and fill out

The Application

and email it back to us.

Hope to hear from you soon! 

Vishwa Ayurveda

200 & 300 Hour 

yoga / Ayurveda

Teacher / Practitioner

January 19 ~ February 17



This page is mostly about the training location and its accompanied attractions.

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